Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #75

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Chapter 75

Mr. Xu was stunned. He guessed that Shi Zhi was called to show off. What did Shi Zhi mean when she said it clearly?

Too arrogant!

Mr. Xu was already trembling and angry.

“Shi Zhi, don’t go too far.”

Shi Zhi was puzzled and asked the secretary on the side, “Am I excessive?”

The secretary suppressed a smile and answered Shi Zhi, “How could it be too much? The reason is obviously sufficient and reasonable.”

Shi Zhi told Mr. Xu again, “Just because you failed, you can’t stop me from telling the truth. You don’t follow martial ethics.” Mr. Xu did a lot of dancing in front of her.

Who didn’t listen to the opinions of the person involved at all and wanted to give her a bad movie? Who heard that “Weeds from the Distant Mountains” would be released and started to advance the movie that was supposed to be released in two months. Who was it? He went out of his way to bribe film critics and let them write about how bad “Weeds in the Mountains” was.

It’s him, it’s him, it’s him, it’s Mr. Xu who is furious.

Mr. Xu, “…” It turns out that even Shi Zhi knew about it.

Mr. Xu, “So, what do you want?” He was bluffing, so what if Shi Zhi knew better?

Shi Zhi frowned, thinking that Mr. Xu might be really old, and wondered why he was so forgetful. “I made my position clear at the beginning, just to show off and laugh at you, by the way.”

“Mr. Xu, you don’t have the three high blood pressures of the elderly, right?” High blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high blood lipids.

Mr. Xu blurted out, “I definitely didn’t!” He was not an old man.

Shi Zhi nodded. It would be better if he didn’t; otherwise, she would still be a little scrupulous about blackmailing him, or she would start laughing.

“Your movie, even with three times the number of films scheduled, still can’t beat “Weeds in the Distant Mountains.””

――Even with three times the number of films scheduled, your movie still hasn’t surpassed “Weeds in the Distant Mountains.”

The devil murmured.


This sentence was directly transmitted to Mr. Xu’s ears through the mobile phone, and there was a lingering feeling.

Mr. Xu felt that he really had high blood pressure. He couldn’t breathe smoothly. He put the mobile phone away from him. If it hadn’t been for the fact that the mobile phone was new, it would have been quite expensive, and there would have been many contact numbers on it. He estimated that he had high blood pressure and he wanted to throw the phone away.

Shi Zhi, don’t come over, don’t come over!

Mr. Xu: Ah!

The poor box office performance had already made Mr. Xu choked up and uncomfortable. Before he could recover, Shi Zhi made the discomfort worse.

Shi Zhi also asked: “Are you even more angry now?”

She didn’t lie.

Mr. Xu: Listen, does this sound like what people say?

Shi Zhi also confessed: “Actually, I didn’t plan to make this call to you.” There was a reason.

Mr. Xu said, “Oh?” He laughed angrily. Then tell me, what made Shi Zhi stare at him and deal such a cruel blow?

Even though Mr. Xu has reached this point, he is still holding on. As a mature and steady man who has been fighting in the business for decades, he has never seen any big storms.

Don’t admit defeat.

Still have to smile bravely.

Shi Zhi: “I publicized that after watching “Weeds in the Distant Mountains,” I felt a little depressed and in a bad mood. I said I would find something happy for myself.”

“I am much happier. Thank you, Mr. Xu.” I am using him to achieve happiness through publicity.

Mr. Xu: “Emotionally speaking, am I being treated as a joke?”

What’s mature and steady, what’s seen in big storms, what’s smiling, go to hell!

Mr. Xu dropped his newly bought mobile phone, and after a cool moment, the pain became even worse.

He got angry and lost tens of thousands of yuan; many contact information may not be found.



Shi Zhi’s propaganda indeed seeks happiness through this hardcore and regains its vitality by dancing on other people’s wounds.

It’s a bit of a loss, but it works.

​And there is no need for sympathy for people like Mr. Xu.

Even though it’s for publicity reasons, the staff still can’t help but feel emotional.

“Sister Shi, do you think it will be okay?”

Will this world be a good place?

When the PR staff asked Shi Zhi, Shi Zhi was browsing Zhang Mingxia’s Weibo.

Zhang Mingxia showed off her ticket stubs to see “Weeds in the Distant Mountains” late at night.

She behaves like a completely loyal fan. She supports all of Shi Zhi’s TV series, movies, and variety shows. She also buys and eats products endorsed by Shi Zhi. She has lost several pounds by participating in raising cubs before.

After making money, she knows how to dress up. She always smiles in her selfies, and she looks much younger. She is almost completely different from when Shi Zhi went to meet Zhang Mingxia.

“Weeds in the Distant Mountains” As people continue to enter the theater, more voices from the audience appear.

Someone said, “It looks so suffocating and depressing. Although I am not Yang Zhaodi, my family is also urging marriage, but I want to pursue happiness. Am I wrong?”

Others said, “I am over thirty, and I seem to have become the most failed woman. I have no marriage, and I am criticized by others. I am such a failure. What should I do…”

A young girl who has never experienced it and lives a happy life says, “It’s so miserable, but now there is no Yang Zhaodi; it’s just a story.”

