Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 21. (2/2)

After a while, the off-road vehicle stopped outside Villa No. 2. Xinghe and Meng Lianying stood side by side outside to welcome Lu Ya, the young marshal.

Gu Fan was surprised to find that Meng Lianying was also very tolerant of Lu Ya. In the morning, Lu Ya ruthlessly abandoned him outside the scientific research base. At this moment, Meng Lianying seemed to have forgotten that thing and entertained Lu Ya with a bright smile, vividly explaining what it means to put your warm face on someone’s cold butt.

However, when it was time to eat, Gu Fan understood why.

First, Fenghuo enthusiastically placed two dishes in front of Lu Ya. Then Meng Lianying respectfully bent down to pour a glass of red wine for Lu Ya: “Cousin, we have also accepted the mercenary mission in An City. Since we are so cooperative, can you tell us about the black snake? Fan Fan said the black snake is estimated to be 100 meters long. Is it true?”

Lu Ya: “The black snake was sent to the scientific research base, and the measured length was 97 meters.”

Meng Lianying’s hand trembled, and the red wine almost spilled.

Xinghe, Taishan, Fenghuo, and Qingteng looked steadily at Lu Ya. Gu Fan wanted to pick up some dishes, but seeing everyone like this, she had to put down her chopsticks and wait silently.

Lu Ya briefly introduced some of the black snake’s properties and almost glossed over the killing process.

However, it was useless for him to say it in detail. The gap between A-level and S-level was like a chasm; Xinghe and others could not learn anything from his attack method.

Despite this, Xinghe and the other five could still feel the shock of this battle.

Lu Ya glanced at Gu Fan, who had been staring at the dish, and picked up the chopsticks.

Finally, the meal started. Gu Fan was quietly happy and picked the dishes she liked to eat. Fenghuo’s cooking skills were really amazing.

After the meal, seeing Meng Lianying pulling Lu Ya to talk, Gu Fan was uninterested. After thinking for a while, she asked Xinghe, “Is there anything going on in the afternoon that requires my participation?”

Xinghe thought briefly and shook his head: “What’s wrong?”

Gu Fan smiled and said: “The previous stock of elixirs has been sold out. I will make some more hair growth pills or something.”

Fenghuo: “You make them. I promise no one will disturb you.”

Gu Fan thanked him and drove away in her car.

Back at her villa, Gu Fan went directly to the basement. There, she had cleaned up a house to use as an alchemy room.

After putting a spirit stone formation at the basement entrance, Gu Fan walked into the alchemy room, turned off the alchemy furnace, and sat cross-legged.

Her storage jade bracelet can hold a football field of earthlings. Earthlings would regard crystal stones of this capacity as treasures. However, it is widespread in the continent of cultivation. Every disciple who joins the sect can get a Qiankun bag in this capacity. Gu Fan just replaced her Qiankun bag with a prettier jade bracelet.

The storage magic tools of high-level cultivators are all filled with good things. Although Gu Fan’s jade bracelet is full, it is filled with some inferior objects. The largest area is five hills of low-grade spirit stones of the five elements. That is the wealth she has accumulated by completing set tasks and refining pills, which is equivalent to the merit points circulating in the base.

Next to Spirit Stone Hill is a row of boxes, each dedicated to a type of pill. Some boxes are full, and some are only shallow. The full ones are the lowest-level pills, such as hair growth pills, that Gu Fan used to master her skills when she first learned to refine pills. The shallow ones, such as beast avoidance, muscle growth, and blood supplement pills, are valuable.

The rest were some materials needed for alchemy, such as corpses of monsters and medicinal herbs, as well as some daily necessities.

Gu Fan was a village girl from a farm, after all. Driven by vanity, she secretly collected a set of daily necessities commonly used by ladies from wealthy families, from exquisite and precious step-out beds to the finest silks and satins, rouge and powder. At that time, Gu Fan thought that if she couldn’t make it in the world of cultivation, she could still enjoy life among the common people.

After checking the inventory one by one, she also thought about the past hundred years.

Finally, Gu Fan took out a black ring.

The sect suffered a great disaster. The sword of the powerful man caused the mountain gate to collapse. Many cultivators died, and among them was an unlucky ghost who fell from the sky next to the medicinal field where Gu Fan was collecting herbs.

Gu Fan was an outer sect disciple. She had heard of the joint masters in the outer sect but didn’t know the dead one, so she thought he was an inner sect disciple.

The unlucky guy died. Gu Fan knew that she couldn’t stay in this sect any longer. She took off the ring from the man’s hand, collected the flying magic weapon that the other party dropped beside him, and then fled down the mountain with a group of low-level disciples.

This was the most ambitious time in Gu Fan’s cultivation career. After the surroundings were safe, Gu Fan quietly checked the ring. Unfortunately, although the ring’s owner was dead, he left a spiritual barrier on the ring, which could only be opened by someone with a higher cultivation level than the other party.

Being able to use the flying magic weapon means that the other party is at least a disciple in the foundation-building stage and should not exceed the golden elixir stage. A cultivator in the golden elixir stage could not escape the aftermath of the battle between powerful people.

Gu Fan held the ring, and her heart was getting hotter and hotter.

She has now reached the seventh level of the Qi Refining Stage. If she continues to work hard, maybe one day, she can be in a foundation-building stage.

She can get the good things in the ring when she a foundation-building stage. Even though, She may be unable to fight if she meets a strong man on the base.

The most urgent thing is to concentrate on cultivation.

Gu Fan didn’t waste any time every night, but alchemy is also a way of cultivation. The best effect of cultivation is when the spiritual power is overdrawn. Gu Fan didn’t dare to risk fighting with others. Fortunately, she knew how to make alchemy.

The five elements are mutually reinforcing and mutually restraining. Through the method of conversion, the spiritual power of gold, wood, water, and earth in Gu Fan’s body can be transformed into fire spiritual power.

God is fair. Cultivators cultivate the five spiritual roots very slowly and even have difficulty building a foundation for their entire lives. But once the foundation is built, through this conversion method, the five spiritual roots foundation cultivators rely on the abundant spiritual power in their bodies to sweep other cultivators of the same level!

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