Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 15. (2/2)

The engine sound of his S-class armor and combat boots was lower than that of A-class ones. Despite this, Gu Fan was still panicking. She was not even in the mood to care about Lu Ya’s rash actions and held him tightly with both hands, tilting her head and staring at the center of the lake.

Each Fish robot automatically stops on the shore. As long as Lu Ya flies close enough, he can retract the robot into space out of thin air without landing.

In this way, in just a few minutes, Lu Ya successfully recovered thirteen robots.

There was only one left, and Gu Fan said in his ear: “After collecting this one, just fly away.”

However, she could not command Lu Ya at all. Not only did Lu Ya not fly away, but he also brought her to land in front of the 14th fish robot.

Gu Fan was anxious and angry. If there weren’t many high-level monsters in the Fairy Peak area, she would definitely leave Lu Ya alone.

“What do you do?”

Seeing Lu Ya take out another robot and tablet and connect the signals skillfully, Gu Fan asked in disbelief.

Lu Ya put the two robots into the water. He said in a low voice: “I am responsible for your safety and will not rashly fight with them, but they are here, and I still want to know their full details.”

Gu Fan was so anxious that she wanted to snatch the robot back, but Lu Ya stopped her.

Gu Fan glared at him: “You alarmed it repeatedly, what will you do if it chases you out?”

The monster has a strong sense of territory. It doesn’t take a fat fish robot seriously, but if there is another one, it can’t guess that there are enemies outside?

Lu Ya looked at her with clear and clean eyes like a child’s, anger and fear clearly visible.

“If it chases you out, I will take you away immediately. There is a distance difference, so there is no problem in escaping.”

Gu Fan was almost furious, but two Fish robots had already been launched, and Lu Ya was a dictatorial person. What was the use of being anxious?

She could only stay by Lu Ya’s side, ready to fly away at any time.

On the flat screen, two fat fish robots moved forward and back while keeping a distance; one was bait, and the other was waiting to capture the figure of a high-level monster. When the first robot fish was about to approach the cave where the snake tail appeared earlier, Lu Ya pressed something on the screen. The head of the invisible Fat Fish suddenly shot out a red light and kept sweeping around the cave.

Gu Fan:……

This is a blatant provocation!

The water of the lake was shaking, and the sand at the bottom of the lake was rolled up, blurring the camera lens. You could vaguely see a huge thing slowly emerging from the cave.

The fat fish robot stopped provoking.

This time, the monster no longer attacked directly, as it seemed to have some interest in the fat fish robot. When the sand sank to the bottom of the water again, the field of vision became clearer, and the huge monster at the bottom of the lake was finally revealed.

It was a black snake up to two meters thick, with a huge snake head like a hill and a pair of green triangular eyes staring at the fat fish robot. Most of the snake’s body was still coiled, stacked in circles at the cave’s exit.

Lu Ya touched the screen.

The stationary Fat Fish Robot fired a red light at Black Snake again.

The black snake regarded the red light as an attack and quickly avoided it. At the same time, it opened its mouth wide and spit out an ice spike at the robot.

The Fat Fish robot was destroyed on the spot.

The black snake finally unfolded its body and swam around the robot wreckage at a speed that made Lu Ya frown.

The black snake’s triangular eyes changed color, and it suddenly attacked the second Fat Fish, which was still one kilometer away. Then, suddenly, it jumped out of the water.

The sound of rushing water made Gu Fan turn around and run away.

Lu Ya put away his tablet, caught up with her, grabbed her arm, and flew towards the direction at the highest speed that his S-class boots could reach.

Only then did Gu Fan have the courage to look back.

The black snake chased it through the water. When it came to the shore, it finally exposed its entire body—it was over a hundred meters long!

As the black snake moved forward rapidly, it spat out a piece of ice spikes in the direction of the two of them.

Lu Ya grabbed Gu Fan and lifted himself up to avoid this wave of attacks.

If he was alone, he would go back and fight to test Black Snake’s defense, but he promised Gu Fan that he would ensure her safety first.

The speed of the black snake in the water was far faster than the speed of the two of them, but it was slightly slower on the shore. It was not until they chased the surrounding mountains in this area that the black snake stopped amidst Gu Fan’s and screamed angrily. The red triangular eyes were like two huge lanterns hanging above the forest, and they were deeply imprinted in Gu Fan’s mind.

The author’s side story:

Black Snake: If you come again, I will eat you!

Fan Fan: I don’t dare, I won’t dare again.

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