Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 21. (1/2)

The off-road vehicle moved forward steadily. In Gu Fan’s mind, there was a hundred-meter-long black snake, and then there was Lu Ya and his golden giant sword.

She knew Lu Ya was an S-level expert but didn’t expect Lu Ya to be so strong.

Wind Bear and Black Snake both died in his hands. If Lu Ya had any bad intentions towards her…

Gu Fan glanced at Lu Ya quietly.

Lu Ya drove the car expressionlessly.

Gu Fan looked at the car’s navigation again. The destination was Phoenix Mountain, not some desolate mountain suitable for killing.

Gu Fan was a little confused. She pinched her black crystal and said, “You are so powerful, and you suspect I may have something good in my hand. Why don’t you just arrest me?”

Lu Ya: “I’m not that kind of person.”

Gu Fan admitted that he didn’t look like that.

“I’m not, but there are such experts in the base. Be careful.” Lu Ya suddenly added.

Gu Fan: “Thank you. I will pay attention. When you use the muscle-regenerating and blood-replenishing pill, pay attention, too. Don’t expose me.”

Lu Ya hummed, turned the steering wheel, and drove into a tunnel.

The light dimmed, and the two strings of light bulbs on the top of the tunnel were bright and dazzling, like ropes strung together stars.

Gu Fan looked up at the lights. There were so many new things in the base, gorgeous and practical.

The lights cast bright and dark shadows on her face. When the off-road vehicle approached the tunnel exit, Gu Fan closed her eyes in advance and waited for the light with a peaceful look.

Lu Ya felt a sense of isolation from the world in her.

Most retail investors outside the base lived in hiding. It was not that they did not want to go to the base, but the danger of rushing all the way here was too great. They might die in the mouths of the endless monsters before they arrive at the base. Ordinary people were like this, and superpowers were also in danger.

Gu Fan was different from those people. She had an S-level grandfather with wood and fire elements to protect her and was strong in attack and healing.

From her few words, he can judge that Mr. Gu is a loner obsessed with alchemy. No wonder he has cultivated her into a person who seems to be talkative and cheerful but is actually extremely indifferent to the fate of mankind.

Professor Ma said that he is cold on the outside but warm on the inside, so Gu Fan is warm on the outside but cold on the inside.

If it weren’t for the fact that she had just arrived at the base and urgently needed to prove that she was not selling fake medicine, she would definitely not have paid attention to Lianying’s injuries.

The silence continued, and Gu Fan went to look at the Qinglin grass in the crystal again.

Perhaps because he had watched her pick herbs, when Lu Ya collected these Qinglin grasses, there was lake bottom mud under each one. With so many Qinglin grasses, Gu Fan suspected Lu Ya might have scraped the lake bottom.

As she looked, Gu Fan suddenly asked, “Did you collect all these Qinglin grasses by yourself, or do you have a robot that can collect herbs?”

Lu Ya pursed his lips slightly as if thinking of some unpleasant memories. She said coldly: “The base has never developed a robot with collection functions.”

Gu Fan: …

So, the Qinglin grasses were all dug by Lu Ya alone at the bottom of the lake?

“Can you breathe underwater?” Gu Fan asked curiously.

Lu Ya put out a diving suit towards the back seat, which was intuitive and clear.

Gu Fan observed it and exclaimed in her heart again. Although the diving suit was not as convenient and easy to use as the water-repellent beads and water-walking skills in the cultivation world, it was also amazing that the earthlings could do this.

After she finished looking at the diving suit, Lu Ya put the diving suit back into the space.

Gu Fan looked at his cold face and thought she should say something: “You gave me so much Qinglin grass. How can I thank you?”

Lu Ya: “You also gave me the flesh-growing and blood-nourishing pills.”

Gu Fan’s conscience was uneasy again. Lu Ya didn’t know how many flesh-growing and blood-nourishing pills the Qinglin grass in the crystal core could turn into. She knew and didn’t like to take advantage of others for nothing, so now there were two options before her: refusing Lu Ya’s gift and giving him an equal amount of compensation.

When she was in the sect, some disciples would collect some wild spiritual herbs for her, and then she would give him 40% of the refined pills.

“I’ll take the herbs, but it takes time to replant them. I’ll return them to you after I’ve processed them, okay?”

Lu Ya: “Okay, I’m not in a hurry.”


They’ve arrived at Phoenix Mountain.

Lu Ya drove up the mountain road and soon saw the high wall Qingteng and the other three had built for Gu Fan. It was definitely the work of a superpower.

Gu Fan laughed dryly: “They know I’m timid, so they made this for me.”

Lu Ya said: “If you are not sure about the base’s security, you can move to the side of my villa.”

Gu Fan quickly refused: “No, no, this place is good, cheap, and suitable for opening up medicinal fields.”

Lu Ya did not persuade her much.

The off-road vehicle drove into the gate, turned a few corners, and two villas appeared in front.

Just then, Fenghuo contacted Gu Fan: “Fan fan, how long will it take you to get here? I’m just one dish short.”

Gu Fan: “Two minutes!”

Fenghuo: “So fast?”

A head popped out of the kitchen window of Villa No. 2, and Fenghuo’s voice came directly from the bracelet: “Did Young Master Lu personally send you back? Hey, Young Master Lu, Young Master Lu, it’s noon, and it’s not easy for you to come all the way here. Eat here for lunch today. I’ll add two more dishes, which will be ready soon!”

Gu Fan: …

This guy is too good at pretending. Fenghuo usually complains about Lu Ya the most on the team.

She looked at Lu Ya.

Lu Ya said to her bracelet: “Thank you.”

That was the agreement.

Fenghuo cheered and ended the communication.

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