Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 20. (2/2)

Lu Ya took Gu Fan to change clothes.

It was almost noon, and Lu Ya asked Gu Fan to get in the car. He would take her home.

Both of them sat down, and Gu Fan was the first to express her shame: “I’m sorry, I took up half of your time in vain and didn’t help at all.”

Lu Ya turned the steering wheel, looked ahead, and said: “You helped the professor. “

Gu Fan laughed: “The professor and I help each other, and I have to thank you for your help in making the connection.”

Lu Ya glanced at her and said: “It takes at least two or three months to one or two years for a monster to grow from a baby to combat-capable, but it takes at least ten years to train a human with superpowers. Therefore, every superpower is extremely important. The professor’s job is to try to save every injured soldier. The professor is obsessed with pharmacy. The antidote and hemostatic powder he developed have reduced many unnecessary casualties for the four armies. If you can cooperate and refine a medicine that can quickly heal wounds, the army will be more confident in clearing out the monsters. This is why I brought you here to visit. “

Gu Fan: …

She knew that everything Lu Ya took her to do was full of utilitarian motives.

However, when Lu Ya mentioned the medicine that could quickly heal wounds, was he just saying it casually, or did he know something?

In silence, the off-road vehicle moved at a constant speed along the road.

Gu Fan noticed that surveillance cameras were installed at intervals on both sides of the road.

This was when Meng Lianying mentioned this morning that he wanted to install surveillance cameras on her fence. He pointed out the cameras to her when he saw them on the road.

Meng Lianying said that surveillance cameras were installed on the road to prevent speeding and to provide video evidence when traffic accidents occurred.

An idea popped up in her mind. Gu Fan looked out the window, released her spiritual sense to observe Lu Ya, and asked, “Are there surveillance cameras in the prison?”

Lu Ya’s expression did not change at all, and he answered crisply, “Yes.”

Gu Fan’s heart sank: “Have you seen the surveillance cameras of me and Lianying? “

Lu Ya finally looked at her.

Gu Fan still had her back to him.

Lu Ya slowed down the car, slowly parked aside, held the steering wheel with one hand, and explained, “I took the surveillance video away that night. No one in the entire base, except me, knows what you gave him to eat.”

Gu Fan was surprised at her own calmness and continued to speculate: “So you insisted on taking me to An City, not because you were worried that the beast-avoiding pill would not work, but to see if I would take out that kind of medicine again. You didn’t dodge the attack of the wind bear, and you did it on purpose. You deliberately got injured and hoped that I would give you a red pill too.”

Lu Ya: “Yes, I took advantage of your kindness. If you need it, I am willing to provide compensation.”

Gu Fan smiled, looked over, and said: “I don’t need your compensation. I just hope that after I fulfill my previous promise to you, you will stop thinking about using me. You know, my strength is very poor. I just want to stay in the base safely and don’t want to take risks at all. “

Lu Ya seemed to smile as well, staring at her coldly, and said, “The stability of the base now is the result of countless people’s lives. Suppose you don’t have the ability to help the base, and you only seek stability. In that case, that’s normal, but if you can refine that kind of life-saving pill but hide it and refuse to use it to help others, what qualifications do you have to enjoy the sacrifice of others?”

Gu Fan didn’t think her choice was wrong and said sarcastically, “It’s a crime to possess a treasure. If I had your self-protection ability, I would also be willing to offer the pill to be a hero of the base, but I’m just a C-level mutant. You can catch me and restrict my freedom at will. Why should I take risks for some irrelevant people?”

Lu Ya: “The base is so big, there will always be someone you can trust.”

Gu Fan: “Sorry, except for my grandfather, I only trust myself.”

She folded her arms and looked out the window again.

Lu Ya looked at her. She looked only seventeen or eighteen years old, beautiful and harmless, but why was her heart so cold?

“How many of those red pills do you have left? I can buy it at a high price and keep it secret for you.”

Communication failed, and Lu Ya proposed a deal.

Gu Fan turned her eyes and said lightly: “That is the flesh-regenerating and blood-replenishing pill, which is a high-level pill made by my grandfather. Before leaving, he gave me two bottles of 30 pills in total. Lianying and his men treated me sincerely. I gave him a bottle for emergency use, and I kept the remaining bottle for my own life. There are only 15 pills. Even if I sell it to you, you can’t save many people. It’s useless.”

Lu Ya: “If you can save one person, it’s one. One hundred thousand points per pill. Sell me ten pills. How about it?”

Gu Fan: “If I don’t sell it, what will you do?”

Lu Ya frowned, looked at her, and said, “Fair trade. If you don’t want to sell it, I won’t force you. “

Gu Fan thought for a moment, took out a bottle of flesh-regenerating and blood-replenishing pills, poured out some, put one back, and then held ten pills in her palm and handed them to him: “I don’t lack merit points now, so I’ll keep five for myself and give you these ten as a favor. I just ask the young marshal to remember what I just said and not force me in any way.”

Lu Ya was silent.

Gu Fan said: “Don’t worry, I’m not that cold-blooded. When grandpa comes, I will speak for you and ask him to send you more high-level pills.”

Lu Ya looked at her, took her ten flesh-regenerating and blood-replenishing pills, and then handed her a black space crystal.

Gu Fan expressed her doubts with his eyes.

Lu Ya said: “It contains the Qinglin grass I collected at the bottom of the lake. It’s useless for me to keep it, so I give it to you. “

Gu Fan’s heartbeat quickened, and she tried to put her consciousness in. What she saw was a dense green. Not to mention that these Qinglin grasses could be further cultivated, even if they were refined into flesh-regenerating and blood-replenishing pills, tens of thousands of them could be refined.

She was still lost in thought, and Lu Ya put the crystal stone into her storage box and continued driving.

Gu Fan asked after a while: “Did you kill the black snake?”

Lu Ya: “I killed it.”

Gu Fan looked over fiercely: “Can you kill that snake by yourself?”

Lu Ya’s face was very cold: “Don’t you already know that, unless I do it on purpose, an S-level wind bear can’t hurt me.”

Gu Fan:…

He was obviously pretending to be injured. How can he be so righteous now?

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