Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 18. (2/2)

The fourth ring is stationed with an army of one million superpowers led by the four marshals, and the fifth ring is a vast protective zone to prevent the beasts from attacking.

“You definitely don’t need to consider the third, fourth, or fifth rings. There should be a suitable place for you to plant medicine in the second ring.”

Gu Fan: “Is it dangerous to live on the Second Ring Road?”

She still feels that the central area where rich people live is the safest.

Meng Lianying smiled and said: “The entire base is safe now. If a monster really comes, there are millions of troops guarding the surrounding areas. It’s not enough for you to deal with. Besides, we will definitely not let you move there by yourself. If you really decide to buy a house on the Second Ring Road, we will go with you.”

Feng Huo: “Yes, we will live wherever you live. If your grandfather comes to see you one day and sees that we take good care of you, he might give us a high-grade elixir as a snack.” “

How can there be unreasonable enthusiasm? Feng Huo is attentive to Gu Fan, not just because he appreciates Gu Fan’s beauty.

He said it openly and honestly, and Gu Fan felt relieved.

She had just arrived at Jiangnan Base, and it was a blessing to be with this fairly upright and sincere mercenary team.

“Let’s go back and discuss it carefully.”

As soon as the topic started, Qing Teng had no objection to living in the Second Ring as long as everyone stayed together.

Taishan had the same idea. No matter what they discussed, he and Qing Teng always talked the least.

Xinghe analyzed for Gu Fan: “I agree with moving to the Second Ring Road. The potential users of your medicines are still ordinary people. Living in the Second Ring Road is convenient for selling. If someone with superpowers needs it, they will go to the Second Ring Road to find you. They will go. The second ring road is much more convenient than the ordinary people flocking to the first ring road.”

Gu Fan: “That’s the truth. It’s just that I think the Second Ring Road is full of high-rise buildings. I prefer to live in a place with beautiful mountains and clear waters. Firstly, I like peace and quiet. Secondly, that kind of environment is more suitable for the growth of herbs.”

Feng Huo said: “Leave this to me. The Second Ring Road is so big. You can take your driver’s license first. I will go to the Second Ring Road with the company to look for it.”

Next, Feng Huo and Meng Lianying went to look for a house on the Second Ring Road. Qing Teng accompanied Gu Fan to a driving school to learn how to drive. Of course, she played the role of guide, driver and bodyguard to prevent uneasy and kind-hearted people with supernatural powers from bullying Gu Fan.

Gu Fan spent a very fulfilling day practicing driving, reading books, and watching TV dramas to learn everything about the people on Earth. At night, she stayed in her room and devoted himself to cultivation.

Five days later, Gu Fan got her driver’s license with outstanding performance.

Feng Huo and Meng Lianying also found a good place.

The water system at the Jiangnan base is very developed, and the vegetation is lush. In the past, the rivers and lakes were rich areas. However, after experiencing the era of being hunted and bitten by monsters, most ordinary people in the base have a fear of mountains, forests and deep water. Psychology, so the closer to the mountains and rivers, the fewer people live, which is convenient for them.

Gu Fan can pick and choose by the river, by the lake, and on several mountains with an altitude of two to three hundred meters.

Gu Fan was not much braver than ordinary people. She looked at those green mountain peaks and asked, “There are really no monsters here?”

Meng Lianying: “Once upon a time, the base was cleaned up when it was first established, including all the waters in the base. Only some unmutated small animals were left. Otherwise, how could the base be so stable? Even if one was missing, my Cousin and the others don’t have the shame to serve as officers.”

Gu Fan thought of the Fat Fish Robot. The detection technology of the Earth was indeed convincing.

After selecting over a dozen locations, Gu Fan finally chose Phoenix Mountain, the one closest to the central area of the base.

The next day, the six of them went to Phoenix Mountain to choose a place to live.

Phoenix Mountain is about 300 meters high, and there are many abandoned buildings. To relieve the population pressure of the Second Ring Road, the base renovated the original village houses in the mountains. This attracted some people to move here, partly because they could not afford to live there. The more expensive houses are partly for the daring and partly for the supernatural.

The sales department staff warmly entertained them and introduced the properties for sale one by one while standing in front of the house distribution map in Phoenix Mountain.

The five people all let Gu Fan make the decision.

Gu Fan chose two independent villas halfway up the mountain, which were next to each other. The surrounding terrain was relatively flat, surrounded by mountains and rivers.

Buying two villas together, plus the large surrounding mountainous areas, the total is only 100,000 merit points.

After choosing the location, everyone looked at the houses halfway up the mountain. The two villas had been renovated for five years and were in good condition. You could move in immediately after purchasing the home.

When buying bedding for the bedroom, the six of them unanimously selected the same mattress style as the luxurious king-sized bed that Lu Ya had brought out.

How do you know they are the same style?

They would also like to thank Feng Huo. When he was looking at Lu Ya’s bed that day, he flipped through the product label on the mattress.

After three busy days, both villas were decorated.

Gu Fan lives alone. Except for one bedroom, kitchen, and living room, she has all the other rooms empty. It may be useful to cultivate medicinal herbs later.

On June 29th, Gu Fan led Fenghuo, Meng Lianying, and Qing Teng to reclaim medicinal fields while Xinghe and Taishan returned from the central area.

Feng Huo: “How’s it going? Did you find any good missions?”

Xinghe: “Well, the Lu Family Army will set off for An City on July 15th. A collaborative mission was released this morning. All mercenaries can participate in this cleanup. The merit points for killing monsters will be doubled compared to free killing.”

Meng Lianying smiled: “Of course we will go to such a good thing.”

They just don’t want to be bound by military regulations. Still, the army’s mission to clear out monsters is for the welfare of all mankind. They never fail to participate in such military activities.

Gu Fan wondered if Lu Jia’s decision meant that Lu Ya had killed the S-class black snake.

After all, he promised to take her to visit Modern Pharmaceuticals on the 30th.

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