[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 23. (1/2)

The Three Beautiful Musketeers

Even if he is eliminated, at least she has to be buried with him! No. 7 was furious. He threw away the obstructive umbrella and rushed towards the girl in front of him. He planned to use brute force to restrain the opponent first and then shoot the name strip.

Xiao Yin did not dodge or evade and quietly watched No. 7 rushing over. When her opponent was close, she let go and let the water gun fall to the ground. Then, she reached out and grabbed No. 7’s wrist, cut it in quickly, and violently threw him out.

A nice over-the-shoulder throw, and it’s done!

No. 7 fell to the ground with stars in his eyes, unable to believe what happened to him.

Xiao Yin patted her clothes and said with a proud smile, “The last time I was restrained, people easily tore off my name tag and  lost the face of lv2. I have practiced it since I got back! How about it? The shoulder throw feels good, right?”

Xu Jia hurried over. Although No. 7 fell to the ground and looked very miserable, she still approached Xiao Yin. She asked nervously, “Are you okay?”

Is this a touching comradeship?

Xiao Yin raised her chin and said proudly, “Don’t underestimate me!”

Xu Jia wondered what this has to do with looking down upon someone?

“If you die, your victory will be gone. There are tens of thousands of dollars, so don’t let anything happen.” She said earnestly.

Xiao Yin: “…”

What does she have to say about things she must say! Damn, that touching comradeship!

Complete victory? Are these people together?

No. 7 seemed to understand something. His eyes gradually became firm, and he thought, no matter what, they would never be given a complete victory!

He wiped the corners of his mouth, climbed up with strength, then changed his target and rushed over. The girl from the white team (Xiao Yin) couldn’t beat her, but the girl from the blue team (Xu Jia) should be able to, right?

Unexpectedly, as soon as he rushed in front of the target, the target grabbed his shoulders, crooked his elbows, hooked his legs, and knocked him down again…

“Actually, I have practiced before.” Xu Jia smiled innocently.

No. 7 was lying on the ground, feeling like he had been hit hard, both physically and mentally.

Xu Jia leaned down, flipped No. 7 over with his back facing up, and then motioned for Xiao Yin to take action, “Quickly end the game.”

She failed to find the treasure box and failed to eliminate several people, one after another. The ammunition in the water gun was exhausted, so she could not attack.

Xiao Yin nodded, picked up the water gun at her feet, and shot decisively.

The solution hits the name strip exactly. At this time, she added coldly, “Don’t underestimate women.”

No. 7: I am crazy to look down on you after being ravaged in every possible way…

The broadcast sounded, “Player No. 7 is OUT.”

The black watch beeps.

Xu Jia lowered her head to check.

[Congratulations to the player for winning this game.]

[Congratulations to the Three Beautiful Musketeers for their complete victory (all three survived).]

[Congratulations to the player for being promoted to lv2. Your current player level is lv2. If you win five subsequent games and the game-winning rate is above 30%, your level will be upgraded to lv3. (Currently, your winning rate is 100%. Participated in a total of four games and won four.)]

[The watch can view information about players whose level is lower than yours. Currently, you can view lv0 players and lv1 players.]

[Congratulations on being named the MVP of this game. (Note: Player No. 2 and Player 3 performed so well that it was difficult to distinguish between them, so they were both named MVP as an exception)]

[After thirty seconds, you will be teleported away.]

[Note: After leaving the game, “Infinite Variety Show” is not allowed to be mentioned to non-players.]

At this time, Si Hai arrived in a hurry.

Thinking that hundreds of thousands of funds were about to be credited, Xu Jia felt particularly happy. She waved her hand and said goodbye to her teammates, “Good cooperation. Goodbye.”

Xiao Yin whispered softly, “Don’t ever see us again.” Because of someone’s act, she almost had a psychological shadow on the balcony.

Si Hai said, “Goodbye, I hope we will be teammates again.” When the opponent is too hard working, she may not be able to win. It’s very uneconomical to think about it.

Xu Jia smiled.

Thirty seconds flies by. The surrounding scenery changed, and in the blink of an eye, she returned to her room.

Feeling tired, Xu Jia fell on the bed and let herself fall asleep.

The first text message——

[The income (winning bonus) from your card with the last number 1234 is 300,000.00 yuan, and the balance is 300,000.00 yuan.]

The second text message——

[The income from your card with the last number 1234 (win bonus) is 100,000.00 yuan, and the balance is 400,000.00 yuan.]

The third text message——

[The income from your card with the last number 1234 (MVP bonus) is 100,000.00 yuan, and the balance is 500,000.00 yuan.]

The fourth text message——

[The income from your last number 1234 card (bonus for killing players: 20,000 bonus for each kill) is 80,000.00 yuan, and the balance is 580,000.00 yuan.]

The fifth text message——

[The income from your card with the last number 1234 (level bonus: 580000*0.05=) is 29,000.00 yuan, and the balance is 609,000.00 yuan.]

“It’s so easy to make money.” Xu Jia sighed with emotion.

She made a special trip to send money home for her parents to spend. Since the infinite variety show cannot be mentioned to non-players, she only paid 20,000 yuan to avoid making her parents suspicious.

But even so, Xu’s mother was still worried. One minute after transferring the money, she called her and asked, “You’re so good; why are you sending me money?”

Xu Jia said nonsense, “I changed my job. The salary is super high and the benefits are super good. The monthly salary is tens of thousands, and there are bonuses every quarter. So you can spend it with confidence, I can make more money.”

Xu’s mother was startled, “Daughter, have you been cheated?” How could there be such a good job in the world?

Xu Jia asked who would give one or two million to the victim just because they want to deceive people?

“It’s nothing. I was lucky enough to find a job that suits me. I’m excellent and capable, that’s why my salary is so high. It’s far behind the average person.” Xu Jia said seriously.

Mother Xu felt relieved. In her heart, her daughter is indeed very outstanding, and ordinary people cannot compare to her!

After chatting for a long time, Xu’s mother reluctantly hung up the phone.

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