Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 20. (1/2)

Sitting in the co-pilot seat, Gu Fan discovered that the Lu family’s scientific research base was very large, with various buildings distributed inside, some of which were only one or two floors, and some were as high as more than ten floors.

Since Lu Ya said that the base was full of secrets, Gu Fan did not ask him what these buildings were used for.

The off-road vehicle was driving slowly on the main road. After driving for a distance, two young men in military uniforms walked out of a building next to it. They recognized Lu Ya’s car and waved to this side. However, the smiles on the corners of their mouths froze when they found Gu Fan. They seemed to have seen something strange and stared at her blankly.

The off-road vehicle approached the two people and then moved away from them. For one or two minutes, the two people’s eyes followed the off-road vehicle closely, and Lu Ya never expressed any emotion.

Finally, the off-road vehicle stopped in front of a five-story white building.

“This is the drug research center of the Lu family army.”

After getting out of the car, Lu Ya introduced it to Gu Fan.

Gu Fan looked up and asked, “There are four armies in Jiangnan Base. Does each army have its own scientific research center?”

Lu Ya was silent for a few seconds, then said: “Talents are dispersed, competition promotes breakthroughs, and after the breakthrough, the four armies share it. The result is the same.”

Gu Fan suddenly felt that this was a bit familiar.

Isn’t this also what the various sects on the Xiuzhen Continent say to the outside world? Everyone cultivates immortals to uphold justice, but they say nice things at the sect conference, but they fight constantly in private. The elders fight to the death for high-level treasures, and the bottom ants may kill for a few spiritual stones. Even disciples of the same sect will kill each other.

Human nature is the same, living for their own interests.

Gu Fan thought that the four armies of Jiangnan Base must not be as united as they seem. Otherwise, why not merge them directly?

“Go in, you have to change into sterile clothes before the tour.”

Gu Fan nodded.

As soon as the two came in, a staff member came to greet them and took them to the locker room to change clothes.

Two minutes later, Gu Fan walked out of the locker room, wearing a white dress, a white hat, and a white mask, revealing only a pair of clear black eyes.

She looked around and pushed open the door next door, and Lu Ya was dressed the same way.

Just then, someone walked over quickly: “Why didn’t you tell me in advance that Xiao Lu was coming? “

Gu Fan looked over and found a man in his forties in a white coat. He had a very amiable appearance, but his head was half bald, which attracted a lot of attention.

Gu Fan couldn’t help but look at Lu Ya. This man was too heartless. The uncle in the white coat obviously had a close relationship with Lu Ya. He knew that she had a hair growth pill, but he didn’t even ask. Did he lack a hundred merit points?

He didn’t lack it. What he lacked was a warm heart.

Lu Ya noticed Gu Fan’s gaze and said directly to Professor Ma: “Professor, the pills I gave you to test last time were made by Miss Gu. She is good at making pills and has no knowledge of modern pharmaceuticals, so I brought her here to see it. You can accompany us for a trip. Communicate more with Miss Gu, and maybe you will get some inspiration.”

When Professor Ma heard this, Lu Ya disappeared from his eyes immediately, and he walked to Gu Fan enthusiastically to chat.

Gu Fan still mentioned her “grandfather,” saying that she learned alchemy from her grandfather. She didn’t say where her grandfather learned it from.

Professor Ma had his own inference: “Our country has been talking about alchemy since ancient times, but the ancients’ technological level was limited, and the elixirs they made were either too ineffective or had serious side effects, making them difficult to popularize.”

“Grandpa Gu is the same age as the marshal, and he can master such alchemy skills, which means that the old man was engaged in related work before the big radiation. Well, maybe he was a Taoist. After the big radiation, he combined his own supernatural powers with his profession, discarded the dregs and retained the essence, and really made all kinds of magic pills. “

“Miss Gu, let’s add each other as friends. When Mr. Gu comes to the base to pick you up in the future, please contact me. If Mr. Gu is willing to teach the alchemy skills to the base, then it will be just a matter of time for humans to regain their freedom, and Mr. Gu will become the contemporary medicine saint in everyone’s mind. “

Gu Fan: …

This professor is really good at talking nonsense!

But she still smiled and added Professor Ma as a communication friend.

The next thing was a visit that opened Gu Fan’s eyes.

She had long admired Earth’s technology. Now that she had seen the way Earth people made medicines, Gu Fan was even more amazed. The method of biopharmaceuticals allowed researchers to develop a series of medicines that benefited mankind without having to climb mountains and cross ridges to find rare herbs. It was much simpler than refining elixirs.

Of course, the elixirs refined by them, the effects of the cultivators, were much more magical.

Although she admired it, Gu Fan had no interest in relearning scientific and technological medicines and could not provide any suggestions for Professor Ma.

Throughout the visit, Gu Fan was more concerned about the research center’s refrigeration technology because she needed to use it to cultivate snow lotus.

Professor Ma said, “Refrigeration technology is very simple, but snow lotus grows on the top of snowy mountains. It is best to understand the local year-round temperature, light conditions, and soil nutrients in advance; otherwise, the cultivated snow lotus may develop lesions, and even its efficacy will be affected. “

Gu Fan has taken care of various herbs. Under those complicated conditions, cultivators only need to regularly nourish the herbs with wood-type spiritual power. What she lacks is a continuous snowy environment.

Professor Ma understood: “Okay, tell me your address and I will transform a snowy mountain for you.”

Gu Fan was very grateful and smiled at Professor Ma: “You have helped me so much, I have to give you a return gift. To be honest, I can also refine hair growth pills. When I first came to the base, I sold all the stocks to earn merit points to buy a house. I went outside to collect herbs half a month ago and refined another furnace last night. Do you need it?”

Professor Ma was surprised and said: “Hair growth pill? Is that what I understand?”

Gu Fan smiled and took out a bottle of two hair growth pills from her bracelet.

Professor Ma looked at the medicine in her hand with shining eyes.

Gu Fan said, “Don’t worry about the medicine’s efficacy. The young marshal witnessed it with his own eyes. He wanted to buy it from me at that time, but unfortunately, he was too slow, and I sold it all.”

Professor Ma looked at Lu Ya with a touched face: “You are not bald, and the marshal’s hair is thick enough. You bought the hair growth pills to give to me, right?”

Lu Ya tilted his head to look aside.

Professor Ma laughed and said to Gu Fan: “Little Lu is cold on the outside but warm on the inside. He keeps his kindness to everyone in his heart and never says it. Miss Gu will know it after spending more time with him. “

After saying that, he glanced meaningfully at the two people standing side by side.

Lu Ya had no expression on his face.

Gu Fan thought that Professor Ma had misunderstood and Lu Ya didn’t have him in his heart. She said that to save Lu Ya’s face so that Lu Ya wouldn’t suspect that she was deliberately trying to sow discord between him and Professor Ma.

“Just take one pill, and your hair will grow out in about an hour.”

“Okay, okay, let Xiao Lu treat you, I’ll go try it right away!”

Professor Ma returned to his office excitedly.

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