The Vicious Female Character at the End of Days

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Chapter 76. (2/2)

Bai Qing Qing directed Zombie Shen to help dig the soil, plant seeds, and water, and he was taken out two hours later.

It was late; she wanted to sleep and rest, so she had to lock him up.

She pushed him into the tea room, and Zombie Shen stood in the small room with a dissatisfied expression. She wanted to lock him up again, and he didn’t like it.

Bai Qing Qing didn’t care if he didn’t like it, so she locked him up with chains again and threatened: “If you dare to break it, I will drive you away.”

He understood, showed a lonely look, and squatted down.

Bai Qing Qing left the inner room satisfied, locked the door with a chain, and went to sleep.

A good night’s sleep.

When she woke up the next day, she sat up and stretched lazily, put on her shoes, untied the chain, and entered the dimly lit inner room.

Hearing the noise, Shen Mingxuan, in the corner, raised his head and looked at her with his silver-gray pupils.

Zombies have almost no sleep. They only fall asleep for a few hours in twenty-four hours. The slightest sound will wake them up. It seems that he has not slept all night.

Bai Qing Qing untied the iron chain for him, took out sunglasses and a mask from the space, put them on him, and warned: “You are not allowed to take them off.”

She planned to leave this abandoned factory. Since the Thunder Team didn’t come to find her, she had no choice but to go find them. After all, there were still side tasks to complete.

She hopes that before finding them, she has helped Shen Mingxuan reach the fifth level. Even if he has regained his consciousness by then, he is no longer human, and she will be separated from him.

One person and one zombie left the abandoned factory. She took out an off-road vehicle from the space and filled it with gas. Then she let him sit in the passenger seat and drove towards the foggy city out of the city.

The fog was lingering in the white fog, which was very disturbing and made it difficult for vehicles to drive. She slowed down and drove all morning before leaving the city.

Occasionally, the roars of zombies can be heard in the white fog, which makes people feel frightened. They are afraid that zombies will appear from nowhere.

There are good and bad things about the abundance of zombies in Fog City. The good thing is that there are more second- and third-level zombies. She asked Shen Mingxuan to go hunting for an hour and harvested seven or eight zombie crystal cores.

These crystal cores are not enough to help him upgrade to the fourth level. He must find higher-level zombies to kill.

In the desolate apocalypse, a girl and zombies walk together. If others knew about it, they would definitely think that she was a madman for hanging out with zombies.

Before night fell, the off-road vehicle successfully passed the bridge and drove away from the foggy city.

The Thunder Team stayed in the foggy city for a week. Liang Zhiyu and Fu Chen went out to search every day but found no trace of Bai Qing Qing. Instead, they found the traces left by the two intelligent zombies.

Two intelligent zombies really obeyed the orders of a zombie king. Bai Tian Tian didn’t know where they were hiding. A sixth-level zombie king was difficult to deal with. With two fifth-level intelligent zombies, a battle plan had to be formulated. Take action again.

This zombie king is murderous and has kept many humans in captivity to use as food rations. It is cruel.

Fu Chen and Liang Zhiyu teamed up to kill him. When the two intelligent zombies saw this, they decisively abandoned their master and fled the lost base camp.

Several fourth-level and third-level superpowers were among the humans kept in captivity by the Zombie King. Fu Chen arranged for them to leave Fog City and go to the nearest Yaoyang base. Xu Meng, who was clamoring to go back, was also put into the car and left.

There are only five people left on the team: Fu Chen, Liang Zhiyu, injured Xiao Yang, Bai Tian Tian, and Li Jin.

Bai Tian Tian felt extremely lucky to be rescued by the team. She thought she would definitely die if she was captured by zombies, but she did not expect to be lucky enough to be rescued by Fu Chen.

She was so moved that she cried and thanked him, “Captain Fu, fortunately you are here, otherwise I really don’t know what to do.”

Fu Chen asked in a cold tone: “Do you know why that zombie king caught you?”

“I don’t know.” Bai Tian Tian shook her head and replied in panic: “He locked me in the room and never talked to me.”

“Have you ever met Shen Mingxuan?” Liang Zhiyu asked.

Bai Tian Tian was confused: “No, I haven’t seen him.”

Fu Chen and Liang Zhiyu looked at each other. To save Bai Tian Tian, who had been abducted by intelligent zombies, Shen Mingxuan disappeared when chasing her. It seemed that he was in trouble.

Bai Tiant Tan looked at Xiao Yang, who was bandaged, with guilt and emotion in her eyes, and said: “Xiao Yang, I’m so sorry, if you hadn’t saved me…”

Xiao Yang was annoyed to death and said in an impatient tone: “I’m not here to save you.”

In the thick fog, he was dazzled and thought Bai Tian Tian was Bai Qing Qing. He risked his life to save people without thinking, but he didn’t know that the person he saved was Bai Tian Tian.

There had been no news about Qing Qing’s disappearance for so long, but Bai Tian Tian was rescued. He was very anxious and even more annoyed when he saw the crying Bai Tian Tian.

“Captain Fu, I will also go out to find Qing Qing tomorrow.” Xiao Yang begged.

Fu Chen glanced at his injured hand and said, “No, you must rest.”

Xiao Yang said in a cold tone: “I’m fine. I must find Qing Qing. No matter where she is, I will find her.”

Fu Chen pursed his lips and said nothing.

The team continued to search for Bai Qing Qing and Shen Mingxuan in the foggy city and finally found traces of Bai Qing Qing’s life in an abandoned factory.

They stayed at the abandoned factory for another two days but found no one and had no choice but to leave.


Bai Qing Qing drove the off-road vehicle on the straight highway and stepped on the accelerator. She experienced the excitement of car racing and was extremely excited.

As night fell, she drove to the service area on the side of the highway and met a group of people as soon as she got out of the car.

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