Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 14. (2/2)

The earth is different from the Cultivation Continent. The low-level elixirs she can refine, even if they are not popular in the eyes of cultivators, but considering the difficulty of obtaining the medicinal materials, Gu Fan has to re-price them.

“Can the base technology simulate the growing environment of snow-capped mountains?” Gu Fan asked Lu Ya before picking.

Lu Ya: “Yes, refrigeration is very simple.”

Gu Fan felt relieved, took out her hoe, squatted on the ground, carefully dug out the two snow lotuses along with the soil underneath, and put them into the space instantly.

“Come down the mountain.” Gu Fan stood up again and looked down the mountain.

Lu Ya: “You only need two?”

Gu Fan explained: “Snow lotus flowers are not easy to grow. Using the storage capacity of the spar space and the base technology, these two are well maintained and are enough for me to refine the scar removal pill. Why be greedy for more.”

Lu Ya suddenly remembered the scene when she was collecting herbs just now, carefully and with a kind of righteousness from the bottom of her heart. Her fair face was almost the same color as the snow lotus.

The two began to fly downward.

Gu Fan looked down and saw a sparkling lake further west of the mountains.

Her eyes lit up.

Lu Ya: “There are also herbs you need in the lake?”

Gu Fan: “Well, green alpinia is commonly found at the bottom of large lakes. Green alpinia contains abundant water and wood elements. When refining hair growth pills, scar removal pills, and whitening pills, a little green alpinia is added to improve the quality of the elixirs. will be better.”

Lu Ya: “Never heard of it.”

Gu Fan took out the tablet and found the Qinglin grass, which had the corresponding Earth name: “Grandpa may have thought these names were too complicated, so he renamed them with easy-to-understand names to make it easier for me to remember.”

Lu Ya observed the picture. The green indigo grass taken in the water had stems and leaves scattered and floating. It did have the outline of a unicorn.

“Let’s go and take a look.”

Gu Fan quickly stopped him, looked at the deep lake, and said, “There are many monsters in the water, so let’s forget about it.”

In fact, Qinglin grass is the key herb for refining muscle-building and blood-tonifying elixirs, supplemented by the blood of low-level monsters.

Of course, Gu Fan wanted to collect green alpinia, but the lake water gave her an unfathomable feeling. She even hid the efficacy of green alpinia from Lu Ya, so how could she have the nerve to let Lu Ya accompany her on the adventure? Water can restrict people’s breathing and movement, and the bottom of the lake is far scarier than the top of the mountain.

Muscle-promoting and blood-replenishing pills are good things, but they are not pills that she must sell to survive in the base. The stock in the storage jade bracelet is enough for her.

“Go down.”

Gu Fan took the lead and flew to the RV where the two left behind Wind Bear’s burial place.

Lu Ya glanced at the lake and followed.

Tonight, Lu Ya asked Gu Fan to sleep in the car while he stayed overnight.

Gu Fan didn’t need to sleep. She hoped that Lu Ya could quickly regain his peak mental strength through sleep.

Lu Ya guessed that she had a special way to maintain her spirits and agreed.

There was no movement in the RV. Gu Fan set up the spiritual stone defense array, and she continued to practice, making full use of the rich spiritual energy in this place.

After a night without any danger, Gu Fan quietly put away her defensive formation at dawn.

Another hour later, Lu Ya woke up.

“Should we fly out of the mountainous area and then drive?” Gu Fan asked him how to return to the base.

Lu Ya asked her an unrelated question: “Which has more medicinal properties, snow lotus or that other?”

Gu Fan was startled.

Lu Ya: “Tell the truth.”

Gu Fan already understood what he meant, and she frowned and said, “You still want to find green alpinia? Green alpinia is just an auxiliary medicine to improve the medicinal properties, and it is far less precious than snow lotus.”

Lu Ya: “But I think you want to get the Qinglin Grass more.”

Gu Fan: “You feel wrong.”

Lu Ya didn’t like to argue and said, “Let’s go to the lake and have a look. I have a diving robot that can explore the situation at the bottom of the lake.”

Gu Fan heard another new word, what is a diving robot?

Half an hour later, the two landed at the lake at the same time.

The lake, which seemed so vast when viewed from a high altitude, was now so close that one could not even see the edge.

There are some abandoned buildings scattered around the lake, which shows that humans were active here before the great radiation.

Lu Ya said to Gu Fan: “The base has decided to clear out the monsters in An city. When I come here this time, in addition to killing the wind bear, my other mission is to detect this lake area. This is also where the second S monster may be hidden. The only place for super monsters.”

The wind bear occupies the land, and it cannot tolerate the second terrestrial S-class monster coming to grab the territory. However, for the potential S-class monsters that originally lived in this lake, the wind bears are kings of their respective territories. If a conflict was necessary, it would not dare to jump into the water to provoke.

Gu Fan had already started to get cold. She retreated behind him, looked at the center of the lake, and said, “If so, what are your chances of winning?”

Lu Ya: “The chance of victory can only be judged by fighting each other. With my ability, even if I can’t defeat it, it’s not difficult to escape unscathed.”

Young people are too frivolous!

Gu Fan couldn’t help but pour cold water on him: “Don’t underestimate the strength of beasts by thinking that you are at the top of human strength. It may be easier for you to understand the monsters on land. These monsters hidden in the water usually don’t show up at all. How do you know if they do not have any more advanced mutations?”

Lu Ya: “It’s precisely because we don’t understand it that we have to detect it.”

With that said, Lu Ya released a fish-shaped robot from space. It was about thirty centimeters long, black and white, with a fat head and fat belly.

Weird and a little cute.

When Gu Fan came into contact with it for the first time, she picked up the Fat Fish and started studying it.

Suddenly, a device inside Fat Fish flashed.

Gu Fan tilted her head and subconsciously saw Lu Ya sitting on a chair at some point and placing a tablet on his knees.

Gu Fan walked over with Fat Fish in her arms and looked at the screen.

On the screen was a person’s chin, dangling back and forth, and then the chin disappeared, revealing the plump chest wrapped in armor.

While Gu Fan was still wondering what was going on, Lu Ya suddenly snatched the fat fish from her arms and pointed the detection lens at the lake.

The belated Gu Fan:…

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