Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #74

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Chapter 74

“I do not want to.”

Yang Zhaodi had no idea who Tian Zhuang was from the next village. She had just grown up and was fantasizing about marriage.

In her imagination, he was a gentle, white, and educated man. She did not go to school well, so she wanted the other half to be an educated man.

As soon as Yang Zhaodi expressed her objection, the faces of the Yang family’s parents changed instantly.

The smile was so kind just now. Suddenly, it is so cold.

The father was cursing and had already picked up a wooden stick from the side and hit Yang Zhaodi, “Who will you marry if you don’t marry, The male should be married, and the female should be married. This is the truth from ancient times to the present!”

The mother slapped her legs and howled, “I raised you so much, you just deliberately pissed me off, didn’t you?”

“Your brother still wants to build a house.”

Don’t forget to tell her husband, “Pay attention to your sense of proportion…” It’s not that you love your daughter, but.

“Don’t hit the face, it’s easy to find something after hitting the face.”

Father Yang: “There are a few.”

Yang Zhaodi was beaten, but she did not give in. She gritted her teeth and told her parents, “Mom and Dad, I beg you, I will make more money, isn’t it just 8,000? You give the money back, and I will go out and work. I can earn more money by working part-time!”

Although the village is very closed, there are also people who go to school or work. Yang Zhaodi heard from them that it is much easier to make money in the village than in the mountains.

She can earn it herself.

Father Yang: “It’s not that easy…the money has been spent.”

The camera focused on Yang Zhaodi’s eyes. Her eyes, which were always full of vitality, with clear black and white and bright light, dimmed.

The bride price has been spent and cannot be refunded. Yang Zhaodi has no choice.

Mother Yang advised in a low voice from the side, “Don’t be so resistant. We are also doing it for your own good. How can any biological parent wish that their child would have a bad life?”

“Tian Zhuang, we have inquired about him, he is an honest man.”

Yang Zhaodi could no longer hear clearly.


He is an honest person, an honest person who bends down when he sees outsiders and dares not look into other people’s eyes.

He has an ordinary appearance and average height and no advantages, so honesty is used as an advantage to show off.

Tian Zhuang went to the market in a neighboring village and fell in love with the young and beautiful Yang Zhaodi. He pestered his mother to propose marriage to the Yang family.

Yang Zhaodi is still married. She has nowhere to run and nowhere to go. Marriage was not her choice.

She was pushed from one fire pit to another, bigger fire pit.

“You are my family’s eight thousand yuan.”

This is what her mother-in-law, Tian Mu, told Yang Zhaodi on the wedding day.

She doesn’t look like a person, more like eight thousand dollars.

Tian’s mother: Mother Tian, “You have to do a good job of spreading branches and leaves for our Tian family.”

At night, Yang Zhaodi endured physical and psychological discomfort. She told herself to endure it. Who doesn’t live like this?

Everyone around her is the same. She did not choose her husband. When she reaches her age, she is like, “The water poured out by the married daughter.”

Yang Zhaodi felt that this was already the case and that nothing could have been worse.

Husband Tian Zhuang suddenly turned on the light and was looking for something in a hurry.

Yang Zhaodi, “What are you looking for?”

Tian Zhuang’s eyes were red, “Blood… where’s the blood?”

Where has the holy blood gone?


Yang Zhaodi did not encounter this situation. She had run all over the mountains like a wild child since she was a child, and no one had told her these things.

Bleeding is not guaranteed, and the membrane does not indicate anything. Riding a bicycle, running or jumping… you will be injured many times.

The seemingly honest person was angry, but Yang Zhaodi was even more angry than him.

She knows herself, she doesn’t!

Yang Zhaodi slapped Tian Zhuang, but some rumors still spread.

“Did you see that the Tian family has a new wife?”

“So lovely.”

“Good looks are useless. I heard that she is a prodigal… She has had affairs with many men and even had children.”

The whispers and the voices of the people with malicious, gossipy smiles on their faces suddenly stopped.

Because Yang Zhaodi went back to the house and took out a kitchen knife.

The kitchen knife gleamed in the sun. She looked at those people, “If anyone talks nonsense again, I will tear her mouth open.”

She didn’t. She just didn’t.

Yang Zhaodi has been a tiger since she was a child. Even though she was beaten black and blue by her father when she was a child, she still has a lot of energy in her bones.

