Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 19. (1/2)

At 5:30 in the morning, Gu Fan opened her eyes and ended a night of practice.

This Phoenix Mountain is a good place. The concentration of spiritual energy is similar to that of her original house in the sect. If it weren’t for the modern furniture in the villa to remind her, Gu Fan would have thought she was back in the sect.

Gu Fan walked to the window and opened it. Outside was the villa’s back garden. It was originally reserved for the owner to grow flowers, but Gu Fan reclaimed it as a medicinal field. Because she was going to An City with Lu’s army in mid-July, Gu Fan left the medicinal field empty for the time being. When she came back, she would transplant the herbs in the space and carefully prepare them.

Seven o’clock was the time for everyone to have breakfast together. Gu Fan strolled in the garden, and then drove out of the villa in the blue sports car she bought for 10,000 merit points.

In fact, it takes only ten minutes to walk from here to Xinghe’s villa, but Gu Fan had just passed the driver’s license test and bought a new car. It was new, so of course, she had to drive more.

These cheap commuter cars don’t have advanced features to resist monsters, but they are all designed to be stylish and cool. Gu Fan walked around the car store and fell in love with this cyan electric sports car at first sight. The price of 10,000 points is already a relatively high-end grade among commuter cars. Of course, there are more expensive ones, including the same model as Lu Ya’s scrapped car, a top supercar.

Gu Fan deliberately kept a relatively slow speed.

The mountain breeze blew in her face, and Gu Fan took a deep breath, feeling relaxed and happy.

Settled on the Second Ring Road, she had a villa, a sports car, and a large mountain forest as a medicinal field. Gu Fan was very satisfied with this life.

The cyan sports car skillfully parked outside Villa No. 2.

Xinghe was reading a newspaper, and Fenghuo was cooking in the kitchen.

Gu Fan looked around, looked upstairs, sat down next to Xinghe, and said, “Where are Qingteng and the others? Are they all sleeping in?”

Xinghe smiled and said, “They are preparing gifts for you when you move in.”

Gu Fan: …

She listened carefully. It was quiet upstairs, and there didn’t seem to be any big moves.

After more than ten minutes, just when Fenghuo was notified that dinner was ready, Qingteng and the other two seemed to come back on time.

The three of them had nothing in their hands. Gu Fan looked behind them and saw no gifts.

Meng Lianying smiled at her, “Xinghe told you, didn’t he? Wait, I’ll take you to see it after dinner.”

Xinghe: “I only said that you prepared gifts, but I didn’t say what the gifts were.”

Meng Lianying understood, “That’s even better, let Fan Fan be surprised later.”

Gu Fan didn’t quite believe it. She had lived for a hundred years. Apart from the good things that cultivators could use, such as high-level magic weapons or techniques, what surprises could these earthlings prepare for her?

After breakfast, Fenghuo and Meng Lianying escorted Gu Fan into the car.

Fenghuo drove while Gu Fan and Meng Lianying sat in the back seat.

The car meandered along the flat asphalt mountain road and gradually drove to the outskirts of the forest they belonged to.

There was no clear dividing line between the forests, and the identification was entirely based on the top of the mountain. However, in front of Gu Fan, a circle of more than three meters high earth walls appeared, and the inside and outside of the earth walls were covered with dense thorny green ivy.

It was only one night and this wall…

Gu Fan looked at Meng Lianying in shock.

Meng Lianying said proudly: “This is the result of the joint efforts of me, Qingteng and Taishan. There is a metal frame inside the earth wall. Monsters below level A can’t break it open. There are thorns on the Qingteng, so ordinary people can’t climb over the wall. If we weren’t afraid of children playing around, we would have made the Qingteng poisonous. By the way, I’ll install a monitor for you later. As long as someone or a monster approaches the earth wall, the monitor will remind you through the communication bracelet. In this way, even if we go out on a mission, you stay here alone. If you encounter danger, you will have time to deal with it.”

Fenghuo added: “In fact, it is strictly forbidden for humans to kill each other in the base. No matter whether they are superpowers or ordinary people, they will be severely punished once they violate the base law. So it’s safe for you to live here, but we know that you are timid and have many concerns, so we designed such a gift to make you feel more at ease.”

Gu Fan looked at the circle of high walls and was very happy, but she didn’t know what to say. No one had ever bothered to prepare a gift for her. Before entering the sect, she was just an ordinary farm girl in a small mountain village. Her parents valued her younger brother more. She and her sisters were just good helpers. She was lucky. When she was thirteen years old, she was taken away by the sect’s disciple selection manager. From then on, she entered the immortal sect and embarked on a completely different path from her sisters.

Cultivators are often cold-hearted. Her useless five spiritual roots made her the lowest existence in the sect. She either practiced by herself or took on some chores of guarding the medicine field. Except for the manager, she was alone and had almost no contact with others. It was not until she learned to make pills and started selling pills that she increased her interpersonal exchanges, which were purely for interest.

Coming to Earth, Meng Lianying treated her well because he took her medicine.

Xinghe, Fenghuo, and others treated her well, one because of Meng Lianying’s attitude and the other because she could make medicine.

Not to mention Lu Ya.

But Gu Fan could feel the difference between the Xinghe team and Lu Ya. Although the Xinghe team’s enthusiasm had prerequisites, their concern was sincere. They would worry that Lu Ya would harm her after taking her away and that she would be afraid of living here alone. Unlike Lu Ya, he only wanted to dig out her secrets and use her healing power. Lu Ya didn’t care about her emotions.

“Why doesn’t Fan Fan speak? Aren’t you going to cry with emotion?” Fenghuo looked back while driving.

Gu Fan would not cry and teased Fenghuo: “I am moved because of Lianying and them, and you didn’t help.”

Fenghuo: …

His fire ability is really useless in building barriers.

But Fenghuo quickly thought of his own contribution: “Fan Fan, you can’t think like that. Look, I make delicious food for you every day. Three meals a day may seem insignificant, but you will be hungry if you don’t eat one meal. Which of you can leave me? This is my silent and continuous care. I am a low-key person and don’t want to mention it every day, but you can’t forget it.”

Gu Fan smiled.

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