Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 19. (2/2)

The communication bracelet on her right hand suddenly flashed, which meant someone was requesting a call.

Gu Fan glanced at the bracelet panel and answered.

A familiar cold voice came over: “You are not in the villa? I’ll pick you up to visit the scientific research base.”

Hearing Lu Ya’s voice, Fenghuo and Meng Lianying exchanged glances, slowly parked the car on the side of the road, and held their breath tacitly.

Gu Fan felt that the two people’s eyes were strange, but he still chatted with Lu Ya first: “We moved and now live in Phoenix Mountain on the second ring road. Where is the scientific research base? Tell me the location and I will go to find you myself.”

Lu Ya: “Lianying is next to you?”

Gu Fan: “Yes.”

Lu Ya: “He knows the address, let him take you, I’ll wait for you at the entrance.”

The communication ended here.

Fenghuo had already been lying on the back of the car, staring at Gu Fan, and asked: “Mr. Lu wants you to go to the scientific research base?”

Gu Fan nodded and explained: “Pills are also medicines. I want to see how your base makes medicines. He also thinks that it may be helpful for both of us to communicate with the scientific researchers in the base, so he suggested taking me to visit.”

Fenghuo rubbed his head. He knew nothing about making medicines or alchemy. He only knew how to barbecue.

Meng Lianying urged him: “This is a little far from the base. You get out of the car and go back by yourself. I will take Fan Fan there immediately.”

Fenghuo: “I will go with you.”

Meng Lianying: “How can you go to the base casually? If you get close, the military will suspect that you have ulterior motives. It’s better not to cause trouble for our team. Get off quickly.”

As he said, Meng Lianying got out of the car from the back seat, walked around to the front, and pulled Fenghuo down.

Fenghuo stood on the side of the road and cursed.

Meng Lianying turned around and asked Gu Fan: “Do you want to sit in the front?”

The view in front was good, so Gu Fan went around. After she fastened her seat belt, Meng Lianying waved to Fenghuo, who was abandoned on the roadside without looking back and then drove away.

Gu Fan tilted her head and smiled apologetically at Fenghuo.

After the car drove a distance, the sound of combat boots started coming from behind. Fenghuo flew back on the long mountain road.

The area around Phoenix Mountain is sparsely populated, and the Lu family’s scientific research base is also built in the mountainous central area. Meng Lianying chose a road that did not pass through densely populated residential areas and arrived at the destination smoothly.

There is also a similar circle of high walls around the Lu family base.

A black off-road vehicle was parked at the entrance of the base. It was Lu Ya’s car.

Meng Lianying parked the car next to the SUV and greeted Lu Ya with a bright smile: “Cousin! I heard from Fan Fan that you went to An City a few days ago to kill the black snake. Did you succeed?”

Lu Ya glanced at him, hummed lightly, and then called Gu Fan in the co-pilot seat: “Come here, take my car in.”

Gu Fan had changed seats once before coming and was too lazy to toss again: “Is it different to take Lianying’s car? Why do you have to change?”

Lu Ya: “Outside vehicles and irrelevant personnel are not allowed to enter the base.”

Gu Fan & Meng Lianying: …

Meng Lianying was still protesting to Lu Ya, and Gu Fan silently opened the car door. Although she was not Lu Ya’s cousin, after the trip to An City, Gu Fan already knew Lu Ya’s character very well, and he would stick to his word.

Seeing that Gu Fan had compromised, Meng Lianying had to say: “Okay, then you wait, I’ll park the car on the side of the road and go in with you!”

Lu Ya just looked at the entrance of the base.

After Gu Fan got in the car, Lu Ya turned his head and said to Meng Lianying, who had just opened the car door and was about to come over: “The tour may last a long time. You go back first. No need to wait.”

After that, Lu Ya drove the off-road vehicle and drove into the base mercilessly.

Meng Lianying:…

He looked at his cousin’s off-road vehicle in amazement and then at the four A-level superpowers guarding the entrance of the base. He knew that it was hopeless to break in without permission, so he could only curse at the off-road vehicle: “Lu Ya! You have no humanity! I don’t have a cousin like you!”

Lu Ya drove the car indifferently.

Gu Fan turned around and looked at Meng Lianying’s increasingly smaller figure at the entrance of the base. Suddenly, she felt that Meng Lianying at this moment was like Fenghuo, who was thrown on the roadside on Phoenix Mountain.

“Lianying is your cousin, so he is also an unrelated person?” Gu Fan looked back and looked at Lu Ya, asking curiously.

Lu Ya said: “Everything in the base is a military secret. He is a mercenary now.”

Gu Fan was even more confused by such strictness: “I am not in the military either. Is it okay for you to bring me in?”

Lu Ya: “I will accompany you throughout your visit today and ensure that you do not have access to core secrets.”

Gu Fan thought that Meng Lianying could keep the secret of the muscle-regenerating and blood-replenishing pill for her, and it was even more impossible for him to leak the internal information of the Lu family army. It can only be said that Lu Ya is too suspicious and even worried about his own cousin.

Such a person would definitely be able to cut off all emotions and ascend to heaven immediately if he went to cultivate immortality.

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