Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #72

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Chapter 72

Director, netizen: !!!

How come you can even repair a roof?

Is there anything else that Shi Zhi doesn’t know?


After unlocking the tractor and winning the mud contest not long ago, Shi Zhi also unlocked the achievement of repairing the roof.

Originally, the director was still thinking about Shi Zhi. It was pitiful. In the end, if he changed with her, he would probably collapse. Unexpectedly, Shi Zhi actually repaired the roof successfully by herself, and she also discovered a new way to make a fortune. Road to wealth.

Director: “…” He doesn’t know if he wants to praise Shi Zhi.

The staff at the scene were stunned, and even other guests came to see the slums. Shi Zhi transformed into a rooftop king.

Shi Zhi also found a bug, and the rest of the roofs were not damaged. This is not right at all. The point raised by Shi Zhi seems tricky, but it is very reasonable. The program team also specially destroyed the other houses to make Shi Zhi mend it.

Repair once, two gold coins.

Shi Zhi: This money comes faster than selling potatoes.

So, the netizens who were watching the live broadcast saw the dusty Shi Zhi cartoon mini version constantly going up and down the roof.

Netizens rushed to tell each other: Is there anyone who hasn’t watched this variety show? If you click on it, you can see the beautiful female star online… repairing the roof.

It’s still a cartoon version.

Shi Zhi, as always, does not have the self-consciousness of a female star.

But don’t mention it, watching Shi Zhi busy back and forth and the gold coins increasing little by little, everyone really gradually started to have the fun of cultivation.

My little cub is cute and hard-working!

It would be better if they could spend money. They don’t want her to work so hard, and they want her to rest.

Do it! What’s going on? When will we get to the part where everyone likes to spend money?

Many people who used to play games and tease them are now clamoring for the program team to hurry up.


In the past two days, when the guests explored, the show has become very popular. The whole situation is very novel. Watching the six guests transform into little people living on the page, it seems like they are really playing a game.

Everyone was privately discussing which cub to pick.

The actor Zhou Changxing is the oldest, but he also has the highest national popularity. His transformation into a vampire count is still very inspiring. Zhao Qian is a popular niche and has a large fan base. However, it is Shi Zhi who captures the most passers-by.

The game started in a slum and was very poor. Later, it experienced failure, and even the roof was damaged after drawing lots, but it was still very tenacious.

Isn’t this everyone’s favorite character, beautiful, strong, and miserable!

The program team also understood the voices of netizens and finally opened the interaction. Players who had already decided to adopt Shi Zhi flocked to the show.

The first thing Cheng Yu did was to find a handkerchief in the software. He controlled the Shi Zhi Minifigure and wiped her face carefully.

Cheng Yu wiped it very carefully, his thin lips pursed tightly as if it were true.

These actions require a certain number to complete. It can be seen that Gardenia has wanted to do this for a long time. The gray and fluffy little Gardenia is also very cute, but she wants her to be more beautiful.

Soon, Shi Zhi’s cartoon character’s face became clean. The character was wearing braids, with a healthy blush on her snow-white face, and a happy expression appeared on the top of her head.


The heart was sniped!

The corners of Cheng Yu’s mouth unconsciously began to rise.

Shi Zhi was indeed very happy. The staff of the program removed the mud makeup on her face and said that the intervention of player-raising cubs had begun. They wiped Shi Zhi’s face immediately. Shi Zhi was not too over the top. She cares about image, but it’s really better to have no makeup on my face.

Character moods are also shown in cartoon characters.

It’s so fun; there’s this kind of back-and-forth between you and me.

Gardenia had been impatient before, but now she has started increasing Shi Zhi’s wealth in different ways and has also started the game of dressing up Shi Zhi.

Beautiful princess dress, arranged!

Big house, arrangements!

If others have it, their Gardenia must also have it, and their carriage must also have it.

Shi Zhi quickly changed from a slum girl into a gorgeous princess dress and was taken away by netizens, enjoying the joy of winning.

Money changes life.

The show crew was quite attentive to the costumes. Every piece is beautiful. The front, back, and left sides of the costume are also visible. Shi Zhi is in very good condition and has really completed the cross-dressing game.