Not only the people who spread the rumors were afraid, but the husband was also afraid. He felt like a victim, and he told Yang Zhaodi about his grievances.

“Zhao Di, I don’t blame you, let it be the past.”

“Let’s live a good life. My mother said that she should try to have her grandson as soon as possible…”

It’s not about trust. It’s about telling the past with humiliation.

That night, Yang Zhaodi sat outside and looked at the dark mountains all night long.


There are many rules in the mountains. Women are not allowed to serve at the table and can only work on the side; childbirth is bigger than the sky, and not having children seems to be a sin.

Yang Zhaodi’s mother-in-law stared at Yang Zhaodi’s belly with suspicious eyes every day.

“Why aren’t you pregnant yet?”

“Don’t be a hen that can’t lay eggs.”

Yang Zhaodi’s mother-in-law took her to see the customs in the village –

“Traumatize scene”.

This day was particularly lively. Everyone stood outside as if attending a big market, folding their hands, and some even brought pumpkin seeds.

Yang Zhaodi saw the young woman being chased and beaten, and the stick kept falling on her body. The young woman being beaten screamed from time to time, which was painful just to hear it.

The others were still shouting, “Hit her harder, harder!”

The mother-in-law said to Yang Zhaodi, “Don’t mess around. She has been married for two years and she still can’t give birth to three melons and two dates. She should be beaten. She deserves it!”

“If you can’t give birth, you will be next.”

The granny next to her was chatting with Yang Zhaodi’s mother-in-law: “Don’t scare your wife. I think your wife is very good. She looks like a good child. Wait for me to give you some folk remedies and let her drink them. She will definitely give birth to a big baby. Come on, fat boy.”

For half a year, there has been no movement from Yang Zhaodi. Her mother-in-law’s face is getting uglier and uglier, and even her parents’ family no longer summons Yang Zhaodi.

The younger brother, who had built a house with his sister’s gift money, spat at Yang Zhaodi.

“Don’t come back. You won’t even be able to give birth to a child. It’s a shame.”


There are already people in the cinema who want to spit out the fragrance.

He was so shameless, and Yang Zhaodi came to this field because of her brother. What kind of deadly attitude does her brother have?

I wish I could roll up my sleeves and rush into the movie to beat him.

Yang Zhaodi also wanted to beat him, but Yang’s father beat her back.

Yang Zhaodi became more and more silent. She was still full of life at the beginning, running around the mountains like a tireless calf.

Now, her expression was full of exhaustion; her energy had dissipated, and she became taciturn.

――”What else can we do?”

——”Aren’t we women all like this? Our ancestors have been like this for generations. We have to accept our fate.”

——”Zhao Di, you just think too much. Give birth to a son. Having a son will make your life easier and you will straighten your back in front of everyone.”

Yang Zhaodi’s childhood friend’s belly was bulging, and she became pregnant again.

After giving birth to two daughters in succession, she became pregnant with her third child without stopping.

Her tone was so happy because the old lady in the village who knew how to see the baby said that her baby must be a son with a pointed belly.

The friend persuaded Yang Zhaodi and put her hand on her belly. “I will congratulate you and let you have a son.”

Yang Zhaodi didn’t want to have a son. She didn’t know what she was pursuing, but she was infected by her friend’s happiness and smiled.

“Okay, when you give birth to your son, I will boil a big basket of eggs for you.”

Her friend said she wanted to eat eggs and chicken, but those are usually eaten by men.


What else can be done?

Accept your fate.

We women are all like this.

Yang Zhaodi was confused. Is this really the case?

Then she learned that it wasn’t always like this.

To supplement the family income and eliminate the constant wandering around the house, Yang Zhaodi found a job as a cook for an elementary school based on her mother-in-law’s face. She didn’t earn much, but she could attend classes.

She still likes to go to school. Even if she can’t go to school, she would just listen to everyone reading.

There is a teacher in the school who retired from a big city and came here to teach. She came here with her husband.

It was also through them that Yang Zhaodi opened up a new world.

They are different from the village couples who live together.

When looking at each other, they don’t talk much, but they smile. The tacit understanding between the two people is completely impossible to interrupt.

When the old teacher is in class, her husband, who is also elderly, will quietly wait for her outside with a lunch box.

