Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 16. (2/2)

At dawn, the two of them returned the same way.

Gu Fan felt very relaxed because it was a road she had traveled before, and she knew that Lu Ya could easily deal with low-level monsters.

After the lunch break, Gu Fan stopped Lu Ya, who was about to walk to the driver’s seat, and said with a smile, “I’m embarrassed to let you drive all the time. How about I drive this afternoon and we can take turns?”

Lu Ya: “Can you drive?”

Gu Fan said matter-of-factly: “I’ve never driven one, but seeing you driving for so long, I’ve learned the lesson. If I didn’t have to take the driver’s license test, I would have bought a car at the base.”

Lu Ya: “Driving is not as easy as you think.”

Gu Fan provoked: “Then let me try it. If I get started easily, it will prove that you are not underestimating me.”

Lu Ya was silent for a few seconds, put away the off-road vehicle, and put out a seemingly ordinary black car: “The craftsmanship of war vehicles is complicated, you can practice on this one.”

Gu Fan secretly scolded him for looking down on her, and then happily got into the driver’s seat of the black car.

Lu Ya sat beside her and taught her how to drive responsibly.

Gu Fan was confident and had been observing their driving for a long time. After Lu Ya finished explaining, she stepped on the accelerator.

The car started, and Gu Fan concentrated on it, keeping an eye on the road while controlling the steering wheel.

She drove very slowly at first. After the adaptation period, Gu Fan increasingly enjoyed the driving process. Like a low-level monk who unexpectedly gained the ability to control high-level magic weapons, Gu Fan happily started to speed up.

Lu Ya is just conniving.

Gu Fan had not forgotten the accident Xinghe encountered while driving. Still, sitting next to Lu Ya, who could do anything as long as there were no S-class monsters, Gu Fan assumed he could solve all problems.

Suddenly, a mutated goshawk swooped over from a tree twenty meters ahead.

Gu Fan smiled and glanced at the passenger seat.

Lu Ya was actually dozing off with his eyes closed!

It was too late for Gu Fan to release another fireball attack, so she suddenly turned the steering wheel!

The car rushed down the road instantly and was about to overturn. At the critical moment, Lu Ya kicked the door open and flew out with Gu Fan.

The poor car first rolled over twice on the ground. Then, it was hit by the B-class goshawk, which directly penetrated the body of the car and penetrated a large hole.

Gu Fan saw this scene when she hugged Lu Ya tightly and turned around.

The golden afterimage flashed past, and the goshawk fell to the ground dead.

Lu Ya landed next to the car with Gu Fan. Before he could stand still, he let go of Gu Fan and walked towards the car with a sullen face.

He always had a cold face, but his temperature has dropped slightly.

Gu Fan observed carefully and saw that he seemed to care very much about the car. She couldn’t help but ask in a low voice, “Is this car expensive?”

Lu Ya lowered his eyelashes across a dilapidated and messy car and said, “One million merit points.”

One million?!

The price seriously exceeded Gu Fan’s estimate. She approached the car and looked at it again, asking in disbelief: “How can it be so expensive? Fenghuo’s car looks much more dazzling than yours, and the price is only Tens of thousands of points. Their off-road vehicle is the highest-end six-seater combat vehicle available on the market. The price of a combat vehicle is only one million. Yours is just for transportation; how can it be priced at the same price as a combat vehicle?”

Lu Ya didn’t look at her. He put his slender hands on the car, with a stern expression and a calm tone: “Mercenaries rely on tanks to show their strength. The upper circles of the base rely on luxury cars to show their wealth. The main place of activity for him is at the base. In addition, he is also relatively pragmatic. It is enough to buy a car with tens of thousands of points, but you cannot think that there are not hundreds of thousands or millions of cars in the base.”

“I don’t need to lie to you, you can confirm it by asking around.”

After he said this, Gu Fan started to panic: “This, can this still be repaired?”

Lu Ya regretfully knocked on the deformed roof cover: “After a collision like this, the repair cost may be more expensive than buying a new car. If the accident occurs at the base, you can also ask the insurance company for reimbursement. But once the car leaves the base, anything can happen. The accident insurance company is not responsible.”

If you can’t reimburse yourself, will you be responsible for the consequences?

Gu Fan fell into despair. The car crashed in her hands!

She should be responsible for this kind of thing, whether on the Cultivation Continent or on Earth, and she should compensate Lu Ya.

But where can she find one million merit points? She has yet to earn the money to buy a villa, so she will first owe a huge debt.

Gu Fan was unwilling to give in. What kind of bullshit luck was this!

The worst thing is that even if she wanted to default on her debt, she would not be able to do so when meeting an S-level car owner like Lu Ya, and she would have no place to run.

She can’t run away, so she can only repay the debt honestly. One million, one million. How many furnaces of pills does she have to sell to earn one million!

Gu Fan almost wanted to cry.

But what’s the use of crying? At first glance, Lu Ya does not seem to care about beauty. If it were Fenghuo or Meng Lianying, he might be softened by her beauty and forgive her debts.

Gu Fan stood dejectedly, with huge debts weighing on her shoulders and no hope for the future.

Lu Ya put the tattered car into space.

When Gu Fan saw it, a green light of hope emerged from the wasteland in her heart. He wanted to take it back. Maybe Lu Ya could fix it by himself? He can refine such a high-level golden sword. Wouldn’t it be difficult to repair a car?

When their eyes met, Lu Ya explained: “The base’s resources are tight, and the metal of the car body can be recycled.”

Gu Fan:……

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