After learning about this function, there were still people who came specifically to dress up. The rest was not important, they just wanted to dress up Princess Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi also heard the staff say, “Teacher Shi Zhi, your fans are working hard to let you live in the castle.”

Shi Zhi originally had the lowest wealth value among the six guests because of her initial attributes. Now, through the efforts of the players, she has risen to third place, and the number of gold coins is still growing.

Lu Dajun showed envy in his eyes, “How to be as good as Shi Zhi?”

Geng Can, who was standing next to him, told Lu Dajun, “I wish Sister Zhi could look like this sometimes.”

Lu Dajun:: “…” That might be in the next life.

As her wealth continues to grow, Shi Zhi does not need to repair the roof or dig potatoes. However, Shi Zhi is not happy: How much does it cost to live in a castle?

Shi Zhi frowned and felt that this was not possible.

So Shi Zhi’s mini version of the villain revealed the truth again.

“Wow, this is a big house.” She sighed with her hands behind her back.

Gardenia: Do you like it?

Shi Zhi’s next sentence was, “It’s still based on the previous broken house, which was covered with paper.”

Maybe the program team went through special effects conversion, and everyone really thought it was in a big house, but in fact, there is not much difference; a lot of it is caused by special effects.

The voiceover is, so don’t spend money.

Of course, you understand. Shi Zhi was a little tactful because she didn’t want to make things too embarrassing.

Director: He’s not dead yet.

Shi Zhi thought that if she whispered it, they wouldn’t know?

Netizens have been watching the live broadcast and have discovered many details, such as that the majestic mythical beast is actually a husky and that the big house is actually slightly modified from a broken house.

In fact, this is normal. After all, you can’t build a castle on the spot. Shi Zhi just doesn’t want everyone to spend too much money on this.

Netizens understood instantly.

Shi Zhi was not even willing to be picked up by fans and offered various sales promotions for her. She even took the initiative to teach everyone how to support her for free. She originally wanted to participate in this cub-raising variety show because Gardenia wanted her to participate, and she also has a partner with the game company, but if “raising” her requires everyone to continuously add money to it, Shi Zhi doesn’t think it’s necessary.


[Shi Zhi is so heartwarming.]

She actually thought of this level for them.

[Shi Zhi, we also want to spend money, but we can’t!]

The director told Shi Zhi, “Actually, it’s no longer about spending money. It’s about getting gold coins by completing tasks and taking steps…”

When the interaction has just started, you can make a small recharge, up to ten yuan per person, which dumbfounds all the fans who have been prepared for a long time.

Next, you need to complete tasks or count steps to obtain gold coins.

Even if everyone recharges the money initially, the organizer has decided to donate it to relevant charity organizations later.

Shi Zhi knew that the frowning eyebrows had finally returned to normal.

So that’s it, it’s quite positive, and it can also encourage everyone to live a healthy life.

She thought for a moment and said to the camera, “I want a castle…and an aircraft carrier.”

Aircraft carriers should be difficult to build, so everyone should work hard and train hard.

Gardenia and netizens who were raising Shi Zhi saw the signs of castles and aircraft carriers appearing above the mini version of Shi Zhi, and longing began to appear in their watery eyes.

They: ???

Shi Zhi, are you forcing everyone to walk?

This time, it’s the show’s turn to start worrying about the fact that there will be an aircraft carrier in the Western setting.

They don’t doubt netizens’ power. They didn’t see that after Shi Zhi said she wanted a castle and an aircraft carrier, the gold coins increased like crazy again. At this rate, castles and aircraft carriers may not be a problem.

It’s just that they need to study how to create something that looks like an aircraft carrier.

Many players who “raise” Shi Zhi have begun to use their feet instead of transportation. Every step they take is a big step towards the realization of Princess Shi Zhi’s aircraft carrier.

Modern people sit in offices all day long and have transportation when going out. Many people feel that their limbs are degenerating, there is more and more fat on their stomachs, and their bodies are even starting to feel weak.

