Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 16. (1/2)

After continuously flying for two hours and confirming that Black Snake could no longer catch up, Lu Ya took Gu Fan and landed on the ground.

The landing place is an abandoned school playground in An City. It is overgrown with weeds but has a wide field of vision, so there is no need to worry about monsters suddenly attacking.

Gu Fan felt weak all over. When she saw high stands on both sides of the playground with rows of seats, she chose the west stand and lay on a row of chairs as if there was no one else around, regardless of how thick the dusk on chairs was.

Having narrowly escaped death, she still has lingering fears.

Lu Ya didn’t know how afraid Gu Fan was. She was very afraid. That black snake looked very much like the black water snake, the monster that had been chasing her so hard.

The sound of footsteps came from below. Gu Fan glanced at Lu Ya, turned around, and lay down facing the back of the chair.

It was impossible for such an arrogant young man who refused to listen to dissuasion to want her to follow him through life and death.

She expressed her dissatisfaction with Lu Ya through actions.

Lu Ya walked around to the row above her. From a high position, he could see her pale face. After all, she was also a person with superpowers. At this moment, she was curled up on the chair, looking like an ordinary person. She was still the timid one. If it wasn’t for his own eyes, From what he saw, Lu Ya would never believe that she could bleed and skin the monster with ease.

“Go to the mine first in the afternoon. If the company and the battalion are still there, you can follow them back to the base. I will come back to deal with the Black Snake.” Lu Ya said.

Gu Fan said nothing. No matter what her opinion was, Lu Ya would not listen.

“It’s noon, let’s eat first.”

Lu Ya took out two lunch boxes and two bottles of water, and the smell of rice drifted to Gu Fan.

Even Gu Fan would be tempted by the cooking skills of the base chef.

But she was not in the mood to eat now, so she sat up instead. She only took a water bottle and started drinking it back to Lu Ya.

After her body regained strength, Gu Fan glanced at the dirt on her armor, pointed to the east stand, and said, “I’m going to take a shower behind there, but don’t come over here.”

Lu Ya lowered his head to eat: “I don’t have that kind of hobby.”

Gu Fan just said it casually.

After finishing the explanation, Gu Fan jumped off the platform and strode towards the opposite side.

Hiding in the shadow of the building, Gu Fan wiped away the dust, and her whole body was clean.

She leaned against the wall and couldn’t help but think of the black snake again. Its scarlet eyes looked over her as if it had already remembered her.

Advanced monsters are also very intelligent and can remember the enemy’s breath. For example, the wind bear remembers Lu Ya.

Gu Fan made up her mind to return to the base this time. She said she would never come out again, lest the black snake would catch her after smelling her.

After being alone for more than twenty minutes, Gu Fan walked out of the shadows of the stands, turned around, and saw that Lu Ya was still sitting in the stands opposite.

She waved to Lu Ya.

Lu Ya jumped down from the stands, wearing black armor. His movements were neat and crisp, and his body was solemn and straight after standing firm.

Gu Fan thought this kind of young man, no matter how good he looked, had an unflattering temper.

After reuniting, Lu Ya released an off-road vehicle.

He got into the driver’s seat first. Gu Fan weighed for a second and sat in the passenger seat, continuing to use Lu Ya as a human shield.

The car windows were locked, and Lu Ya reminded Gu Fan to fasten her seat belt.

Gu Fan tilted her head and pulled on the seat belt.

Lu Ya looked at her quickly. Not to mention her black and refreshing hair, and her armor, which was stained on the stands, was as clean as new.

Gu Fan turned around, raised her head, and met Lu Ya’s eyes.

His phoenix eyes match his cold aura and give people a sense of sharp scrutiny at any time.

Gu Fan was surprised: “What’s the matter?”

Lu Ya sat upright and shook the steering wheel: “You went to take a shower just now and didn’t ask me for water.”

Gu Fan:……

Preoccupied with being angry, she forgot these trivial matters.

She kept her expression unchanged, and her brain started working rapidly. Then she said, “Didn’t you lend me some plastic buckets before? That night, I went to the river to take a bath. By the way, I filled two buckets of water and put them in the shed for later use so as not to have to worry about it all the time. I want it from you.”

Lu Ya: “Well, water is a necessity. Try to reserve as much space as possible.”

Gu Fan smiled and leaned back on the chair, pretending to be tired. She looked out the window and used her consciousness to observe Lu Ya.

He didn’t seem to doubt her explanation and concentrated on driving.

As soon as Gu Fan withdrew consciousness, she saw him glance over again: “You washed my damaged armor very clean before, and even the smell of blood was gone. Is there any special cleaning method?”

Gu Fan smiled and said: “I don’t have any skills, but I like to be clean. No matter what I clean, I will be very serious about it. I rinsed your suit of armor in the water several times.”

Lu Ya nodded: “Thank you, I also like to be clean.”

Gu Fan could see this; otherwise, who would think about taking a shower when there were six bloody holes in his legs.

“Are you hungry now?”

After a brief conversation, the conflict over detecting black snakes seemed to have been quietly resolved. Lu Ya asked while driving.

Gu Fan didn’t dare to get too serious with him, so she stepped down and accepted his kindness.

One lunch box was eaten, and the empty box was recycled by Lu Ya.

Several low-level monsters ran over to chase the off-road vehicle. Lu Ya glanced at the rearview mirror and saw a golden line flashing past, and the monsters fell to the ground one after another.

“We won’t be able to reach the mining area until the evening, so you can take a nap first.”

“Okay, call me if you need anything.”

To avoid communicating with Lu Ya, Gu Fan pretended to be asleep.

The off-road vehicle passed through A city and came out of the eastern suburbs. It was already past five o’clock in the afternoon. The two abandoned the vehicle and switched to flying. They arrived at the mining area mentioned by Xinghe and others before dark.

After checking the entire mine, there was no trace of Xinghe and others, only some low-level monsters that had been killed, and their bodies had been disposed of.

Three days and two nights have passed since everyone separated. Considering that two mines have been hollowed out, it is enough to prove that they set off to return after completing their mission.

Gu Fan looked at Lu Ya, wondering whether he would send her back to the base first, or take her with him to deal with the black snake he couldn’t forget.

“Have a night’s rest and return tomorrow morning.” Lu Ya reassured her with one word.

Gu Fan said attentively as courtesy was reciprocated: “You have been driving for a long time. I will keep watch tonight. You can have a good sleep.”

This was the first time Lu Ya saw a woman who changed her face so quickly.

However, he had either been in the army or on the battlefield before, and he had not encountered many ordinary women. As for the superpowers in the army, in his eyes, they were all soldiers, and there was no distinction between genders.

As night fell, one was sleeping in the car while the other was concentrating on practicing outside.

To warn against monsters, Gu Fan did not place the spirit stone array tonight but placed the wind bear’s fangs in a circle along the RV.

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