Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 15. (1/2)

Although there was a little embarrassment, Gu Fan was still very interested in the fat fish robot.

Lu Ya gave her a popular introduction to the structure of the ancient fish robot in an unwavering tone.

Before the great radiation, humans had invented various detection robots. The one in Lu Ya’s hand was the latest one developed by the base and was specially used by the military to detect unknown and dangerous waters. The robot’s body is made of A-grade alloy, which is difficult to damage by physical attacks. There is also a paint coating on the surface that can change with the environment, making it easier to hide.

“It sounds impressive, but the lake is so big. How long does it take for a robot to complete the detection?”

After Lu Ya finished his introduction, Gu Fan raised a question.

Lu Ya seemed to smile, but the smile flashed past so fast that Gu Fan didn’t have time to catch it.

Then, Lu Ya released fourteen more “fat fish” in one breath: “The detection diameter of each robot is two kilometers. The area of ​​the lake is about 600 square kilometers. Fifteen robots were launched into the water at the same time. As expected, The entire water area can be detected in two hours.”

Gu Fan:……

People on Earth are awesome! Similar technology was invented without the divine consciousness of a powerful person!

Lu Ya set up the signal connection between each robot and the large-screen tablet and asked Gu Fan to wait where she was. He flew half a circle along the shore. He dropped the fat fish robots into the water one after another according to the detection distance. Outside were black and white fat fish. As soon as they entered the water, their color changed rapidly, almost blending in with the water.

Gu Fan was even more surprised.

Lu Ya returned to the chair under the shade of the tree, and Gu Fan automatically gave the chair to him.

Lu Ya pressed on the screen, and the next moment, fifteen small frame videos appeared on the screen, each playing the panoramic detection screen transmitted by the robot Fish.

Gu Fan bent down and stood behind him, choosing a video frame to watch. The fat fish moves almost close to the bottom of the lake. The aquatic plants growing on the bottom of the lake and the strange fish swimming are all within the detection range. If the strange fish that appears has been recorded by humans, the corresponding species name and name will appear on the head of the strange fish. If the level is not recorded, a question mark will appear.

This is amazing. A technological dead thing can actually make such a precise, complex, and comprehensive analysis.

“Why didn’t you mark the plants?” Gu Fan quickly discovered a problem.

Lu Ya: “Most plants are not aggressive. The base’s current research is mainly focused on killing monsters. In the future, when monsters no longer pose a threat to humans, we can start systematic research on new plants.”

Gu Fan frowned: “How can you make medicine if you don’t understand plants?”

Lu Ya: “Biopharmaceuticals, I can’t explain it in a few words. When you return to the base, I will take you to visit the scientific research room. There are professional professors there.”

Biopharmaceutical? Gu Fan didn’t understand very well, but that didn’t matter as long as she knew how valuable these plants were.

Muscle-promoting and blood-replenishing pills are a good thing. If she can get the green grass during this trip and cultivate it one crop after another after returning to the base, she will be more sure of surviving on Earth.

Ignoring the low-level monsters that kept popping up, Gu Fan concentrated on observing the plants at the bottom of the lake, fearing that she would miss the green grass.

She was so focused that she didn’t realize that her face was too close to Lu Ya at this time.

The faint fishy smell of the water cannot completely cover up the fragrance of her body.

Lu Ya glanced at her, put out a set of tables and chairs, and placed the tablet on the table.

Gu Fan immediately pulled up a chair and sat in front of the table, and of course, he did not forget to leave a place for Lu Ya.

However, Lu Ya did not lean over. He cast his gaze on the vast lake, and he was alert to his surroundings.

The speed of the robot fish is not bad. After nearly an hour, the fat fish finish exploring the waters on the east side of the lake and gradually approach the center.

Lu Ya finally sat next to Gu Fan and zoomed in on the four pictures in the middle. The detection range of these four robots covered the water within a radius of four kilometers from the center of the lake as the midpoint.

The two divided the work, and each observed two.

There were fewer and fewer low-level fish monsters in the picture. Gu Fan’s heart beat faster, and she was feeling bad.

“The green grass.” Lu Ya suddenly said, pointing his finger at one place.

Gu Fan immediately looked over and saw a cluster of green grass with leaves floating gently in the water.

Just as joy appeared on her face, a black shadow suddenly swept across the camera lens, the water flow vibrated, and with the sound of metal being smashed, the transmission screen instantly went black! The images of the other three robots also shook violently due to the impact of the undercurrent. However, when the bottom of the lake returned to calm, the three robots continued to return to their original orbit and steadily moved forward.

Only the one that was hacked was never connected again.

That station is also closest to the center of the lake.

“Did you see clearly what that was?” Gu Fan looked at the lake worriedly.

Lu Ya enlarged the blackened video to occupy the full screen and clicked on playback. When the black shadow appeared from a distance, Lu Ya paused the playback and changed to slow mode before continuing.

The black shadow moved from far to near, and the picture became clearer and clearer. It seemed that a snake’s tail suddenly poked out from a lake and rock cave. It gradually became thinner from a snake body with a diameter of more than one meter. The snake’s body was covered with metal armor, and the tip of its tail was Completely metalized, like an iron whip. It hit the fat fish robot accurately, and at this point, the screen turned black.

The poor fat fish robot dutifully marked the snake’s body before it was destroyed:? , S-class.

The only way to destroy an A-level defense robot with purely physical attacks is by an S-level monster or even higher.

An S-class monster whose tail is only visible but not its entire body.

“This monster doesn’t seem to have discovered other robots. Let’s leave immediately after the other robots have finished detecting it.”

Gu Fan tilted her head to discuss with Lu Ya. What about the green grass? In the face of fate, the green grass is worthless.

Lu Ya didn’t say anything and replayed other scenes.

An hour later, Lu Ya was going to recover the fourteen robots that had successfully completed the mission.

Gu Fan nervously held his arm: “Let’s go walking. Don’t disturb the snake. It was probably sleeping when we first came here and didn’t hear the sound of the boots’ engine. Now it’s awake. If we fly again, it will come out to attack. What should we do?”

She was really scared; her face was pale, and her hands were shaking.

Lu Ya: “Too slow.”

After saying that, he suddenly grabbed Gu Fan’s waist and took her flying along the lake!

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