Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 14. (1/2)

Gu Fan didn’t want to be Lu Ya’s accompanying physician.

She had heard Meng Lianying say that Lu Ya had been working hard on the front line of collecting monsters all year round, and he would rush wherever there were more monsters. Although Lu Ya was strong, killing low-level monsters was just for fun, but he had to use all his strength to deal with an S-level wind bear. What if a nest of S-level monsters jumped out one day, and Lu Ya died, and she was with him. Does she also want to be buried with him?

Besides, Qingteng is an A-level wood-type superpower. Even Taishan almost died and was saved by Qingteng. Her healing ability is much stronger than hers. Lu Ya will not recruit Qingteng or other wood-type superpowers in the base but insists on recruiting her; no matter how you look at it, he has ulterior motives.

“Thank you, Marshal, for your kindness. It’s just that I’m really timid, otherwise grandpa wouldn’t have sent me to the base. He would have acted alone.” Gu Fan sincerely and ashamedly rejected him.

Lu Ya didn’t say much and asked, “What is your grandpa going to do?”

Gu Fan held the lunch box and said worriedly, “He wants to refine medicine, but he needs to gather five S-level five-element monsters. As you know, S-level monsters mostly appear in sparsely populated mountains, lakes, and rivers. He wants to find them all at once.” Five, it’s not that easy.”

Lu Ya: “Did he say what kind of elixir it was?”

Gu Fan shook her head and saw that Lu Ya had no other questions. She lowered her head and ate quietly, glancing at the snow-capped top of the mountain from time to time.

As a low-level alchemist, Gu Fan did not expect to encounter the difficulty of gathering medicinal materials.

In her original sect, there was a special mountain peak used for growing medicinal materials. The masters of the sect used formations to create severe cold, hot, and other environments. There were all kinds of ordinary medicinal herbs. She only needed to hand in every pot of elixirs she refined. If you give 40% to the sect, you can go to the medicine fields to collect medicines at will.

Now, she still has to worry about collecting medicinal materials.

Had she known this, she would have stored more complete herb seedlings in the storage space.

After taking two bites of food, Gu Fan thought of Lu Ya’s words again.

She was actually worried that one day, the monsters would organize a herd to attack the base and even made material preparations to abandon the Jiangnan base and build a new base.

Gu Fan has already experienced a tree falling down and dozens scattering. If the Jiangnan base…

Gu Fan secretly looked at Lu Ya.

If that day comes and she still cannot protect herself, she will reveal her Bigu Pill to Lu Ya or other strong men in the base and let them protect her as a talent. But until then, Gu Fan still likes freedom. A comfortable lifestyle, whether joining a mercenary team or the army, is not a consideration for her.

Lu Ya knew that she was peeping and interpreted Gu Fan’s eyes as another meaning: “Eat. After eating, I will accompany you to find the snow lotus.”

Gu Fan was flattered. An S-level strong man could be so easy to talk to?

Lu Ya: “The base is also continuing to conduct drug research, using high-tech instruments. If you are interested, I can take you to visit. You can exchange experiences and maybe benefit both sides.”

Gu Fan’s curiosity was really aroused by him. Earth’s technology is so amazing. Maybe it also has merit in refining medicine.

After resting for half an hour, the two of them were about to set off.

Advanced armor can keep out the cold. Lu Ya went to the car and changed into a set of intact armor. When he came out, he saw Gu Fan smearing the blood of the Wind Bear on her body. The blood was taken from the space and was very fresh, with a strong smell.

Seeing Lu Ya staring at her, Gu Fan explained: “We have fought before. The high-level monsters here are not afraid of your breath, but they must be afraid of the wind bears. This can avoid trouble. Let’s just focus on finding the snow lotus.”

Lu Ya: “Yeah.”

Gu Fan stretched out her hand towards him: “Do you want to apply some?”

Lu Ya’s face was cold: “No need.”

Gu Fan only cares about herself.

When they were ready, the two activated their flying boots and headed to the top of Fairy Peak, which had a fishy smell.

It must have been that the wind bear’s blood had an effect. No monster appeared, and the two of them landed smoothly on the top of the mountain.

It’s freezing cold at high places, the mountain wind is strong, and the snow is flying, almost blinding people’s eyes.

Gu Fan looked around and asked Lu Ya: “Are there any high-level monsters here?”

Ordinary monsters will not come to this kind of place. Still, monsters that can live in extreme environments for a long time must be extraordinary.

In the wind and snow, Lu Ya’s chilling aura became stronger. He looked ahead and said, “I don’t know, I’ve never been here.”

When Gu Fan heard this, she immediately moved closer to him: “Then let’s look for it together, don’t separate.”

Lu Ya glanced at the woman beside him and agreed.

Next, Gu Fan observed the ground, looking for snow lotus flowers, while Lu Ya kept watch.

Gu Fan still trusted his strength and concentrated on searching.

Before the Great Radiation, Fairy Peak was a scenic spot. Tourists often came to visit. Some of them picked rare flowers and plants wantonly, resulting in very few plants on the top of the mountain. But fifty years later, humans huddled at the base, and no one came. Without interruption, the ecology on the top of the mountain has returned to its former prosperity.

In a leeward mountain col, Gu Fan suddenly discovered two snow lotus flowers. It was flower season. The light blue leaves held a circle of white petals. They were pure and pure, trembling slightly under the influence of the strong wind in the distance.

A strange shock suddenly arose in Gu Fan’s heart.

When she was in the sect, snow lotus flowers were easy to obtain, and she had never looked directly at them. Now, standing on the top of a real snow mountain and experiencing the bone-deep cold, Gu Fan finally understood the preciousness of snow lotus flowers.

The petals of snow lotus are very large. When combined with other medicinal herbs, one petal can produce ten scar-removing pills.

The snow lotus in front of her has nine petals, which can be used to refine ninety pills.

Since picking snowdrops is much more difficult than aconitum, Gu Fan decided to increase the price of scar-removal pills when the pharmacy opened.

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