Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #81

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Chapter 81

Cheng Yu silently deleted the mistakenly sent “100 Techniques for Cats to Take Care of Their Owners” and “The Hustler’s Handbook” from Shi Zhi.

Cheng Yu was indeed very useful.

The resumes he created for the artists in Shi Zhi’s studio were particularly impressive. From layout to design, they exuded a simple and high-end vibe.

Shi Zhi was very moved when she received the final product. Previously, the employees she hired made such flashy resumes that even she didn’t want to look at them. If she didn’t want to look at them, how would anyone else?

Although the documents could have been uploaded online, Cheng Yu brought his assistant over to deliver them to Shi Zhi under the pretense of “convenient after-sales service.” If she wasn’t satisfied, they could be modified on the spot.

Shi Zhi nodded vigorously, “Satisfied, satisfied, satisfied!” A hundred times satisfied.

“You did a great job. I was actually a bit worried.” She sighed.

Cheng Yu, who couldn’t bear to see Shi Zhi worry, asked, “Why?”

Shi Zhi replied, “Because you did such a good job, you’ve raised my expectations.”

She gestured, indicating that having seen the good work, she couldn’t tolerate anything bad anymore.

Cheng Yu’s assistant chuckled silently.

Ahead was a small trap. If CEO Cheng followed Shi Zhi’s words, she would probably frequently seek Cheng Yu’s help.

Being someone who could deceive even the shrewdest business foxes, CEO Cheng would not fall for it.

Then the assistant heard the astute CEO Cheng laugh and say, “If that’s the case, you don’t need to worry. Just leave everything to me.”

Cheng Yu’s assistant: “…” He pushed his glasses.

Alright, he was wrong. It turns out CEO Cheng was more than willing to jump into the trap, even at 180 miles per hour.

One willing to hit, one willing to suffer.

Shi Zhi said, “I don’t know how to repay you.”

Cheng Yu thought for a moment, “How about I treat you to a meal?”

Shi Zhi: “Alright, deal.”

Cheng Yu’s assistant was even more confused: ??? Wait, isn’t Shi Zhi supposed to treat CEO Cheng to a meal? How did it get reversed?

Why couldn’t he keep up with their train of thought?

Cheng Yu often said not to use one’s appearance to serve others, but every time he saw Shi Zhi, he was always tidily dressed. Although looks aren’t everything, not using them would be foolish. Sometimes, one plus one could indeed be greater than two.

Shi Zhi wasn’t stingy with her praise, “CEO Cheng’s beauty is in service again today.”

Recently, involved in talent show activities, Shi Zhi had picked up this kind of phrasing.

Praising Cheng Yu not only solved the problem and made Shi Zhi happy but she genuinely thought Cheng Yu was handsome.

She believed that if Cheng Yu participated in the talent show, he would probably be in the center position. He completely matched her aesthetic.

Cheng Yu: Beauty in service? Understood.

He became even more meticulous in his appearance.

Shi Zhi, often seeing a handsome man around, became happier. Who wouldn’t like a good-looking, capable man?

Cheng Yu not only proactively helped Shi Zhi with work-related matters, but as the largest investor and sponsor of “The Strongest Idol,” he frequently encountered Shi Zhi at the TV station.

Shi Zhi went to see the studio’s trainees, searching back and forth for something while chatting.

Brother Quan asked, “What are you looking for?”

The assistant handed Shi Zhi a coat.

Shi Zhi didn’t take it, “Not that.”

She didn’t want the coat.

A thermos cup was placed in her hand. Cheng Yu, dressed in a suit, as if ready to walk an international runway, told Shi Zhi, “It’s hot, flower tea, and the cup is new.”

Then, he naturally sat down not far away.

“Thank you.”

Shi Zhi was indeed looking for this. She looked around but couldn’t find it, probably left it in the van car and forgot to bring it down. Unexpectedly, Cheng Yu brought it for her.

“Really, I’d love to hire you…” Shi Zhi once again sighed. He was so capable and considerate.

Brother Quan and the studio’s secretary found their work quite leisurely lately, not as busy as before.

However, after summarizing and reviewing, they suddenly became scared.

Their work seemed to be unknowingly done by Cheng Yu. Was he trying to take their positions?

Brother Quan and the secretary panicked, with Brother Quan even inquiring with the rest of the team.

“Don’t you think Cheng Yu appears more often?”

Assistant: “Not really.”

She even hoped CEO Cheng would appear more, as he always brought various delicious treats.