Yang Zhaodi asked the old teacher, “Did your family also arrange it?”

No, it’s free love.

The volunteer female teacher still likes to work with this beautiful young woman who is also eager for knowledge.

The volunteer female teacher seemed to have a well-known attraction to Yang Zhaodi. She felt that she might open up a novel and magnificent world through her, but she was also scared at the same time.

Everyone is like this. Ancestors have been like this for generations, and women are like this. These are the people around her, Yang’s mother and friends, who have been advising Yang Zhaodi.

​But what if someone is not like this?

After all, Yang Zhaodi couldn’t hold it back.

She wanted to know the outside world. That world was so strange, but soon, as the volunteer female teacher described it, it began to become three-dimensional and beautiful in front of her.

Over there, love is independent, you can have dinner on the table, and women also have their own careers.

Yang Zhaodi suffered from insomnia again. She moved the bench and stared at the majestic mountains. She had stared at the mountains with depression and despair before, but this time, it was with longing.


The narrative rhythm of the movie is very fast, but it suddenly slows down here, with blue sky and white clouds…

They don’t know why the cinema audience felt a sense of déjà vu as a storm was about to come.

Yang Zhaodi still often asks female volunteer teachers about the outside world. She is still not pregnant, but her friend is about to give birth.

Yang Zhaodi fulfilled her previous promise and prepared a basket full of eggs and cooked chicken soup.

She rushed over.

A childhood friend had a difficult childbirth.

“Keep the child alive?” The midwife opened the door.

The whole house and yard were in a mess, and Yang Zhaodi was confused. The picture was sometimes bright and sometimes dark.

“Keep Keep Keep–“

She kept repeating with her mouth open, her voice getting louder and louder, from quiet to heartbreaking, but everyone, including her best friend’s husband, was shouting.

“Keep – keep – keep”

Yang Zhaodi couldn’t change anything, so she was stopped by Tian Zhuang. “Why are you having trouble with other people’s affairs? It has nothing to do with us.”

With a baby crying, everything ended.

“It’s a boy!”

The midwife came out to congratulate the baby in her arms. She was still wailing, “Your poor wife.” My friend’s mother-in-law wiped away her tears and went to hug her grandson with a smile on her face.

“It’s so cute, it looks exactly like you when you were a child…”

Yang Zhaodi stared at the baby’s wrinkled face. It had no eyebrows, making it impossible to tell who it looked like. However, this did not prevent his grandma from bragging.

My friend’s husband also held the baby and watched it, teasing the little boy.

The background music became festive, the suona was playing, everyone was around the baby boy, saying congratulations, and no one cared about the pregnant woman who had just died.

The pregnant woman’s face was waxy and pale, and her belly was flat as if the baby boy had sucked her dry.

Stepping on her flesh and blood, a baby boy was created, someone else’s seedling.

On one side is the comedy of the world, on the other side is the tragedy of the world, on the other side is the prosperity of welcoming new life, and on the other side is the death of pregnant women who no one cares about.

The contrast is strong, and the shots are constantly switched.

Yang Zhaodi thought of her friend, rubbed her belly, and said, “Zhaodi, you just think too much. Give birth to a son. Having a son will make your life easier and you will straighten your back in front of everyone.”

Yang Zhaodi’s friend gave birth to a son as she wished, but before she could straighten her waist, she was already dead.

The eggs Yang Zhaodi cooked for her friend were eaten by her friend’s mother-in-law.

“Don’t waste it.” The old lady pushed the chicken soup in front of her son, “Drink it quickly. You are tired after a long day. Please replenish your body.”

Yang Zhaodi completely collapsed. She planned to use it to replenish the body of her childhood friend.

Lies, all lies!

What kind of life, what is easier after giving birth to a son, are all lies! The lie that our ancestors have been enslaved for generations!

She stepped forward and knocked over the chicken soup, and at the old lady’s shocked expression, she screamed heartbreakingly.

“What’s wrong with her?”

Was he the one who gave birth to the child?

Yang Zhaodi cried and pulled people in front of them one by one.

“What are you all doing?”

“She’s dead… she’s dead!”

“Didn’t anyone see the dead person?”

Why are you so calm? Why are you smiling?

The old lady held the baby in her arms and hid far away, “Don’t scare my good grandson.”

