[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 24. (1/2)

Spy Special

Under the careful care of her childhood friend, Xu Jia recovered quickly from her injuries. A week later, she was bouncing around again. At this time, a new round of competition just started.

When the time came, Xu Jia entered the game.

Big golden characters appeared on the wall one by one, explaining the rules of the game.

“Welcome to the ‘Infinite Variety’ game.”

“This round of the game is a ‘team competition’, with a total of twelve players. Among them, you are player No. 2 and belong to the white team.”

“The white team is an even-numbered team, and the black team is an odd-numbered team, with six members each. Remove the name strips of the black team members and eliminate them all, then the white team wins. Otherwise, the black team wins.”

“The game will officially start in ten minutes, players please be prepared.”

“Is it that simple?” Xu Jia just had doubts when the familiar blood-red characters jumped out.

“Please keep the following content confidential from other players.”

“You and Black Team No. 1 belong to the spy team and plan to tear off the name strips of the other players and eliminate them.”

“If all two spies are eliminated, the surviving player will win. If all the remaining players are eliminated, the spy team wins. (If only one of the two spies survives, the eliminated partner will also be considered a winner.)”

“Players don’t know that there are spies in the game, but your name strip has the word ‘Spy’ in it. After you are eliminated, your true identity will be announced on the radio. Please be careful to avoid attacks and protect yourself.”

“The game is about to begin, wish you good luck.”

“It’s 2vs10 again!” Xu Jia couldn’t help but hold her forehead.

This isn’t her first time as a spy. In 2vs10 Zombie Special and 3vs9 Three Beauty Musketeers, they can handle it easily and even win completely. However, the above two special episodes are water gun battles, and no close combat is required!!

But this time, Xu Jia looked around and couldn’t find anything like a bag, let alone a water gun.

“Do we really have to rely on strength to tear off the name strip” Just thinking about it made her feel desperate?

The font switches to gold, and the winning prize is announced unhurriedly.

[If you win this round of the game, you will personally receive a cash reward of 500,000.]

[After testing, you are a lv2 player. All bonuses you get in this round of games will be given a 10% bonus. (That is, the winning bonus is 500,000, and the actual amount after victory is 550,000)]

The bonus looks really attractive. Xu Jia gritted her teeth and told herself that she had no choice but to bite the bullet!

Soon, the game begins.

Xu Jia walked against the wall, planning to meet up with her teammates from the white team first.

“Help!” A shrill scream pierced the sky!

Is it the enemy who is asking for help, or is it a friendly force? The sound was very close. For safety reasons, Xu Jia didn’t have time to think about it. She quickly hid by the cabinet, poked her head in, and quietly observed.

Then, she watched the large beast hunting scene.

It was obvious that two white team players were attacking Qi Yuan, but Qi Yuan suddenly swung at him and threw him to the ground. Then, he grabbed the other person’s arm and grabbed the target.

Tear off the name tag with a swipe, let go, turn the person who fell to the ground over, and remove the name tag with a swipe.

In the blink of an eye, the white team lost two people.

Xu Jia was so shocked that she couldn’t help but shrink into the corner, holding her breath and pretending that she didn’t exist – although Qi Yuan was fellow spy No. 1, he looked so cruel.

Why does this guy look so strange and like a gangster? It was as if he was no longer the person she knew… Xu Jia had many thoughts.

Not far away, the two people without name tags complained to each other.

“I told you to meet up with the team first, and you have to hunt! Is this okay? You didn’t catch the prey, but you lost it!”

“Ah! That’s not what you said before your name was torn off! Didn’t you praise me for being smart, and for coming up with great ideas?!”

“You’re so clever! Less than two minutes after the game started, the number of teams changed to 4vs6. We’re doomed to lose, okay?”

The two of them got more and more angry as they talked, and they couldn’t help but quarreled loudly until they disappeared.

Broadcast routine announcement, “White team player No. 12 is OUT, white team player No. 10 is OUT. White team player No. 12 is OUT, white team player No. 10 is OUT.”

Qi Yuan, who had just finished hunting, looked calm and composed without even taking a breath. He was walking aimlessly, but when he passed by the cabinet, a gust of cold wind hit behind him.

Qi Yuan turned around quickly. But the attacker only touched the name tag and immediately let go.

“Hey.” After seeing the attacker clearly, Qi Yuan shouted angrily. You know, she almost scared him for half of his life!

Xu Jia warned, “Always stay vigilant.”

Then he waved his hand and whispered, “Come on, hurry up, don’t affect my hunting.”

Qi Yuan knew that the two were on different teams and were not suitable for open and honest contact, so he let out a light hum of unknown meaning and walked away quickly. It wasn’t until he was far away that he leaned against the wall and took a deep breath to calm down.

“When did that girl hide? It’s so scary to suddenly come out.” Qi Yuan complained.

As for if someone really ambushed and attacked at that time, could he escape…

Qi Yuan thought for a long time and felt that it was difficult to say. It all depended on the temporary reaction. If you dodge quickly, you can get rid of it. If you move a little slower, you will be torn apart. Even if she didn’t tear it apart for real, he couldn’t tell what the final result would be.

On the other side, Xu Jia continued to cling to the cabinet, holding her breath and remaining motionless.

Suddenly, a girl’s voice rang out, “This time the black team’s teammates are very good, maybe we can win. Originally, the purpose of entering the game is to win. As long as you can win, it doesn’t matter if you win by your team or rely on your own real ability.”

While talking, a player walked past Xu Jia with a black scarf tied to the wrist.

Judging from the footsteps, there were two people walking over.

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