[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 39. (1/2)

The broadcast announced, “Chaser No. 1 OUT, Chaser No. 2 OUT, Chaser No. 3 OUT.”

At the same time, the black watch on the right hand also issued a “beep beep” prompt sound.

Xu Jia looked down to check.

[Congratulations to the player for winning this game. ]

[Your current player level is lv2. After winning two games and the game win rate is above 30%, the level will be upgraded to lv3. (Currently, your win rate is 100%. A total of seven games have been participated in, and seven have been won.)]

[The watch can view the information of players below your level. Currently, you can view lv0 players and lv1 players.]

[After 30 seconds, you will be teleported away.]

[Note: After leaving the game, you are not allowed to mention “Infinite Variety Show” to non-players.]

“It seems that Qi Yuan and No. 3 have eliminated the chasers together.” Seeing that there were three chasers, Xu Jia was quite surprised.

“I won without doing anything!” No. 1 was excited. The feeling of picking up 300,000 yuan for nothing was too good to calm down for the time being.

No. 2 did not speak but looked at Xu Jia with great admiration, and there seemed to be stars shining in the eyes.

“Happy cooperation, goodbye.” After saying hello, Xu Jia teleported away.

After a deep sleep, it was time for the most exciting part – checking the account balance!

The first text message –

[Your card with the last number 1234 has an income of 300,000.00 yuan (winning bonus) and a balance of 300,000.00 yuan.]

The second text message –

[Your card with the last number 1234 has an income of 30,000.00 yuan (level bonus: 300,000*0.1) and a balance of 330,000.00 yuan.]

And then… and then it was gone.

Xu Jia couldn’t believe it and read the text message over and over again, thinking that it was delayed. It took a long time before she finally gave up and bravely accepted the reality—this round of income was not much.

“The bonus was only 330,000.” Xu Jia was upset.

In fact, 330,000 a day can’t be described as “only.” But she gradually got used to a daily income of 500,000 or 600,000, and suddenly, the income was halved, which she couldn’t accept for a while.

“So, it seems that I didn’t eliminate the players in this round of the game.” Xu Jia analyzed the situation seriously: “It’s not a complete victory, and I’m not the MVP.”

After calming down and thinking carefully, she actually felt that the small bonus was justified. After all, it was the team that won.

After transferring the bonus to another card, Xu Jia took a closer look and found that after buying the house, there was still 2.6 million in the account!

She couldn’t help but sigh, “The speed of making money is almost catching up with the printing machine.”


Although she made a lot of money, Xu Jia did not slack off on the Jiu-Jitsu course. She still practiced hard and tried to make up for her shortcomings.

After training that day, Xu Jia returned home, took a shower, changed clothes, and just sat down to rest when her cell phone rang.

“Hello, Mom?” Xu Jia answered the phone and leaned comfortably on the sofa.

Mother Xu cleared her throat and asked seriously, “Are you free this weekend? I want you to go home.”

Xu Jia studied in another city for college and did not go home to develop after graduation. However, her city is not far from home, and it only takes two hours to get there by high-speed rail, which is very convenient.

“What’s the matter?” Xu Jia asked casually.

“Well, your aunt Lin has a son who is about your age. I want you to meet him and make friends.” Mother Xu said tactfully.

Xu Jia paused and asked directly, “Blind date?”

“Just make more friends.” Mother Xu tried to get away with it.

“I’m busy making money, how can I have time?” Xu Jia refused without even thinking about it.

“Making money is important, but getting married is not?” Mother Xu was angry and advised earnestly, “Listen to me, you are not young anymore.”

For some reason, Xu Jia felt ridiculous and replied angrily and amusedly, “I have graduated from college in less than a year; how can I not be young?”

“You have never been in a relationship at the age of 24, how can I not be anxious?” Mother Xu couldn’t help but raise her voice.

“I don’t like any of them.” Xu Jia said lightly, “No matter what kind of boy I meet, I am calm and only think about making money.”

Mother Xu, “…”

“Besides,” Xu Jia continued, “even if you want me to find a partner, at least the  conditions must be acceptable, right? If he is not as handsome as Xiao Yuan next door, not as smart as him, and not as rich as him, why would I find such a partner?”

Mother Xu followed her advice, “So I don’t mind you bringing Xiao Yuan home as your boyfriend.”

Xu Jia was speechless and choked, thinking, Mom, you are really not picky.

Mother Xu continued to persuade her earnestly, “I tell you, good men have to be snatched! It’s very rare to find someone like Xiao Yuan who knows you well and has good conditions. If you don’t seize the opportunity, you will regret it in the future.”

Xu Jia was silent. She felt that Qi Xiao Yuan would not want a girlfriend who was a mountain king. He was kissed all over when he was a child, and he might have left a psychological trauma…

“But it’s probably too late.” Mother Xu changed the subject and said with great regret, “I heard that Xiao Yuan will also go home this weekend to attend the blind date banquet.”

“Why?!” Xu Jia suddenly raised her voice.

Mother Xu was startled and answered subconsciously, “If you two have been together for more than 20 years and there is no chemistry, how can parents not be anxious? Of course, I have to help introduce other people.”

“Oh, no…” Xu Jia was stunned for a moment. But soon, she reacted and said a lot, “He is handsome, smart, and successful in his career. Why does he need to attend a blind date party? There is no need at all!”

“What’s the point of telling me all this now?” Mother Xu was very dissatisfied. “Bring him back earlier. Why are there all these trivial matters?”

“I…” Xu Jia was speechless.

“I won’t talk to you anymore, anyway, remember to go home on weekends.” As soon as the voice fell, Mother Xu hung up the phone.

Xu Jia stared at the phone expressionlessly and became inexplicably angry. It was as if her things had been taken away by someone.

Originally, Xu Jia planned to rest in the afternoon. Still, after the call, she felt infinite power in her body, so she ran to the gym to hit the sandbag for a while.

The coach who taught Xu Jia Jiu-Jitsu wanted to chat with her for a few words. He glanced at her face and turned around without saying a word— someone’s expression was so gloomy that only a fool would get close to her to make themselves uncomfortable!


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