At first, they were not used to walking for a long time and were out of breath. However, after walking for a few days, they gradually felt less tired and even more energetic.

It’s the stairs that not many people cared about before, but now more and more people climb them.


――Have you raised your cubs today?

Not only are netizens having a great time with fans, but many people in the circle, such as Bai Wu and Ning Jiachi, have also joined the ranks. Needless to say, this group of Shi Zhi’s friends in the circle, Shi Zhi staff, and idols in the agency have also quietly called Master Shi Zhi.

Zhong Jiaxin, as a Gardenia who has already shown off her title, even posts her step count on Weibo all day long.

How many more gold coins have been added to Princess Shi Zhi? So glorious and proud.

Zhong Jiaxin accidentally discovered that Tang Yunling also had software, “Are you raising cubs too?”

Zhong Jiaxin has been trying to pull Tang Yunling into her camp before. Needless to say, she wants her to be a fan of Shi Zhi, but Tang Yunling can recognize the good qualities of Shi Zhi.

Later, when Zhong Jiaxin found out that Tang Yunling still wanted to take advantage of Shi Zhi’s popularity and pretend to be a fan, she gave up promoting Shi ZHi to Tang Yunling.

It’s useless.

Zhong Jiaxin also tried her best not to mention it in front of Tang Yunling, but Tang Yunling would often bring it up. Zhong Jiaxin was particularly vigilant about this and did not reveal useful information to Tang Yunling.

Tang Yunling was depressed. She wanted to guard her as if she was a thief. Does she seem like someone who would continue to caress her?

Tang Yunling soon realized that she was.

Facing Zhong Jiaxin’s inquiry, Tang Yunling turned on her phone.

Flicking up her hair, “No, it’s very hot. Just take a look.”

Zhong Jiaxin: “I thought you were also raising cubs. Didn’t Zhao Qian work with you before…” Zhong Jiaxin didn’t think much about it. Her friend is a very thoughtful person. She probably regrets it now. She didn’t expect this variety show to happen to be a hit; otherwise, she would have also participated.

Tang Yunling: Oh, why is she raising Zhao Qian?

Zhong Jiaxin was more tactful when it came to guarding, but Zhao Qian almost stamped her body with a farewell mark as if she were some chaste and fierce man.

Tang Yunling and Zhong Jiaxin finished the party. When they left, they paused. As if they thought of something, they turned on the step count.

Later, all the steps were converted into copper coins and piled up at Shi Zhi’s place.

It’s not that she likes Shi Zhi. She’s just curious about the aircraft carrier.


Shi Zhi felt the players’ enthusiasm. She had a castle, a carriage, manpower, and an aircraft carrier. She was almost ready to redeem them. Shi Zhi even had a fishing rod.

Even in the baby-raising variety show, she also has her own natal fishing rod, and everyone knows Shi Zhi’s attributes very well.

The poor little girl from the slums suddenly transformed, and now she has really become Princess Shi Zhi. The mini version is so cute that people want to grab Shi Zhi out of the screen, kiss her, hug her, and hold her high.

The only thing Shi Zhi didn’t quite understand was.

“Why am I wearing Barbie pink and this?”

She was wearing a Barbie pink princess dress and a big bow on her head.

The staff member was holding back a smile, “The players voted for it.”

Isn’t it because it’s pink and tender?

Every time Shi Zhi is dressed up, everyone is very enthusiastic. It feels like we are back when we were kids, dressing up as Barbie dolls.

Barbie fans fall on the side of many people, which may be a disaster, but Shi Zhi can still fight a group of them here.

Shi Zhi knew it was the player’s wish, so she said nothing and went to the lake to fish with her fishing rod.

The pink princess dress and the big bow on the top of her head still can’t stop her uncle’s atmosphere.

The contrast is so great that it makes her look a bit cute.

Although the guests spent most of their time working in their own places, it was not closed to the public. Supermodel Xia Zhi dragged Geng Can and sometimes Shi Zhi to learn catwalk steps.

She has a cool appearance, a very high-end appearance, and she walks very domineeringly.

Both Geng Can and Shi Zhi have strong learning abilities, especially Shi Zhi, who enters the battle easily and learns well.

