[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 23. (2/2)

Xu Jia was lying on the bed, counting on her fingers how much money she would need to have peace of mind and not work.

Now that she has a house, it’s best to buy a new one for her parents.

House prices have grown steadily in recent years. For investment reasons, she can buy two more sets.

It is best to buy a risk-free financial product worth millions.

She also needs to buy some insurance products to prevent accidents. Social security fees are paid out of her own pocket, and commercial insurance needs to be purchased separately.

Preliminary calculations show that 6 million is enough, which means winning the game ten times.

“No wonder people say you can’t get into the wrong industry; the efficiency of making money is completely different!” At this moment, Xu Jia’s mood became increasingly exciting, and she felt that she was about to reach the peak of her life.


Tossing and turning all night.

Early the next morning, Xu Jia started to get up and practice morning jogging. Although she has only played four games so far, she has keenly discovered that exercising is very beneficial. Not only does she run faster, she is more agile, but she is also easier to carry out sneak attacks.

Jiu-jitsu training is also very effective. For the first time in the zombie special, she successfully hijacked Xiao Yin and gave her a decisive blow. For the second time, she defeated No. 7 in the Three Beautiful Musketeers, completely disintegrating his sense of resistance.

Therefore, Xu Jia felt that she had to train harder!

One day passed.

In the evening, Xu Jia knocked on the neighbor’s door with an expressionless face.

Soon, the door opened.

“What’s wrong?” Qi Yuan was a little surprised to see his childhood sweetheart coming over.

Xu Jia cried sadly, “I was too involved in training and my ankle sprained.”

Qi Yuan: “…”

He hugged Xu Jia, led her into the house, and closed the door.

After placing the person on the sofa, he sat down on the side and asked with concern, “Have you seen a doctor?”

“Yes.” Xu Jia said with a grimace, “It will take half a month to recover.”

Hearing this, she felt as if she had been struck by lightning, and she felt as if money was flying all over the sky and quickly fled away from her. Because she was depressed, she didn’t go straight in when she got home. Instead, she came to chat with him and complain.

“Let me take a look at the injury.” Qi Yuan frowned.

Xu Jia obediently stretched out her right foot.

“It’s as swollen as a steamed bun…” Qi Yuan sighed.

Xu Jia was in a very melancholy mood. “The doctor said a lot of professional terms, but I didn’t understand them. Anyway, in summary, the injury is serious and requires rest.”

“Not necessarily.” Qi Yuan stood up and walked to the cupboard. When he came back, he had a jar of ointment in his hand.

He sat down next to her, put her ankle on his thigh, then opened the ointment and helped apply the medicine.

“This is an imported medicine. My friend bought it for me when traveling abroad. It is very effective in treating sprains.” Qi Yuan said while massaging, “I used this brand when I was injured in training, and the effect is very good.”

“Hiss, be gentle, be gentle!!” Xu Jia took a breath of air and couldn’t help but push him.

“Should we recover as soon as possible, or should we recuperate slowly?” Qi Yuan stopped and asked the injured patient for their opinion.

Xu Jia gritted her teeth and said, “I choose to recover as soon as possible. Let’s continue.”

Qi Yuan lowered his eyes, hiding the helplessness in his eyes. In fact, the force he used was very light, but he couldn’t stop someone from being seriously injured.

She didn’t know if it was an illusion, but after he massaged it for a while, Xu Jia really felt that the pain in her ankle was not that severe. She poked the swollen area in surprise and asked expectantly, “If I endure the pain and receive treatment every day, will I be able to recover within three days?”

Within three days… Qi Yuan put away the ointment and glanced at someone, “Do you think you have taken the magic elixir?”

Xu Jia’s face dropped, and she asked wilfully, “How long will it take?”

Qi Yuan was noncommittal, “It’s hard to say, it depends on the recovery situation.”

“Um…” Xu Jia asked unconfidently, “Can I come over to you everyday for a massage?”

The corners of Qi Yuan’s mouth curled up, but a look of embarrassment appeared on his face, “There is only the last box of ointment left.”

Xu Jia raised her hand, “I’ll buy it for you after the injury is healed! It’s okay to go abroad in person!”

“It’s very troublesome to give someone a massage for half an hour every day.” Qi Yuan deliberately expressed disgust.

“Oh…” Xu Jia felt very embarrassed. She lowered her head and muttered, “Then forget it…”

She never likes to trouble others.

Qi Yuan was choked and speechless. Why did you give up so quickly? Keep pestering him! As long as she says a few words of coquettishness, he will relent and agree.

He guessed that he couldn’t wait for this girl’s soft plea, so he coughed lightly and changed his words, “Forget it, we are all childhood sweethearts anyway, I will just help you.”

As he spoke, Qi Yuan felt inexplicably desolate—the person in need of help was clearly her, so why did he have to get there by himself?

Xu Jia was overjoyed immediately and said with a bright smile, “That’s great!”

Qi Yuan flashed slightly. Suddenly, he felt that it was nothing to worry about as long as she was happy.

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