Brother Quan: “…” No problems are the biggest problem. It’s over; if they don’t work hard, they might really lose their jobs.

Brother Quan worked even harder, creating positive competition due to Cheng Yu’s involvement.

The national voting and talent show “The Strongest Idol” had entered a heated stage.

Due to high ratings, even the mentors received a lot of attention.

Lu Zeming, brought by Shi Zhi as a mentor, had previously left an impression on the public as the champion of “Youth My Style,” with good dancing despite unfair treatment.

“Youth My Style” might have been decent initially, but it collapsed after the later scandals, rendering the championship insignificant.

However, in “The Strongest Idol,” people saw another side of Lu Zeming.

His dancing was genuinely good, meeting professional standards. He was able to point out contestants’ mistakes promptly. Moreover, he was patient with every trainee, willing to teach anyone who wanted to learn.

Lu Zeming’s popularity was rising even before the show ended, receiving numerous invitations to be a mentor or participate in dance competitions.

Lu Zeming: Was it all his credit? No, it was thanks to Teacher Shi Zhi. It was CEO Shi who gave him this precious opportunity!

Tears welled up.

Shi Zhi let Lu Zeming teach dance to the newcomers at the studio. He didn’t feel wrong at all. He had been semi-idle before signing with Shi Zhi’s studio, and it was only after that he gradually received new jobs, including this pivotal mentoring opportunity.

Mentors could gain many fans through this show, and the popularity of the contestants was even more significant.

Ye Ziwen, called the chosen one, held onto the first place firmly from the start, no matter how close the subsequent votes were.

He didn’t consider himself the chosen one.

“I’m the chosen one by Shi Zhi.” Serious.jpg.

Netizens: ??? What is he saying?

Newcomers from Shi Zhi’s studio, including Ye Ziwen’s company teammates who joined the show, understood the meaning behind being chosen by Shi Zhi.

Ye Ziwen ultimately secured first place, and the others also achieved good results. By the time everyone realized it…


Three of the top 11 debuting contestants were from Shi Zhi’s studio. Three was already a lot, but was that all?

Apparently, no.

In reality, there were six.

Extreme Culture, now owned by Shi Zhi, had three trainees debut as well. One of them had long been strong in the industry. At the same time, the other two only gradually awakened their personalities and skills after changing bosses, winning the audience’s favor.


The top three debuting contestants were all artists under Shi Zhi.

The six debuting members echoed mentor Lu Zeming’s voice: Was it all their credit? No, it was thanks to CEO Shi Zhi.

So happy, finally able to make money for CEO Shi!

Shi Zhi was browsing her collection of web pages when someone asked:

[Can cats earn enough to support themselves, and if possible, even support me?]

The replies were unanimous.

“Dream on,” “Impossible,” “Give up, two-legged beast, and work to buy fish snacks for your cat…”

Almost all didn’t believe it.

Shi Zhi had bought “100 Techniques for Cats to Take Care of Their Owners” before. When opened, from the first to the hundredth technique, they were all dreams.

Shi Zhi: Ha.

She commented, “It’s possible.”

Immediately, someone argued with Shi Zhi, and she retorted, “Just because you can’t doesn’t mean I can’t.”

She could already see her studio’s various “cats” presenting their newly earned cat food to her in unison.

“The Strongest Idol” became a huge hit, and Shi Zhi, as one of the investors, also made a lot of money.

Before participating, all companies had agreed that the eleven-member group would be managed uniformly by the TV station, prioritizing group activities. Each company could arrange other work for their artists as long as it didn’t interfere with group activities.

Shi Zhi didn’t interfere, as she had already learned that the TV station’s arrangements were reasonable.

However, after the busy period, during their breaks, the six members were eager to contribute to the company.

Artists from other companies had already started supporting newcomers.

Should they do the same? Yes, they could!

Shi Zhi calmed the excited group of six, “I noticed something… someone messaged me to thank me.”

They almost all had sent such messages.

“CEO Shi, it’s only right…”

Shi Zhi, “Why are you being so polite?”

She hadn’t finished yet. She continued.

“The content said, ‘Thank you, CEO Shi. Your appearance and smile have been deeply imprinted in my mind.’ Do you know, ‘appearance and smile’ is a phrase used to describe someone who has passed away? Are you planning to get me a coffin endorsement?”

They all showed confused expressions.

They really didn’t know.

Shi Zhi understood, “I know you don’t know.” She said, a tongue twister.

She had been waiting for this, having already reviewed everyone’s profiles, which matched her expectations.