“Tian Zhuang, take your wife away quickly. Is she crazy?”

Yang Zhaodi cried and laughed. She pointed at everyone, “You are the ones who are crazy. You are the ones who are crazy.”

Everyone is shaking their heads and sighing.

“Really crazy.” With such a young daughter-in-law, how can she be crazy when she says she is?


Yang Zhaodi’s hair was messy, and there was a large blood stain on her forehead. She was hit in the chaos. The bright red blood snaked on her face and fell into her eyes. She no longer had any worries this time, just like she did when she was a child. Running in the mountains.

Behind her, Tian’s mother was still patting her thighs.

“Go after it.”

“It doesn’t matter if you’re crazy, as long as you can have children…”

It doesn’t matter if you are crazy or stupid, as long as you can have children, it means you are still valuable.

Yang Zhaodi was not caught in the end. She ran and hid crazily.

During this period, he was discovered by a woman in the village.

Yang Zhaodi recognized her. She was a woman who had not given birth to a child but was beaten with a stick. The so-called “happy” woman did not know whose happiness she was taking. Yang Zhaodi only remembered that she cried miserably.

The woman also recognized Yang Zhaodi, the “Tian family’s crazy” daughter-in-law, and they all wanted to take her back.

The two women looked at each other.

She asked Yang Zhaodi, “Are you leaving the mountain?”

Yang Zhaodi asked her, “Do you want to take me back?”

The woman shook her head and gestured in a direction towards Yang Zhaodi, “Run that way.”

There is no one there.

Yang Zhaodi was stunned for a moment, ran two steps, and then returned, “Do you want to come with me?”

The other party stared into Yang Zhaodi’s eyes and gave no answer.

Yang Zhaodi left. The sky was getting brighter and brighter, and the mountains were getting farther and farther away. There was a dazzling light in front of her. The blood on her face had solidified, but her expression was relaxed.

It was as if I had become the calf running in the mountains again.

The story has no ending; only Yang Zhaodi walks toward a white light.

The narration is what Yang Zhaodi said, “I don’t know if the road ahead will be smooth, but I smell the fragrance of flowers.”

Yang Zhaodi knew what she was pursuing, pursuing freedom and pursuing the independence that a person should have.

The movie ends.


“I don’t know if the road ahead will be comfortable, but I smell the fragrance of flowers.”

Xia Anan murmured these words, and her heart seemed to tremble.

She said to Gardenia who was watching the movie next to her, “Why did the Coke I drank come out of my eyes?”

The other party sobbed, “Who isn’t?”

“What came out of me was milk tea.” What she got this time was pearl milk tea.

“The eye makeup is all gone.”

She handed Xia An’an a piece of tissue, and she stubbornly held the two pieces of paper under her eyes so that she could catch the unruly “milk tea” pouring out of her eyes at any time.

Xia Anan also imitated her and came to pick up “Coke” like her.

There are many people like her. To be precise, almost everyone who has watched this movie has been touched to some extent.

Within an hour and a half, their mood was almost suppressed. They felt constantly depressed. Every bit of it made them angry, and every bit of it made them feel powerless.

“It’s so difficult.” Xia An’an and her companions sighed.

It is difficult for Yang Zhaodi. The most difficult thing is that there are countless Yang Zhaodi in this world.

Xia An’an came here for Shi Zhi at first, but she didn’t expect that after watching the whole movie, she no longer thought about Shi Zhi. She was immersed in Yang Zhaodi and the plot the whole time, and she couldn’t even think about that scene for a while. Come out of it.

Xia An’an said, “This movie is probably the top one in my heart this year.” It’s not because of the Shi Zhi Filter. From the concept, the filming, the plot, and the actors’ acting skills, she has no choice but to choose. Two brushes, three brushes.

Xia An’an can’t wait to see what other people say about this movie.

The movie “Weeds in the DistantMountains’ title” has become a hot search term, along with “So Angry and So Cryin.”.

If you look at the reviews, some say it’s so good that it makes you cry.

One of them posted a selfie showing off his eyes, which were swollen from crying.

Look, the tears I shed today are for “Weeds in the Distant Mountains.” If you really eat my amway, if it doesn’t look good, I’ll give you my head!

Netizen: No, no, no, it’s not necessary. This is too terrible.

