[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 33. (2/2)

“Where is Qi Yuan?” Guo Dong asked suddenly. When he mentioned spies, he first thought of Qi Yuan.

“I haven’t seen him.”

“I don’t know where he ran off to.”

No. 5’s reply was unique, “Who is Qi Yuan?” She looked confused, not pretending.

Guo Dong told her earnestly, “He’s a beast.”

Lin Xi said, “He’s suspected of cheating.”

Lin Dongyang said seriously, “This guy is the spy we’re looking for.”

“Are you sure it’s me? I think the spy is among the four of you, trying to fish in troubled waters.” Qi Yuan, who had just turned to the blue room to get the blue key, looked refreshed. At this time, he walked over from a distance and spoke more and more casually.

Lin Dongyang was not convinced, “How do you prove your innocence?”

Who knew that Qi Yuan glanced at him and replied calmly, “Why should I prove anything to others? This round of the game is an escape room, and it’s a single-player game. I’ll go out directly after finding the key. Believe it or not?”

Lin Dongyang, “…”

This guy started to ignore others again! It’s so annoying!

Is it really not him? Lin Xi’s eyes moved slightly, and he said, “If you are not a spy, then cooperate with us! Let’s escape together.”

No matter whether Qi Yuan is a spy or not, Lin Xi just wants him to hand over the key in his pocket. In this way, Qi Yuan’s progress is the progress of all players. They can borrow Qi Yuan’s key and go to the next color room together.

Qi Yuan was not fooled at all, and he refused mercilessly: “Everything is going well for me. Why should I bring a burden? Who knows who will stab me in the back? It’s unnecessary.”

“You look like a spy!” Guo Dong felt that Qi Yuan was suspicious no matter how he looked at him.

But No. 5 said something fair, “Actually, I don’t want to mix with a bunch of people. I was fine when I was alone, but after meeting a certain player, I was directly arrested and put in solitary confinement.”

Lin Dongyang felt that this statement almost pointed out that he was the culprit.

When the situation was at a stalemate, Qi Yuan smiled faintly, “I don’t have time to waste with you. I have found the green key, and I will soon get the blue one, or even the indigo one. Whatever you guess, I’m going to get out anyway.”

In order to avoid attracting attention, he didn’t say that he had already got the blue key.

As soon as he finished speaking, a faucet appeared on the ceiling above his head, spraying a special solution all around!

Lin Dongyang suddenly remembered the rotating spray faucet on his lawn. But soon, he didn’t have the heart to think about it because he had returned to solitary prison.

A series of broadcasts sounded, “Player No. 1 was arrested and has been detained in a solitary prison. Player No. 2 was arrested and has been detained in a solitary prison. Player No. 4 was arrested and has been detained in a solitary prison. Player No. 5 was arrested and has been detained in a solitary prison.”

Except for Guo Dong, who stood far away and was not sprayed with the special solution because of the angle, everyone else returned to the solitary prison.

Many thoughts came to Lin Xi’s mind, “Qi Yuan just said that he could escape from the prison building immediately, and he was immediately sprayed with a special solution, as if he was deliberately targeted.”

“Everyone was imprisoned, but No. 3 (Guo Dong) was spared. This is too strange. Did he know that the ceiling would spray the solution, so he took precautions?”

“Think about it carefully, would the system throw a simple-minded and well-developed player in as a prisoner? Being a spy and catching prisoners requires a lot of force.”

The more Lin Xi thought about it, the more suspicious No. 3 seemed.

In the single prison, Qi Yuan smiled as he watched two more trap cards refreshed in his bag. (Including himself, four people were imprisoned)

At the same time, a broadcast sounded in his ears that only he could hear, “Triple kill! Congratulations to player No. 1 for completing a triple kill.”

Before showing up, Qi Yuan wrote the trap content on the card and specifically noted, “This trap is a timer device and will be activated in three minutes.”

When the players gathered together, he estimated the time. Specifically, he said that he would be able to escape from the prison building soon. Then, the trap was activated, and the name tag was soaked as if someone had deliberately sent him to a solitary prison.

“Now, the other people’s minds should be very confused, right?” Qi Yuan thought with a smile.

He looked down at his bag and couldn’t help muttering, “The special solution is useless.” Then, he put the four trap cards away properly.

In fact, if it were an ordinary player, the normal operation would be to apply the special solution to his hands and then quietly rub it on the prisoners’ name tags to imprison them.

However, Qi Yuan’s timing to use the trap was too good! In addition, the idea was peculiar, and the trap he set was beyond everyone’s expectations, so it directly played a group attack effect! Therefore, the special solution was almost useless in his hands.

“Escape from the prison, find the indigo key, destroy it all, and the game is over.” Qi Yuan smiled confidently and began to search the room.

Two minutes later.

The broadcast sounded again: ” Player No. 1 escaped from solitary prison.”

Everyone was shocked: How could it be so fast? Is this guy cheating!

In fact, Qi Yuan was also very curious. “There is a note on the table with obvious scratches on it. I scribbled it with a pencil and the four-digit number appeared. I entered the number into the combination lock and the door opened. Is the system really flawless?”

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