[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 28. (2/2)

No. 1 couldn’t catch his breath and thought it might as well have been intentional! He died so unjustly!

But no matter how unwilling he is, his figure is gradually fading and slowly disappearing.

“This game is too weird.” Xiao Yin muttered.

“No matter what, at least one person has been eliminated.” Xiao Yang comforted her.


On the other hand, Xu Jia also heard the broadcast. Hearing this, she said, “It turns out that when many people get together, the one who will be eliminated is No. 1.”

This would render the cue card she found useless. Fortunately, No. 8 came to her door and gave her a reminder card.

“Can’t look back…” After saying it again, Xu Jia burst into laughter, “It sounds so miserable.”

Worse than her.

She was thinking about what to do next when suddenly, a strong wind was behind her. Xu Jia was startled, turned her head sharply, and narrowly avoided it.

She turned around to look at the attacker and found that he was a young man in his early twenties whom she did not recognize. In this round of the game, numbers 3 to 6 are all acquaintances, number 1 has been eliminated, number 2 is herself, and number 8 has already met, so there is only…

“No. 7?” Xu Jia asked tentatively.

No. 7 said seriously, “Let me hit you and I will answer you.” He was holding a palm-sized inflatable hammer as if he was holding some magical weapon.

The corners of Xu Jia’s mouth twitched, “Then you’d better not answer.” She had already guessed the answer anyway.

No. 7’s eyes moved slightly. When he considered it, if there wasn’t something wrong in her heart, why wouldn’t she be beaten? There was obviously something wrong.

The reminder card he found said, “A certain ghost will be eliminated if s/he is hit on the back of the head with an air hammer.” The owner of the weakness is probably the girl in front of him!

Thinking of this, he perked up and swung the inflatable hammer even more vigorously.

Xu Jia didn’t want to be beaten in vain, so she turned around and ran away.

“Stop!” No. 7 thought he had caught a big fish and chased after it excitedly.

When she reached the fork in the road, Xu Jia stopped and hid.

No. 7 didn’t know and continued to chase along a straight line.

So Xu Jia quietly appeared behind No. 7 and slapped him hard on the back of the head. Let you run after me! Let me knock you!


Something happened suddenly. No. 7 subconsciously turned around and looked at the attacker. When he realized what he had done, he couldn’t help but panic and stuttered, “Wait, wait a minute!”

Xu Jia looked at No. 7 and thought, is she so cruel? This guy was so scared that he stuttered.

“Dong -” the dull death knell sounded again.

The next second, the radio announced, “Ghost No. 7 OUT.”

At the same time, big blood-red characters appeared out of thin air in front of all the survivors, “You told me not to look back, right?”

“It’s you who can’t look back?” Xu Jia was surprised. She just wanted to retaliate and hit No. 7, but she didn’t expect No. 7 to be out like this.

“My skills are inferior to others, there’s nothing to say.” No. 7 slumped on the ground, pretending to be calm, “Isn’t it just about being counter-attacked? You’ll get used to it after experiencing it a few times.”

But in fact, he was very upset. In order to try hard not to look back, he had specially trained. Who knows when things come to a head, the instinctive reaction cannot be controlled at all.

“You seem to have misunderstood something.” Xu Jia blinked, “If you hit me with an air hammer, I will not be eliminated.”

No. 7 was stunned and subconsciously asked, “Then why are you running?”

Xu Jia replied confidently, “If I don’t run away, will your knock be in vain? I’m not stupid.”

Number 7: “……”

Without knowing their weaknesses, the player is effectively invincible. So he traveled thousands of miles and worked tirelessly just to kill people?

After figuring it out, No. 7 couldn’t help but feel extremely sad and wailed, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier!”

“You didn’t ask.” Xu Jia asked, who was the one who actively and aggressively knocked on her when they first met? No chance to speak at all.

It is your own fault, and you will not live. No. 7 frowned and felt he was simply a “hard worker” with capital letters.


Si Hai found the second reminder card in the library: “A certain ghost will be eliminated if his glasses are taken off.”

Take off your glasses?

Si Hai began to analyze, “Among No. 2 to No. 6, only Lelin wears glasses. No. 1 has been eliminated because of gathering, and No. 7 has also been eliminated because of turning back. In other words, either this is a weakness of No. 8, or Le Lin.”

She had a strong hunch that taking off glasses had something to do with Le Lin. But to be cautious, she planned to meet with No. 8 first to assess the situation.

Although on the surface, Si Hai seems to have deliberately targeted Le Lin because she was sprayed with water, in fact, her mind has always been clear.

She wanted to eliminate Le Lin just because he was a strong enemy, and the sooner he could be eradicated, the better. Other reasons were secondary.

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