[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 28. (1/2)

Si Hai held the big red scarf, feeling that it was very obstructive and affected her movements. She was thinking about finding the weakest owner directly and using the props. At this moment, she met Le Lin.

At that time, Le Lin was busy opening the lockers and checking them one by one. He was so focused on checking that he didn’t notice anyone nearby.

So Si Hai stood on tiptoes and quietly approached from behind. When the distance was less than one meter, she suddenly put the red scarf around Le Lin’s neck and quickly tied it.

Le Lin was suddenly attacked, “…”

“What are you doing?” He asked with a dull face as he pulled the scarf out.

Even though the red scarf was hung around Le Lin’s neck, he was not eliminated. Si Hai had to take off the scarf and replied calmly, “I’m afraid you’ll be cold, so I’ll put a scarf on you.”

“With a momentum that seems to strangle people?” Lel Lin sneered.

“You’re not out anyway.” Sih Hai didn’t bother holding it in her hand, so she wrapped the scarf around herself.

“Is this the content of the prompt card you found? Forcing players to wear scarves?” Le Lin thought clearly and quickly understood the profound meaning of the action. “The prompt card only has weaknesses and no description of the target. So you plan to try them one by one until Find the target?”

Si Hai didn’t answer and asked, “You understand the situation very well. It seems that you also found the reminder card?”

Le Lin smiled tacitly.

Si Hai’s eyebrows twitched, and he took two steps back without leaving any trace and said comfortingly, “Calm down; there is no need to fight to the death from the beginning.” Apart from Le Lin, there were seven other players. In other words, there was a one-in-seven chance that Le Lin found her weak point card.

Why didn’t you have this awareness when you put a scarf on him?

Le Lin quickly pulled a small bottle of mineral water from his pocket and sprinkled it on Si Hai.

She was so overwhelmed with thoughts, “…”

Her pants and socks were soaked, and clinging to her body was uncomfortable.

After waiting for a while and not hearing the OUT broadcast, Le Lin felt very regretful, “So it’s not you.”

“Do you want to die?” Si Hai rarely got angry.

“You’re not out anyway.” Le Lin returned what Si Hai said before.

In an instant, Le Lin replaced Xu Jia and became Si Hai’s number one player among the “most wanted to eliminate”.

“Okay, we’ve already exchanged information, let’s go and do our own thing.” Le Lin didn’t think it was immoral to shower a girl with water. Thinking of how badly he had been cheated, he even wanted to pretend to be Alzheimer’s and cheat a second time.

“We’ll see.” Si Hai gritted her teeth and left.

Le Lin looked indifferent and didn’t take the threat to heart.


Xiao Yin shuttles in the classroom. She didn’t know whether it was bad luck that she didn’t encounter it or someone had already arrived first. She wandered around for a while but couldn’t find a reminder card.

Turning around and entering the music classroom, I saw someone searching the room. Hearing the sound from behind, the man turned sharply and looked at Xiao Yin warily.

“Don’t worry, I’m just strolling around.” Xiao Yin greeted him.

No. 1’s guard remained undiminished, and he quickly retreated to the wall, his expression still wary.

Xiao Yin didn’t mind either and wandered around the music classroom with her eyes. Suddenly, her vision froze.

Cue card!

She pretended to be nonchalant and asked No. 1, “Did you find anything?”

“No.” No. 1 answered decisively.

“Your attitude is so strange.” Xiao Yin said as he approached No. 1 as if she wanted to have a close conversation. In fact, her approach to No. 1 was false, but her approach to the piano next to him was true because she found that the cue card was hidden in the piano, and a corner of it was exposed.

Unexpectedly, No. 1’s expression suddenly changed. He pretended to be calm and said, “You stay here, I’ll leave first.” Then he left quickly.

Xiao Yin took out the reminder card, glanced at it, and found that it said, “A certain ghost or god will be eliminated if s/he screams.”

Before thinking about it, she chased after No. 1 and asked, “Why are you walking so fast? What are you afraid of?”

“I don’t like people following me!” No. 1 couldn’t help but be irritable. He wanted to run and get rid of the girl behind him, but he felt he should pretend to be nonchalant and find some excuse to send the girl away.

“You have to make up a decent excuse when you lie.” Xiao Yin sneered. If you don’t like it, you should feel disgusted, but No. 1 is more afraid than disgusted, and there is something wrong with it at first sight.

No. 1 couldn’t stand it anymore and didn’t want to continue pretending. He kicked the ground fiercely, and his whole body shot like an arrow.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Yang checked out the art classroom and just went out, standing on the only way to No. 1. Xiao Yin was immediately overjoyed and shouted loudly, “Xiao Yang, stop him!”

Xiao Yang didn’t know why but subconsciously did what his girlfriend said and captured No. 1.

“Let go! Let me go!” No. 1 struggled violently, his face full of panic.

Xiao Yin arrived a step late and couldn’t help but complain, “Why are you running?”

No. 1 looked desperate as if he had learned about his death date.

“Boom——” The death toll sounded inexplicably in everyone’s ears.

The next second, the radio announced, “Ghost No. 1 OUT.”

At the same time, big blood-red characters appeared out of thin air in front of all the contestants, “You said you won’t want more than three people to get together, right?”

No. 1 looked extremely depressed and was already cursing in his heart.

“Out?” Xiao Yin was slightly confused. She only knew that No. 1 was weird, but she didn’t expect his weakness was that he couldn’t get together with players.

“Is it intentional?” No. 1 guessed angrily, “You found the cue card and you know my weakness, so you went out to test it?”

Xiao Yin shook her head honestly, “No… I just wanted to stop you and have a chat with you.”

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