[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 22. (2/2)

The Beautiful Three Musketeers

Soon, they found traces of the enemy in the rest hall. No. 7 held an umbrella in his hand while No. 8 stuffed a special solution into his satchel bag. Obviously, since entering the game, they have not been idle at all and have found a treasure box.

Xu Jia looked around and soon chose a good ambush position. She immediately wanted to go to the place she wanted, but Xiao Yin held her back.

“Where are you going?” Xiao Yin asked expressionlessly.

“Ambush, and when you find an opportunity, jump out and harvest people’s heads.” Xu Jia said seriously.

Waiting for the opportunity to act, typical assassin style.

Xiao Yin was in a daze, almost thinking that she was playing a large online game. A team battle will begin shortly, so our assassins hide first and wait for opportunities to attack.

“Very good, go ahead.” Si Hai agreed.

So Xu Jia left calmly.

Xiao Yin was speechless for a while and watched Xu Jia go. After a while, she finally came to her senses and said angrily, “We are a team of three! We finally have the advantage in numbers, why should we separate? Aren’t you afraid of being caught by your opponent!”

Si Hai glanced at her friend strangely, “This is not an online game. It emphasizes balance of abilities. There is an upper limit to a single player’s strength. To be honest, I think No. 2 alone can take care of the remaining two players.”

Xiao Yin raised her head and realized that she had been surrounded. This was not a real team battle scene.

Si Hai looked around and said casually, “Don’t worry. According to my observation, in men’s and women’s groups, the male players are all lv2. In men’s and women’s groups, there are either two lv1s, or lv1 and lv2 partnered.”

“In other words, our opponents are not scary.”

“It doesn’t count if you eliminate someone with full talent. Most of the level 1 players I have met have not adapted to the rules of the game well. They are slow in everything and their vigilance is not high enough.”

Suddenly, Si Hai turned around and asked, “Have you found any treasure box items since entering the game?”

Xiao Yin immediately understood, “Want to fish?”

The so-called fishing is to place the found items in a designated location and then ambush around. Seeing a windfall coming from heaven, some people will be tempted to get close and take advantage.

Although the method is stupid, it is very effective. Not one or two newcomers have been fooled.

Si Hai nodded, “First lure one over and kill him. After that, 3vs1, you can play whatever you want.”

“But I didn’t find the treasure box…” Xiao Yin frowned.

“Me neither,” Si Hai grimaced. She had followed Le Lin to find someone and had not seen a single box.

No. 11 actually hugged a treasure box and refused to let go. But as soon as he was eliminated, the treasure box disappeared.

The two looked at each other. When they were worried, the announcement came, “Player No. 8 is OUT, Player No. 8 is OUT.”

Xiao Yin was shocked.

Xu Jia came over and was very puzzled, “Why are you two in such a daze?”

“I want to fish.” Si Hai felt mixed. If the bait is not prepared, the fish will be gone…

“Stop playing tricks and just go straight up.” Xu Jia recounted the experience just now. “Station No. 8 was a little far away. It was out of range and could not be attacked by the water gun. So I stood on tiptoes and approached quietly. Who knew I would walk behind him, but No. 8 still didn’t notice it.”

Xiao Yin, Si Hai: “…”

Opponents are shockingly slow.

“There is one last person left, let’s just attack him head-on.” Si Hai suggested.

“I think it works.” Xu Jia agreed.

On the other side, No. 7 was struck by lightning after hearing the OUT broadcast. He couldn’t believe it, “No. 8 OUT? How could it be possible? Did the other lone players decide to join forces and take the lead in eliminating the team with companions?!”

No. 7 didn’t know that the three girls were in a group. He thought No. 8 had teammates, so he was attacked first.

“I found a lot of treasure boxes, including armor and ammunition supplies. I will definitely be able to survive until the end!” No. 7 kept cheering himself up. In his opinion, he had many items and was definitely the strongest among the survivors!

However, he didn’t know that the current situation was 3vs1.

No. 7 wanted to find a place to hide, but someone blocked his way.

“Let’s unite…” Before he could finish his words, the girl (Si Hai) with a red scarf on her wrist began to attack.

No. 7 used an umbrella to protect the name strip behind his back, then turned around and ran away. There were four survivors, and it was not time for a head-on conflict yet.

But after a while, a girl (Xiao Yin) with a white scarf on her wrist blocked his path.

“Help!” No. 7 asked the white team for help.

However, the girl in front of him didn’t say anything and started taking out a water gun, aiming and shooting.

Could it be that they have joined forces to eliminate him first? Thinking of this, No. 7 felt very desperate.

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