[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 38. (2/2)

On the 2nd floor, Xu Jia was in a hurry. She didn’t know Qi Yuan’s current situation. However, she thought that Qi Yuan could have fought back earlier if all the CCTVs had been turned off a minute earlier, so she searched very hard.

Beside her, No. 1 and No. 2 were also very active, and many monitors were turned off. Because they didn’t have to worry about safety issues, they could devote themselves to carefully searching every corner.

In a flash, the 3rd and 4th floors had been cleaned up, leaving only the 1st and 2nd floors.

“Come on, come on.” Xu Jia encouraged her friends.

No. 1 was amazed, “After No. 6 was eliminated, the elimination broadcast never sounded again. I’m curious, what did Qi Yuan do to survive so long?”

While searching, Xu Jia casually replied, “He has No. 3 to help him, so he won’t suffer any loss.”

No. 2 was very emotional: “It feels so good to be with the big guys. There’s no need to worry if the sky falls, anyway. The big guys will take care of it. I just need to do some simple work.”

“Comrades,” Xu Jia had to remind them, “Be serious; the game is not over yet!”

Who will be responsible if the boat capsizes in the gutter?

The two of them shut up and continued to search honestly.

Soon, the broadcast announced, “100 CCTVs have been removed! Attention, 100 CCTVs have been removed!”

Xu Jia was relieved; the dawn was just around the corner, and victory was waving to her.


CCTVs were about to be shut down, but they couldn’t do anything about Qi Yuan. Zhou Xing’s hair was almost turning white.

But the broadcast didn’t understand the players’ thoughts at all. The last 8 CCTVs actually started to count down, “7 CCTVs remaining.”

“6 CCTVs remaining.”

Zhou Xing was very anxious and challenged Qi Yuan, “What kind of hero is hiding in the corner? If you have the guts, come out and fight!”

As a result, Qi Yuan glanced at him lightly and replied calmly, “Wait until your invincibility is canceled. I will come out to fight more.”

Zhou Xing, “…”

Are you scared? If you dare to fight more, you are definitely not scared. But this guy is too rational. He won’t come out until the CCTV is turned off.

Zhou Xing winked at Zheng Songmin, and the two approached simultaneously, intending to try again and force Qi Yuan out. But before he could get in front of Qi Yuan, No. 3, who had rested well, came close, hugged Zhou Xing, and started a new round of tearing.

Zhou Xing shouted at his friends at the top of his lungs, “Don’t worry about me. Just go your way.”

Zheng Songmin, “…”

He thought with a wooden face that if he could pull Qi Yuan out by himself, why would the three of them fight so hard here? They should have torn off the name tag and chased the next target long ago! Without cooperation, how could they succeed?

When he was at a loss, the broadcast sounded, “CCTV has been completely cleared, and the chaser can be eliminated by peeling off their name tag. Attention, CCTV has been completely cleared, and the chaser can be eliminated by peeling off their name tag.”

Finally, He waited for this moment! Qi Yuan moved his wrist and slowly walked out of the aisle.

No. 3 still clung to Zhou Xing and hugged him affectionately. After hearing the broadcast, he reached out and tried to tear off the name tag behind Zhou Xing.

In grief and anger, Zhou Xing tore off No. 3’s name tag with a “swish.” Of course, nothing happened.

No. 3 didn’t take it seriously and continued to play with the name tag.

Zheng Songmin hurried to protect his teammates.

Liu Yi was so lazy that he didn’t bother to struggle anymore.

Unconsciously, Qi Yuan walked to No. 3. He pulled Zhou Xing’s collar down, forcing Zhou Xing to lower his head and show his back.

“Shua” and Qi Yuan tore it off Zhou Xing’s name tag. The action was extremely clean and neat.

Zheng Songmin felt cold in his heart and turned to run away subconsciously.

Who knew that Qi Yuan grabbed his arm first, and with a little force, he pulled him. “Shua” Zheng Songmin was eliminated immediately.

Liu Yi stood up, took the initiative to approach, then turned his back to Qi Yuan and said lazily, “Tear it off.” He was already disgusted with this round of the game.

Qi Yuan was not polite either and sent him out neatly.

No. 3 was very depressed. He had clearly pinned down the chaser, but why was no one impressed by his strength and wanted to give him a kill? He even thought about grabbing the kill, but while he was still thinking about it, the opponent was eliminated, and only one person was left…

A broadcast voice that only Qi Yuan could hear rang in his ears, “Triple kill! Congratulations to player No. 5 for completing a triple kill.”

“All kill! Congratulations to player No. 5 for completing an all-kill!”

All killed? Qi Yuan was a little surprised. He had gotten triple kills several times, but an all-kill was the first time. Thinking carefully, it was thanks to Xu Jia that No. 3 came. Otherwise, it would be very troublesome for him to deal with 1vs3.

To thank his childhood sweetheart for saving his life, should he marry her? Qi Yuan’s thoughts wandered away without paying attention.

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