Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 18. (1/2)

Gu Fan’s return was warmly welcomed by Meng Lianying and Fenghuo.

When Gu Fan came downstairs after showering, Feng Huo placed a large bowl of spicy crayfish, iced drinks, and sliced fruits on the coffee table. Then, it sat on the couch with Meng Lianying. On the sofa, leaving the middle position to her, Taishan was squeezed into the corner of the sofa.

There are also two single sofas. Xinghe is reading a newspaper and wearing gold-rimmed glasses, and Qing Teng is holding a tablet and playing a shooting game.

“Come on Fan Fan, I’ll peel it off for you!” Feng Huo waved to her frequently.

With such enthusiasm, Gu Fan even doubted whether Meng Lianying used the muscle-building and blood-tonifying pill she gave him in front of his teammates.

She asked with her eyes.

Meng Lianying usually likes to bicker and fight with Feng Huo, but he is not stupid. He still has some eyesight and shakes his head slightly. Their mining mission went very smoothly this time. They suffered a minor injury, and Qing Teng’s powers were put to use. He did not waste good things. The bottle of red pills given to him by Gu Fan remained intact.

Gu Fan sat on the sofa.

A plate was placed in front of her. Feng Huo and Meng Lianying bent down and lowered their heads to peel shrimp for her together.

Gu Fan called to the others: “Everyone come and eat.”

Xinghe smiled gently: “You can eat, we came back yesterday morning and have already rested.”

Qing Teng and Taishan also said they didn’t need it.

Gu Fan had no choice but to eat by herself.

Fenghuo: “Fan Fan, tell us what you and Mr. Lu have been through these past few days. Wind Bear should be dead, right?”

Gu Fan understood. Everyone wanted to hear the story.

Gu Fan has said something about it, starting from when Lu Ya cruelly asked her to use her as a bait to attack the wind bear, to Lu Ya’s injury, to collecting herbs on the top of the mountain, to the fat fish robot and the lake monster, and finally to Lu Ya’s wasteful efforts. A luxury car also requires her to join the Lu family’s rear medical team.

While eating and telling, the wonderful story was finished, and all the crayfish were finished.

The three of them went to the kitchen to wash their hands together and then sat back down.

Feng Huo looked at Meng Lianying and said, “Master Lu is really not kind enough to treat Fan Fan like this. How could Fan Fan be used as bait?”

Meng Lianying felt ashamed to have such a cousin.

Gu Fan had just vented her dissatisfaction, and now he said a good word for Lu Ya: “It’s not bad. He gave me the corpses of twelve A-level beasts as a reward and later helped me collect medicines, half of which were bad and half of which were good.” Okay, it’s even.”

Feng Huo: “Is this settled? How about the car accident?”

Gu Fan: “That’s because I raced first and gave him an opportunity to take advantage of it. I’ve learned a lot from the mistakes. After I follow them twice, I will never make this kind of mistake again.”

It was reasonable for her to be so generous. Meng Lianying finally whispered: “Fan Fan, my Cousin must be at fault, but it’s not for himself. He just doesn’t want to see too many sacrifices in the army. You are a wood-type superpower, and you can also make alchemy. My Cousin regards you as a talent and wants to make full use of your healing ability.”

Qing Teng: “From Young Master Lu’s perspective, what he did is understandable, but Gu Fan has the freedom to choose what to do, and he cannot force Gu Fan.”

Xinghe raised the mirror’s frame and hit the nail on the head: “Qing Teng’s healing power is stronger, but Mr Lu has never tried to win over her.”

Taishan: “Well, Mr. Lu’s attitude towards Gu Fan is a bit abnormal.”

Feng Huo frowned: “Does Mr. Lu covet Fan Fan’s beauty?”

Gu Fan: “…Qing Teng is also very beautiful.” To be honest, Qingteng’s figure has not grown yet, and she is as immature as a half-grown child.

Qing Teng glanced at Feng Huo coldly.

Meng Lianying coughed: “Don’t talk nonsense, my Cousin is not that kind of person. There are many forces in the base who want to marry with the Lu family and are rushing to introduce beautiful women to my Cousin. My Cousin has always looked down upon them.”

Xinghe speculated: “Young Master Lu probably attaches great importance to Fan Fan’s alchemy ability. Let’s not mention hair growth pills and so on. If the beast avoidance pill is used well, it may be more useful than an army.”

Gu Fan: “But I can only refine low-level elixirs. The beast-avoiding elixir was made by my grandfather.”

Feng Huo: “I understand, Mr. Lu wants to build a good relationship with you first, and then use you to win over your grandfather!”

Xinghe smiled, leaned back on the sofa, and continued reading the newspaper.

Gu Fan always felt that Xinghe’s smile just now was very intriguing, as if he had seen through something.


The team had no plans to take on the mission for now. The next day, Feng Huo and Meng Lianying accompanied Gu Fan to the city hall to redeem merit points.

The skins of twelve A-level monsters and the credit for killing them added a lot of money to Gu Fan’s account. Adding the more than 10,000 points she earned from selling medicine before and the 10,000 hard-earned fees Lu Ya paid as promised, the total has reached Two hundred and thirty thousand.

“Fan Fan can be considered a little rich woman now.” Feng Huo congratulated Gu Fan as he walked out of the city hall.

Gu Fan: “This is not enough. I want to buy a villa with a big garden.”

Meng Lianying: “Big garden, do you want to turn it into a medicinal field?”

Gu Fan nodded.

Meng Lianying looked at the beacon fire, touched his chin and said, “If you want to get into the medicinal field, you don’t necessarily have to live in a villa.”

This also starts with the regional distribution of the Jiangnan base.

If you stand at a high altitude, you will find that Jiangnan Base is divided into five obvious ring areas. The central area is the base’s economic, political, cultural, and other aspects. The people who live here are either rich or noble. The high-rise buildings on Second Ring Road are densely populated, housing nearly 20 million people in the base, including most ordinary people and some with supernatural powers.

The Third Ring is a planting area. The third ring provides the grain, fruits, and vegetables for the entire base. Government agencies are responsible for operation and management. Private individuals are not allowed to participate in the grain production chain.

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