[Very good, Xiao Shi Zhi has unlocked a new skill√.]

[Call the Shi Zhi team, can we arrange to walk on the catwalk?]

However, the follow-up was beyond everyone’s expectations. Shi Zhi actually just learned a little and soon returned to the past. On the contrary, supermodel Xia Zhi followed Shi Zhi and walked the steps of an uncle, and she was so comfortable that she no longer wanted to do supermodel walks in daily life. 

The two also exchanged their thoughts.

Xia Zhi: “It’s so nice to take a walk like this.”

Shi Zhi said, “That’s not true. How can you feel comfortable?”

Geng Can: She wants it too!

So the three female artists in the variety show all began to walk like an old man, and one infected the other two.


There is no specific script for the six guests except for their characters. Anyway, they can come however they want. Of course, they must keep their mini-people healthy at all times. Just like before, Shi Zhi risked dying if she didn’t pay attention to her hunger value.

Now that players (netizens) have joined, you will definitely not starve to death, but there are other side effects.

Shi Zhi received the notification.

The robbers from outside the city demanded that Shi Zhi provide treasures in exchange for peace.

There is also an introduction to the attributes of this robber at the back.

Vicious robber.

He is a pure bad guy.

Shi Zhi asked the other guests that they had also received notification from the robbers. Lu Dajun and Zhou Changxing had already given things to the robbers, using small money to gain peace.

They were a little anxious when they saw the robbers robbing and extorting money.

[Fortunately, Shi Zhi has money now. If it were at the beginning, she wouldn’t be able to get anything out of it.]

Are we still going to take out the tattered mats?

No one wants that stuff.

[Gardenia, give me whatever you want.] Netizens have the same idea as Lu Dajun and others. They just need to relax a little.

Shi Zhi’s wealth value has now reached second place in one fell swoop. The movie King Zhou Changxing, crushing Zhao Qian, is in first place, but it is not far behind Zhou Changxing’s wealth value.

Small money can still be taken out.

But Shi Zhi summoned her servants.

Program director, netizen: What is she going to do?

Shi Zhi said: “Is the robber waiting outside? I will bring someone to tie him up.”

Are you kidding? She already has servants. She is not the only one. Why can’t she kidnap the robber?

Shi Zhi’s idea was very gangster.

Program director: “No!”

Let me reiterate. There are many robbers, and their leaders are vicious.

There was no other choice but to send something. Shi Zhi’s mini-figure kept working hard and finally wrote a letter.

This gift is very precious and powerful. It is more helpful to personal improvement than money or cattle or sheep.

The content of the letter was also presented to players watching the live broadcast.

What exactly is it?

Everyone was aroused by Shi Zhi’s curiosity.

The box can be opened by clicking on it. After everyone discovered this, they couldn’t wait to point to the cartoon treasure box with their fingers.

Lying quietly inside is a secret book——

“Sunflower Collection”.


Netizen: ???

There’s nothing wrong with it. “Sunflower Collection” is indeed very powerful and can also improve individuals. It’s just that the process is a bit inhumane. Did Shi Zhi give this thing to a vicious robber?


Shi Zhi was digging potatoes, and everyone thought she had dug up some kind of treasure map. In the end, the useless “Sunflower Treasure Book” came out. At that time, Shi Zhi used this as a cushion for herself.

Now, the “Sunflower Collection” has reappeared and was given to the robbers by Shi Zhi.

They feel a little sorry for the robber, so they light a candle for him.

Shi Zhi also specifically asked the staff, “The robber shouldn’t know what the “Sunflower Book” is, right?”

If you know…she changed its name.

The thinking of NPCs in the setting is the same as that of game NPCs. They really don’t know about the “Sunflower Collection” from Eastern Martial Arts. Knowing this, Shi Zhi felt relieved.

Later, the robber did not accept the gifts from her, probably because he was a little weak in martial arts.


In this variety show, the ultimate goal of the game is to participate in the palace dance, where everyone will get an ending and achieve achievements.

The program team has revealed to the audience before that the plot and ending are triggered. They themselves do not know that the behavior of NPCs is based on the game settings.

