Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 22. (1/2)

The medicines in the cultivation world are more powerful than those on Earth, but they also come at a price.

First, you need to collect materials such as spiritual herbs, animal blood, and animal pills that gather the spiritual energy of heaven and Earth, and second, you need an alchemist.

Medicinal materials are rare, and alchemists are even rarer.

The process of alchemy is extremely complicated and requires comprehension, patience, and talent. Therefore, the alchemist must be a fire cultivator, and a fire cultivator may not be able to be an alchemist.

Gu Fan has poor spiritual roots, but she has a little talent in alchemy, so she can live a stable life in the outer sect with her alchemy skills. Senior cultivators look down on her, but those outer disciples who have been trapped in the Qi Refining Stage for many years look up to her, and some even want to pursue her as a Cultivator partner.

Talent is talent. Limited by Gu Fan’s cultivation, her alchemy efficiency is not very good. After sitting cross-legged in the alchemy room for an afternoon, her spiritual power was finally exhausted, and she only refined two furnaces of ten flesh-growing and blood-replenishing pills.

The red pills were as red as blood, with a faint glow on the surface, which was very beautiful.

Without considering making money, Gu Fan liked to refine the flesh-growing and blood-replenishing pills the most because they were the highest-level pills she could refine, and the refining process and results made her feel particularly accomplished. Gu Fan would only start the furnace again to earn merit points on Earth for hair-growing and scar-removing pills.

After putting away the pills, Gu Fan walked towards the bedroom while contacting Fenghuo.

Fenghuo: “Fan Fan has come out of retreat?”

Fenghuo’s handsome and frivolous face automatically appeared in her mind. Gu Fan smiled and said, “Well, I came out of retreat and refined two furnaces of hair-growing pills, but I was too lazy to move. It happened that I still had food here, so I won’t come over tonight, so you don’t have to wait for me.”

Fenghuo: “Okay, you have a good rest. See you tomorrow morning.”

Gu Fan entered the bedroom, and the empty dantian urged her to practice quickly like a hungry stomach. Gu Fan did not delay, closed the curtains, and practiced on the yoga mat.

The five elements of spiritual power flowed toward her, and the woman in the dark looked peaceful as if she had fallen asleep.


The next day, Professor Ma personally brought people to build an artificial “snow mountain” for Gu Fan.

Professor Ma, who was surrounded by green mountains and clear waters, had thick black hair and looked ten years younger. His smile was bright and sincere.

“Xiao Fan, where do you want to build the snow mountain?”

Look, even the name has changed.

Gu Fan also changed to call him “Uncle Ma.”

Gu Fan had already chosen the location. There was a hillside behind her villa.

The renovation process was complicated. The construction team was busy, so Gu Fan invited Professor Ma to the living room to talk.

Not long after, the monitoring installation team contacted by Meng Lianying and Fenghuo also came, and Gu Fan went there to look.

In addition to dealing with these trivial matters, Gu Fan was either refining pills or practicing, and even Xinghe and others rarely saw her.

Finally, on the evening of July 14, Gu Fan came to Villa No. 2 for dinner. She would leave for An City tomorrow with the Lu family army, and she had to understand the situation.

“Fan Fan, do you have other interests besides refining pills?” Meng Lianying looked as if he couldn’t understand Gu Fan, “I seriously doubt that if you hadn’t set off tomorrow, you wouldn’t have come to see us tonight.”

Gu Fan:…

Feng Huo walked out of the kitchen with two dishes and asked: “Refining pills is to make money, but you are not short of merit points now, right? Why are you working so hard? If I were you, I would visit all the fun places in the base after wandering outside for so long.”

Although Xinghe, Qing Teng, and Taishan didn’t speak, their eyes expressed the same meaning.

Gu Fan had to explain: “In fact, in addition to refining pills, I am also practicing the use of supernatural powers to prepare for this trip.”

Fenghuo smiled and showed his white teeth: “Practicing supernatural powers is easy. Next time, we will accompany you to practice. It will be much faster than practicing alone.”

Gu Fan’s heart moved. Yes, fighting consumes more spiritual power than refining pills and can also improve combat skills. Why didn’t she think of it before?

However, when she was in the sect, she was protected by the sect’s rules and was safe. Now, she is on a strange earth, and the sense of crisis forces her to make progress.

“Okay, I will practice with you when we return from An City.”

Fenghuo smiled maliciously: “Don’t worry, I will know how to measure.”

It was still dawn, and Gu Fan set off with the Xinghe team and went outside the base to meet with the Lu family army.

Gu Fan learned from Fenghuo that there are three bases in China now. When the chaos of the end of the world passed and stable. Order was restored inside the three bases, and the strong men held a joint meeting. They decided to use the three bases as the center and have the army of each base gradually clear out the monsters on the surrounding continents.

This is a long task, but it is also the only way for humans to regain their freedom. Otherwise, humans will sooner or later perish because their reproduction and growth rate are seriously lagging behind the monsters.

The clearance plan has been formulated for 20 years. Each base has been steadily implemented according to the plan, and initial results have been achieved.

Speaking of the Jiangnan base alone, the four armies will take turns going out twice yearly. Each time, one army will send half its troops and leave half to guard the base with the other three, combining offense and defense and taking turns to train.

Outside the base, the 120,000 Lu family troops have gathered, and the mercenaries who have arrived one after another will be incorporated according to their ability levels and attributes and accepted as the army’s command.

As soon as Gu Fan left the base, she was shocked by the huge crowd outside.

In addition to the well-trained and well-dressed 120,000 soldiers, there may be tens of thousands of supernatural mercenaries alone.

Gu Fan asked Xinghe: “Why are there so many mercenaries?”

Her understanding of mercenaries is equivalent to that of casual cultivators on the cultivation continent. They pursue their own cultivation more than the sect disciples, do not like the constraints of the sect rules, and do not care much about the lives of others.

Xinghe said: “First, it is safer to follow the army to kill monsters. Second, the merit points for the military mission are doubled. Third, mercenaries also have their own relatives. Only when the base is safe can their relatives be safe. Maintaining the base and expanding the scope of human activities is in everyone’s fundamental interests.”

Of course, some mercenaries don’t care about the base or don’t want to take on such tasks, but they are only a minority.

Most people have a blood feud with monsters.

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