The group generally had low education levels, having stopped after middle school.

This wasn’t an individual problem but a common issue in the industry.

But Shi Zhi thought it was fine.

She smiled at them, “If you don’t know, you can learn.”

So when they saw a waterfall, someone could say, “Flying down three thousand feet, it looks like the Milky Way falling from the sky,” rather than just saying, “Wow.”

(View of a waterfall from Mount Lushan composed by Li Bai (701-762), a famous poet of the Tang dynasty (618-907)

Although “wow” was quite useful.

Later, whenever they burned the midnight oil studying, they would recall Shi Zhi’s gentle smile, sweating nervously.

Shi Zhi waved her hand grandly: Go to school!


Cheng Yu arranged the school for Shi Zhi. Normally, this type of task would be delegated to Brother Quan or the butler. However, Shi Zhi had only mentioned it to Cheng Yu in passing, and Cheng Yu remembered sending Shi Zhi a list of schools to contact.

These were private schools with relatively flexible schedules. Shi Zhi had already informed the school leaders before the students enrolled that they could do their assignments at home or attend online classes, ensuring their studies wouldn’t interfere with their idol work.

So, those who needed to study were sent to school by Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi personally escorted them, carrying a big bag of walnuts.

To nourish their brains.

The few popular idols never dreamed that their entertainment career, which they thought would lead them into a glamorous world, would turn into being dragged back to school by Shi Zhi.

They thought the boss wanted to turn them into superstar idols, but did she really want them to become top students?

Shi Zhi said, “Don’t worry, I’m clear-headed and don’t have such big ambitions.”

Forget about being top students; their basics weren’t solid, and they still had to focus on their careers. She just wanted them to read more because reading is never a bad thing.

Shi Zhi’s studio was a bit better in this regard. For example, Ye Ziwen was already attending school, while the main issue was with Extreme Culture; they hadn’t even finished middle school.


“Xu Xu, what are you doing? Come out and have some fun!”

Xu Xu, or Li Zhouxu, received this message from a teammate.

Li Zhouxu replied, “I can’t.”

“Doing homework.” What fun? Doing homework.

Teammate: ???

What homework?

Li Zhouxu took a picture of his homework and sent it to his teammate.

Teammate: Damn! You’re serious!

Initially, when they heard Ye Ziwen say everyone was going to study, they didn’t believe it, thinking it was a joke. But it turned out to be true.

Since they formed the group, each has had quite a few fans, with Shi Zhi’s side directly taking six of them, increasing the fan base even more.

Fans knew their brothers (or younger brothers) were eager to make money for Shi Zhi as if they were on a stimulant, willing and happy.

So, this time, are they being sent to make money during their break?

When the paparazzi caught them, they found that instead of making money, Shi Zhi sent them to school.

Idol fans: ???

Shi Zhi, what kind of devil are you?

Even with blurry paparazzi photos, the idols’ confused expressions were evident. Shi Zhi was behind them, carrying a bag of walnuts.

Gardenia: Hahaha!

Netizens: “I reasonably suspect Shi Zhi entered the entertainment industry to eradicate illiteracy. (dog head)”

First, she targeted children and fans for studying, then anti-fans, and now even her artists couldn’t escape.

The fans who were preparing gifts like brand-name bags and accessories for their idols are now planning to switch to study supplies and notebooks.

“Brother, don’t be afraid, sis will lend you her study notes.”

But studying was beneficial. At least later, when they appeared on variety shows, they were seen solving quadratic equations.


Brother Quan still had to prove himself as a decent manager, and Cheng Yu couldn’t replace him.

“A manager show has invited you,” Brother Quan told Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi: “They should be looking for you, right?” Brother Quan was the manager.

Brother Quan: “No, they’re looking for you.”

She didn’t mishear.

With Shi Zhi successfully promoting six new talents and the surprising fact that Lu Zeming was also under Shi Zhi’s management, the show wanted Shi Zhi to participate as a boss.

Shi Zhi wasn’t initially interested, but Cheng Yu’s voice sounded, “Actually, it’s a good opportunity to promote the studio’s newcomers.”

Brother Quan: !!!

He was stunned to see Cheng Yu emerge from the inner room of the CEO’s office. What was he doing there?

No, the question was, why was Cheng Yu in the inner room?

Shi Zhi’s current office was the former CEO Xu’s, which had a rest area, bathroom, and kitchen.

Noticing Brother Quan’s shocked face, Shi Zhi explained, “Cheng Yu was washing dates inside.”