Netizens actually took a guess. The best achievement of the female guest is probably being spotted by the prince and becoming the princess and the future queen.

Everyone continued to walk with great energy to increase their wealth, and in the later stages, they entered a feverish state.

The organizers expected a lively discussion, but they did not expect everyone to be so sincere. Some people even wanted to win the role of the prince, asking for hundreds of millions.

However, the organizer still gritted his teeth and refused and had to follow the procedures.

The other guests also want to achieve success. Even though they are here, they want to look good and give flowers to the players who “raise” them.

Shi Zhi was still like that, catching her fish, following her steps, and playing with Erha.

Geng Can’s ranking is relatively low. She started as a commoner, which is a lot lower than many people. She doesn’t have many fans.

Geng Can perform a girl group dance for everyone. She was a member of the girl group herself. She danced very well and was very energetic. Shi Zhi stared at it for a while.

Then asked the staff, “Can I give a reward?”

This was the first time the staff heard this request, but the game could be given as a gift, so Lu Dajun gave Shi Zhi two poisoned apples.

Does Shi Zhi mean to use her wealth to give Geng Can something?

After Shi Zhi found out, she rewarded Geng Can without hesitation –

A gold coin.

A good deal of gold.


[Oh god, Shi Zhi, what a big gesture! (thumbs up)]

[My Shi Zhi has learned bad things. She has started to live and drink, wuwuwu…]

Shi Zhi specially explained and told everyone, “This is the money I earned.”

Don’t be too dissatisfied. She earned this by selling potatoes. She has a lot of gold coins now, but those were given to her by the players. Shi Zhi doesn’t think she has the right to reward other guests.

Then Shi Zhi knew that Gardenia shouted that Shi Zhi was a bad person.

Are you having a good time?

Shi Zhi fell into doubt.

But then, the barrage started again.

[Xiao Shi, just be generous. Mommy will go downstairs to run around and get gold coins for you now. We are rich and good-looking, so of course we have to spend a lot, spend it and spend it for me!]

[One gold coin is too little, so give them more. Give more… Gardenia, go pick up some little brothers.]

[I finally know something is wrong. Our cub has everything, but there is no handsome boy around her; this is not allowed. My cub must arrange a handsome boy.]

[Go ahead, get an expensive one. I think Zhao Qian was okay. I’ll give you the gold coins to beat him to first place.]

Guest the traffic niche Zhao Qian: No, he thinks he can’t.

Zhao Qian was really cautious at the beginning and was very alienated from everyone, especially the female guests.

In fact, he was afraid of the scandal. Still, after getting along with each other for a few days, Zhao Qian felt that the female guests were more interested in learning the steps of the elders, so he gradually let go.

Zhao Qian looked at the cub with the most gold coins in the audience –

Shi Zhi.

Does Shi Zhi want to “protect” him, as the netizens said?

Cheng Yu, who had been paying attention to variety shows, his mouth dropped.

Shi Zhi: “I want to build a spaceship.”

What are you doing, handsome guy? Behind the aircraft carrier, Shi Zhi wants a spaceship.

Assistant Cheng Yu felt that if Mr. Cheng had flowers on his head, it would be drooping just now, but now he is looking up at the flowers, swaying happily from side to side.


Just like Gardenia said, we want Shi Zhi to become the most beautiful cub in the dynasty.

Before the dance started, Shi Zhi’s wealth had already surpassed that of Zhou Changxing, and she jumped to first place in one fell swoop.

This variety show is simply poisonous. Some people are very ruthless about raising babies. They are trying to build an aircraft carrier and a spaceship for Shi Zhi. After exercising and walking, they lost ten pounds.

The rest of the people also lost weight to varying degrees.

“Experience the joy of raising cubs and lose weight at the same time, without much pain. What kind of magical program is this?”

Full of motivation.

Everyone was trying to make Shi Zhi fall in love with the prince and become a princess. Shi Zhi was indeed dressed up beautifully at the ball. The process was pretty much what everyone expected, but the ending was different.

Shi Zhi played herself into a queen.

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