[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 27. (2/2)

Ghosts and Gods Special

“Squeak–” While thinking, the classroom door was pushed open.

Xu Jia quickly put away the reminder card.

A chubby boy with baby fat on his face walked in, stopped a long way away and asked, “Did you find the cue card?”

“I just found one.” Xu Jia breathed a sigh of relief as she finally met a player she was not acquainted with. Her expression became even more soothing when she found out that the other party was a level 1 player.

“How about we exchange reminder cards?” the boy suggested with a smile.

Exchange? Xu Jia was stunned.

The boy said plausibly, “Look, you have one and I have one. When we exchange, it is equivalent to finding two each. How good is this?”

“Okay.” Xu Jia took out the reminder card and turned it back up, “Exchange together.”

“Okay.” The boy agreed readily. He handed out the reminder card with his left hand and took Xu Jia’s card with his right hand.

The same goes for Xu Jia.

The two cue cards slowly approached. Suddenly, the boy retracted his left hand as fast as lightning and quickly stretched out his right hand as if to open the card and read it.

Unexpectedly, Xu Jia’s reaction was not slow. The cue card was quickly retracted, and he grabbed the boy’s wrist with his right hand, saying, “Sure enough,”. She said calmly, “Want to plot against someone? You have found the wrong target.”

Boy: “……”

His face turned red, and he suddenly shouted, “You’re cheating!”

“I’ll be tricked by you if I don’t take it seriously.” Xu Jia calmly shook off the other party’s wrist.

The boy was indignant, obviously thinking that the plan was great and that it was a pity that it had failed.

Xu Jia glanced at his name slip and muttered in her mind, “No. 8.”

No. 8’s eyes moved slightly, and after a moment, he softened his tone, lowered his posture and said, “I’m sorry, I’m also afraid of being deceived, so I have to be careful.”

Xu Jia glanced at him and said nothing but continued to watch the other party’s performance.

Number 8 continued, “In this way, let’s take out the cue cards, throw them into the middle, and then each pick up the other’s card and check it.”

Xu Jia curled her lips but said, “How do I know if you are trying to play tricks again?”

“Absolutely not this time.” No. 8 smacked his chest and vowed, “You have to believe in my character!”

She didn’t believe it.

Xu Jia looked indifferent, “How about we put the cue cards on the two diagonal tables in the classroom, and then the two of us move and exchange places?”

No. 8 was slightly startled.

If the cue card is left on the table, you cannot go back and put away your own if you want one from the other party.

If someone regrets and stops moving forward along the way, the other person can go back the same way and put away their card. This shows that the other party really wants to make an exchange.

You can’t take advantage of it; equal exchange is not bad. After thinking about it and feeling that he would not suffer a loss, No. 8 agreed.

The two diagonally placed the cue cards on the desks in the classroom and moved slowly.

Number 8 is always vigilant and does not dare to take things lightly. When he passed by No. 2, he slowly breathed a sigh of relief – the other party really didn’t seem to be playing any tricks. He walked quickly towards his destination, and the cue card was lying quietly on the desk.

At the same time, Xu Jia arrived at the desk and read the cue card, “A certain ghost or god will be eliminated if he turns around.”

“Ah——” The screams resounded over the classroom.

No. 8 watched in disbelief as the cue card in front of him cracked like a puzzle, then faded and disappeared. It was like it was automatically destroyed.

Kindness? Destroy!! No. 8 woke up from a dream and glared at No. 2—this girl must have done it!

“I’ve warned you a long time ago that you picked the wrong target to trick people.” Xu Jia smiled slightly, threw the reminder card No. 8 back on the table, then turned and left.

Cue cards, like water guns and solutions, are destructible. It can be instant or scheduled. The moment she puts down the cue card, she sets the time for destruction.

Xu Jia believed she would not lose anything if the trick failed. But once the plan succeeded, she made money.

Because of her accurate timing, her reminder card arrived at the desk on the 8th and was destroyed before he could check it.

After she read the reminder card No. 8, she had already memorized the content in her mind.

In this exchange, No. 8 gave the reminder card to Xu Jia for review, but he didn’t gain anything. It was a total loss. But…who asked No. 8 to play tricks and scheming first? Xu Jia didn’t sympathize with him at all.

No. 8 beat his chest and felt very upset. He wanted to trick someone to show off his IQ, but he was tricked by someone else. At this time, he was full of shit and had nowhere to say anything, and he was almost going crazy.

“Wait a minute!” No. 8 chased after her with a livid face.

Xu Jia turned around and asked strangely, “How can you have time to fight with me? Why don’t you hurry up and seize the time and continue searching for reminder cards?”

No. 8 was choked, and it took him a long time to hold his neck and say, “I don’t accept it!”

It doesn’t matter whether you accept it or not.

However, to escape as soon as possible, Xu Jia asked in a nice voice, “Do you want to tear up the name strip to vent your anger?”

Number 8: “……”

“Just wait for me!” He said the harsh words and left angrily.

Xu Jia shrugged and continued searching.

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