Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 22. (2/2)

It has only been fifty years since the end of the world. The old people who survived in the base still remember those dark and terrifying years. They told their children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren about the happiness and comfort of the free era, the horror of avoiding monsters when disasters occurred, and the grief of their loved ones losing their lives. Who can forget the panic and helplessness of becoming prey, and who does not yearn for freedom and return.

No matter whether ordinary people or superpowers, they all support and are willing to cooperate with the clearance plan of the three major bases.

Only when monsters are restricted to a certain range or even extinct can humans get out of the huge cage of the base.

Gu Fan looked at the mercenaries outside the window who obediently cooperated with the army to disperse and form new teams. Still, they didn’t know what to think.

The car stopped, Taishan put away the off-road vehicle, and the five people lined up in the mercenary team.

The military personnel in charge of the compilation held a tablet in his hand. How to distribute the mercenaries had been arranged in advance. Just report your name and go directly to the corresponding vehicle.

The five people in Xinghe are all A-level superpowers, and they cooperate tacitly. The five people formed a pioneer team alone, and the army provided chariots.

As Lu Ya promised, Gu Fan formed a rear medical team numbered “0186” with 35 C-level wood mercenaries.

The 36 sat alone in a military truck with a white main body color, equipped with an attack-type A-level psychic driver and a defense-type A-level psychic co-driver. In addition to the rear guard team, these two people will specifically protect the safety of Gu Fan and the 36 people.

Gu Fan felt the layers of order in the army, which was much stricter than the management of the sect.

Everyone was integrated, and the army set off.

The safest medical team was in the middle of the army.

Gu Fan looked out the window and suddenly felt security for this trip.

“Gu Fan, your name is Gu Fan, right?” A female mercenary in her thirties suddenly called her.

Gu Fan nodded.

The female mercenary smiled and chatted with her kindly: “Looking at your age, you have just become an adult. Are your family members worried about you going on missions at a young age?”

Gu Fan said calmly: “My grandfather said that the younger you are, the more experience you need. Besides, we are the rear medical team. We are the safest in the entire army.”

Female mercenary: “Well, that’s right. All armies attach great importance to the protection of medical staff.”

If the attacking soldiers are desperate, then the medical staff are to save lives.

“I heard that the death rate of the Lu family army has always been below 1%, so it’s even less likely for us.”

Gu Fan was shocked. With an army of 120,000 or 130,000 people facing so many monsters, the number of deaths each time they went out was no more than 1,500?

The others in the car saw that Gu Fan was a complete newcomer, so they talked to her about the combat methods of the base army.

First, the army will rush to the battlefield in advance and install the city-level protective shield device around the battlefield. Once it is activated, except for the S-level monsters, other levels of monsters will be restricted inside and outside the isolation circle. Those outside cannot enter, and those inside cannot leave. They can only wait to be wiped out by the army.

The most critical part of the clearance plan is setting the protective shield; otherwise, the army will come, and the monsters will run away, wasting time.

The protective shield is also the most effective self-protection technology developed by humans after the advent of the apocalypse. The three major bases all use protective shields to protect the bases. The protective shields require a continuous power supply. There is power energy in the bases. This kind of external protective shield can only use temporary generators for seven days.

In other words, the army has only seven days to clear An city. If the target monsters escape in large numbers, the mission will be considered a failure.

Gu Fan was overwhelmed when she heard this. The function of the protective shield is no less than the mountain protection formation of the sect. The earthlings are really amazing.


Previously, it took Gu Fan only five days to follow Lu Ya and the Xinghe team to An City. This time, the army set out at a slower speed. On the ninth day, the army finally arrived outside.

The protective shield has an isolation area of โ€‹โ€‹15,000 square kilometers. Lu Ya had installed and started it in advance. When the army arrived at the deployed positions, Lu Ya temporarily cut off the power for ten minutes. When the army entered the protective shield, he immediately restored the power.

In this cleanup, monsters have the advantage in numbers, but humans have detection technology and thermal weapons.

The A-level vanguard army set out first with detection equipment to clear the A-level monsters along the way.

The B-level superpower army set out in the second wave.

The C-level superpower army, which has the largest number, is responsible for clearing many C-level monsters.

Gu Fan stayed in the rear medical team and heard the sound of artillery and gunfire in the distance, accompanied by the roar of beasts.

Soon, the first wave of wounded were sent over.

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