How beautiful this is, how easy it is to cry, and is it still a sadistic emotion?

The sudden and spontaneous Amway has made them curious, but they have to wait and see. Maybe they are looking for the Navy, right?

This photo made netizens make an unexpected discovery.

“If I’m not mistaken, the person who unexpectedly caught the shot from behind… seems to be Teacher Zhang?”

“Fuck, it’s really Teacher Zhang. Teacher Zhang went to see Shi Zhi’s movie, why did he still cry?”

Teacher Zhang may be unknown to many people. Still, to many people who like to watch movies and TV series, he is a very powerful person.

He has a very discerning eye, and every time he writes a movie review, he uses very vicious words. A movie that may be considered decent in the eyes of the public turns into a piece of garbage under his review.

Teacher Zhang had previously posted on Weibo that he wanted to watch “Weeds in the Distant Mountains”.” He had also watched Shi Zhi’s two previous popular TV series, but the reviews at the time were not very good.

“After Inheriting the Legacy of the Richest Man” is for children, right? It’s a bit new, but it’s a bit streamlined. An old guy like me really can’t eat it…” Yin Yang Snack Bar” was filmed by a famous director, and the quality is better than the former Better, but it didn’t poke me much.”

“Also, I can’t feel Shi Zhi’s acting skills.”

This time, they were also waiting for Teacher Zhang to evaluate “Weeds in the Distant Mountains” and test the poison themselves. Unexpectedly, Teacher Zhang actually cried?

His fans left messages on Weibo.

“Teacher Zhang, what’s going on? Are you okay?”

Teacher Zhang replied, “I’m not a very nice person. My eyes hurt from crying. Finally, it’s a movie that Old man watched. But a old man like me feels like I’m being killed directly in the cinema.”

“Take back what I said, Shi Zhi’s acting skills are good, whoever sees them will know.”

Although his fans had already seen photos of Mr. Zhang crying in the theater occasionally before, the praise in these two sentences was still beyond their expectation.

That’s not all. Teacher Zhang also wrote a film review of several thousand words and a short essay to explain and praise the movie, which was eloquent.

“There are two breaking points in the whole movie. One is a volunteer teacher who opens up a new world for Yang Zhaodi. She is shocked and yearns for the outside world even more intensely…Then there is the death of her friend. Everyone says she is crazy. To be precise, she is awakening. I want to completely open my shackles and break free from that environment.”

“Actually, I’ve received offers from people to give me money to complain about this movie. I didn’t get the money, but I still think I need to spend money to complain about it?”

“After watching the movie, I want to say that if I really took that money and told lies, I wouldn’t even be a human being.”

Netizens have been attracted by this picture-rich description.

Let’s not talk about anything else. Even this movie can make an old man cry. It’s not good to receive money to complain. The prefix “not even a human being” is enough for people to donate dozens of dollars for movie tickets.

Netizen: I never cry. I have a heart of stone. It is impossible to make me cry.

Go in confidently and come out with a bang.

Hello, hello, where can I buy paper, the kind of toilet paper used to wipe tears?

“Weeds in the Distant Mountains” makes me both angry and crying.

In fact, this is not a sadistic movie. What scares me carefully is——

This movie is clearly realistic.


“Weeds in the Distant Mountains” has a low film schedule, but it has become the biggest dark horse through word-of-mouth. This has just begun, and everyone on the Internet is talking about it.

Mr. Xu wanted to use Lu Yingying’s big-budget movie to suppress Shi Zhi and make Shi Zhi become autistic and suffer serious setbacks. If she didn’t listen to him, and she wouldn’t even want a big-budget movie. She would just make a small movie with a smug look on her face. Now she knows the consequences. Already?

The result is that he has not even paired with “Weeds in the Distant Mountains” despite triple the film schedule.

The frustrated one becomes himself.


The key is that Shi Zhi, who is specially called Mr. Xu.

Shi Zhi asked, “Mr. Xu, have you eaten?” She smiled.

Mr. Xu was confused: Did he have a good relationship with Shi Zhi, so good that she wanted to greet him? Asking, did he eat?

Shi Zhi: “I just brought up a topic casually. I don’t care whether you eat or not… You should be so angry that you can’t eat anymore. It doesn’t matter. This phone call may make you even more angry.”

“I’m here to show off and laugh at you.”

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