Zhang Mingxia replied to them online.

“There is nothing wrong with pursuing happiness. Don’t compromise and follow your own ideas. The pain now is temporary, but if you marry someone casually because of others, the pain will be lifelong. “

“Sister, you are not a failure. Sister, I am already in my fifties. I have never felt any happiness in the marriage arranged by my family. I have lived for my ex-husband and children for half my life. I got divorced this year. Do you think I should be more mature? Failure? In fact, I have never been so free. I chase stars every day, do some small business, spend my own money, and do whatever I want…”

To the young girl living a happy life behind, Zhang Mingxia said, “I can be considered a Yang Zhaodi, but I hope it will always be a story to everyone, and it will really be a story in the future.”

It’s a story, and there aren’t so many oppressed women.

Zhang Mingxia also changed the top pin on Weibo. After proudly saying that she was a gardenia, she added another sentence.

Take care of yourself more and love yourself.

This is what Shi Zhi told her that day.

Finally, her life no longer revolved around other people, and she began to learn to be good to herself. Only by being good to herself can she be good to others.

Now, she sends this sentence to every woman who clicks on the page.

Zhang Mingxia has no culture, but she feels this movie is good. If…she had seen the movie very early, would she have been touched and freed herself from that deep pit earlier?

Zhang Mingxia even considered whether Shi Zhi made this movie because of a small part of her. However, Zhang Mingxia soon gave up this idea. What on earth was she thinking? Shi Zhi should have accepted the movie because she thought the script was good. She was lucky enough to be able to see Shi Zhi.

Zhang Mingxia decided to hold a lottery and draw twenty movie tickets for “Weeds from the Mountains”!

A movie as good as this must be supported. She originally went to the theater because of Shi Zhi. Still, she didn’t expect it to completely get into the plot later.

This must be a very good performance, right?

She had seen other gardenias holding a lottery before. Zhang Mingxia specifically asked the college students who came to buy mahua when they were selling mahua. The college students taught her that now that she is rich, she can spend the money she earns however she wants.

Zhang Mingxia edited the lottery for a long time, and when she returned, she found many likes.

She has hundreds more fans on Weibo than before, and sometimes Gardenia will give her likes. Zhang Mingxia didn’t notice anything at first, but this time, there were a lot of comments and likes.

Until she saw one——

“Xiao Guang, Shi Zhi gave you a thumbs up!”

Zhang Mingxia’s current Weibo name is [Shi Zhijia’s Xiao Guang], but generally, everyone calls her the last two words.

Zhang Mingxia:!

Shi Zhi gave her a thumbs up.


Shi Zhi pinned the Weibo post she edited to the top of Zhang Mingxia’s post.

After she liked it, she posted it publicly.


It will get better. It will.

Zhang Mingxia’s “weed” has begun to flourish and even begun to convey power to people of the same sex.

——Reject the shackles. Marriage is not everything, and having children is certainly not everything.

——You make your own decisions in life.

——Be independent and self-reliant.

Along with the movie, topics like mushrooms after rain have popped up, and Director Ding Yi couldn’t be more excited.

The movie he had been planning for several years was on the big screen, and the response completely exceeded his expectations.

Two other directors who have worked with Shi Zhi also posted their movie ticket stubs on Weibo and praised Shi Zhi.

The film critics are right. Shi Zhi’s performance is great and completely integrated into the character. However, in the movie, she discards Shi Zhi’s own characteristics.

Not only did the director praise her, but Shi Zhi’s friends in the industry also praised her, and they all posted their ticket stubs.

I watched it. It was very good. Everyone went to support Teacher Shi Zhi.

Mr. Xu’s so-called big-budget movie failed to make any splash, with a score as low as four, and this score is still falling.

Zhang Mingxia wanted to draw and forward twenty movie tickets. It was a bit difficult at this time because the film scheduling rate was too low, every show was full, and there were even scalpers selling tickets at high prices.

Zhang Mingxia “…”

Shi Zhi also learned about this situation.

She won’t let scalpers make this money.

Found the butler directly.

Her property directly includes theaters, which can be arranged.

Butler: “Arrangement.” It must be arranged.

In fact, due to this popularity, other theaters will focus on something other than making money and have already begun to make emergency adjustments. The movies produced by Mr. Xu will soon have only a few screenings.


It is a niche film, but it has achieved outstanding results. Cheng Yu booked several theaters when the reputation did not explode at the beginning. Later, it was difficult to get tickets, so Cheng Yu stopped competing with everyone for the position.

Even though there are many good reviews, there is still no shortage of yin and yang people on the Internet, and Cheng Yu is confronting each other.

(Basically, Ying Yang means the balance between good and bad.)

“The box office of 120 million is amazing.”

Gardenia: “It’s amazing.”

It is already very good among niche films, no less than the commercial films of the same period, and this number is still rising.

This idiot, why do you reveal such proud figures?

This person also feels that he said the wrong thing.

Cheng Yu: “Wait.”

The Yin and Yang people are finally here, friendly forces?

Then Cheng Yu typed down a series of numbers: “122.5 million. This is the data just updated; I want to correct it.”

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