Brother Quan felt awkward, “…no need to describe.” He didn’t need the details.

Brother Quan’s feelings were complex. He was worried about being replaced by Cheng Yu, yet they were at this level.

But it made sense; he knew Shi Zhi’s ideal type was someone fair, tall, and good-looking.

Cheng Yu fits all those criteria.

But the progress was astonishing.

Shi Zhi noticed Brother Quan’s expression, “Did you misunderstand something?” His mind was probably filled with inappropriate thoughts.

Cheng Yu smiled at Brother Quan, “I washed the dates but forgot to bring them. I’ll go get them…”

He turned back quickly with a bowl of dates.

Brother Quan showed a polite but awkward smile.

So, it was those dates.


Cheng Yu came over to deliver dates to Shi Zhi and washed them as well. He didn’t intend to eavesdrop but happened to hear the conversation and suggested they invite Brother Quan to eat before leaving.

Shi Zhi stopped him.

It wasn’t a business secret.

She told Cheng Yu to sit down.

“You just mentioned promoting the studio’s newcomers?”

Cheng Yu sat down, “You could feature them on the show. It will be broadcast on multiple platforms… free publicity.”

Shi Zhi: “Free is always good!”


The two bosses exchanged a smile and reached a consensus.

Indeed, Shi Zhi realized that her roster of artists was growing, and they couldn’t just stay idle at the company. Promoting them was necessary.

However, it was costly.

Now, participating in this show provided free exposure and payment—no cost and income, a joy.

Brother Quan: “…”

Are all CEOs this frugal?

He didn’t consider this; he just wanted Shi Zhi to get some screen time.


The manager’s show would take time to arrange, but Shi Zhi had to attend the Sunset Red event, which was large and attended by retired elders.

In summary, she was going to watch a square dance performance.

Brother Quan: “If you don’t want to go, let Lu Zeming go.” Someone from their side had to attend.

Shi Zhi, noble and understanding, “Let Lu Zeming rest.”

Clearly eager.

Brother Quan: “…” From Shi Zhi’s expression, he could tell she was excited about the event.

I am not interested in idol performances but enthusiastic about square dancing—truly Shi Zhi.

At the Sunset Red event, Shi Zhi even met an acquaintance, Lu Yingying.

Lu Yingying had left the company with CEO Xu. For this “relative” Xu redeemed at a high cost, Shi Zhi was polite, and the breach of contract fee from Xu was quite satisfying.

So Shi Zhi started a friendly greeting.

“Lu Yingying, wanna play basketball?”

She saw many sports equipment on-site. Last time, Lu Yingying bounced a ball in the office; now, there was a basketball, so they could play together.

Lu Yingying, “…”

She pretended not to hear and distanced herself from Shi Zhi.

Seeing Shi Zhi reminded Lu Yingying of that awkward day when she bounced a ball while Shi Zhi was skateboarding. Later, she learned from a secretary that the office indeed belonged to Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi wasn’t upset when Lu Yingying ignored her, mingling comfortably with the elders.

The cameraman followed Shi Zhi, almost laughing. She fit perfectly among the elders, even playing the erhu for them, creating a rendition of “Drunken Butterfly.”

The elders were healthy and vibrant, most of them retired with decent pensions.

It was lively, like a festival.

Lu Yingying tried to avoid Shi Zhi but had to share the stage. The host invited stars to interact with the elders.

Before going on stage, Lu Yingying seemed to be preparing something, staying quiet. Shi Zhi saw her putting eye drops, not intending to notice but standing too close.

Shi Zhi didn’t think much, assuming Lu Yingying had eye discomfort, until shortly after, Lu Yingying started crying.

The host barely spoke when Lu Yingying found the camera, crying like a weeping beauty.

Host: ???

Elders: ???

The host tried to smooth things over, but Lu Yingying ignored them, immersed in her tearful world.

Lu Yingying had a clear goal: to gain camera time.

Spending half a day at the event without any attention wasn’t ideal, so she cried to generate buzz. If lucky, she could pay for a trending spot.

With this in mind, Lu Yingying widened her eyes for more tears, ignoring the host to maintain her act.

Shi Zhi stood beside her.

Shi Zhi: Considering the situation, should she cry, too?

With Lu Yingying crying next to her, not crying seemed out of place.

Shi Zhi raised her arm to her eyes, trying to join in, but found it increasingly amusing.

She lifted her arm, revealing dry eyes.

She laughed, “Sorry… I can’t cry.”

What’s there to cry about? The event was lively and joyful.

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