[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 16. (2/2)

“Come here again and I’ll tear you apart!” Lin Dongyang threatened.

Si Hai remained indifferent and approached step by step.

Lin Dongyang took advantage of his long arms, clasped Si Hai’s arm with one hand, and tore off her name strip with the other.

But it didn’t work.

Si Hai is still alive and well, waiting for an opportunity to attack.

“Only if you are out can I live.” She said seriously.

Lin Dongyang laughed angrily, “If I remember correctly, your super power requires a long cooling time?” It’s not certain who will be eliminated!

“That’s a lie.” Si Hai told the truth and reached behind Lin Dongyang.

Lin Dongyang violently twisted his body and narrowly avoided the blow, but his palms could not help but break out in a cold sweat.

Si Hai pursued persistently.

“You want to kick me out? You will definitely die in front of me!” Lin Dongyang became fierce and took out a card and pen from his trouser pocket.

He said that his superpowers can enhance physical fitness, but he was actually making it up. In fact, Lin Dongyang’s superpower is “Death Note.” Writing the player number on the card can eliminate the target, but it can only be used once.

After taking out the card and pen, he no longer hesitated and quickly wrote “Player No. 4”.

Soon, the announcement came, “Player No. 4 is OUT, Player No. 4 is OUT.”

“No wonder you asked me to cooperate before. My superpower really defeated me.” Si Hai quietly waited for death to come.

She was a little frustrated but not upset. Who would have thought that a level 1 player would know her weaknesses clearly? Fortunately, she thought her superpower was well hidden. But it’s useless no matter how deep you hide it. Lin Dongyang can eliminate his opponents at will.

Thinking about it carefully, she didn’t lose unfairly.

Although Si Hai was eliminated, Lin Dongyang showed no joy at all on his face. He said frantically, “Do you know how difficult it is for me to retain my superpower? In the end, it was wasted on you! Isn’t it good to live? Why do you have to chase me and tear me apart?”

The moment he learned about his superpower, he figured out a winning strategy – hugging someone’s thighs and trying to survive until there were only two players left. No matter how powerful his opponent is, he can win as long as he hides in the corners and writes the serial number on the card!

But now? Everything is ruined! It’s all this person’s fault!!

Si Hai was helpless, “What can I do? I also want to live.”

If she hadn’t thrown the teddy bear to No. 2, she would have been eliminated by No. 7 long ago.

“Fuck you!” Lin Dongyang didn’t believe it at all.

Believe it or not. Si Hai had a cold face, and her figure gradually disappeared.

“I’ve played a lot of games. This is the first time I’ve seen the Alliance Army fight so hard that they almost eliminated all of their own people.” Qi Yuan walked out of the corner, leaned against the wall leisurely, and exclaimed.

After No. 4 was eliminated, the teddy bear disappeared. Xu Jia, with her hands empty, suddenly realized, “No wonder some people still choose to betray No. 1 even after No. 3 and No. 5 emphasized the dangers of No. 1. It turns out that it is because of the ease of use of superpowers.”

Both No. 6 and No. 7 have long-range elimination capabilities, so they don’t care at all who their final opponent is or how powerful they are.

It’s a pity that the plan can’t keep up with the changes. The situation was so critical that No. 7 used his superpower in advance and ended up being eliminated. And No. 6 is about to be eliminated.

“I can use my superpower twice, don’t come here!” Lin Dongyang bluffed.

Thinking about it carefully, no, why do these words sound familiar? Thinking about it again, he couldn’t help but burst into tears. Isn’t that what player number 7 said after he used his replacement technique?

“I can use it 20 times but I can’t save you.” Qi Yuan muttered softly, “Time stops.”


There was a faint sound of the second hand moving in his ears. But then, the sound disappeared. Lin Dongyang was horrified to find that he couldn’t move!

Qi Yuan strode towards No. 6 and readily removed his name strip. Throughout the whole process, Lin Dongyang was unable to resist.

He stared at No. 1 blankly, with surprise in his eyes, but he was unable to speak.

Qi Yuan smiled and said, “Don’t you understand? Some players’ superpowers are incompatible with each other. Use cards and pens to eliminate your opponents. You must at least have time to write. But my superpower will not give you this opportunity.”

Only then did Lin Dongyang react. Unfortunately, it’s too late.

When the time is up, the superpower expires, and the second hand continues to move.

Lin Dongyang was unwilling but had no choice but to quickly disappear without a trace.

“We are the only two left.” Qi Yuan said to Xu Jia.

Xu Jia was very calm. She has a “reflection” on her back, so she wins. But to be honest, she didn’t expect the battle to be so tragic.

No. 3 was eliminated by No. 7’s “replacement technique.”

No. 4 was eliminated by No. 6’s card (Death Note).

No. 5 lost vigilance after tearing off No. 4 and was successfully attacked by No. 4 (immortality).

No. 6 was eliminated by Qi Yuan (time stopped).

No. 7 was eliminated by No. 4’s attack (immortality).

No. 8 was knocked out by No. 3 (hand of death).

If you are not careful, you will likely have no choice but to leave the game stage.

Next to him, Qi Yuan continued, “I said I would give you victory.” As he said that, he turned around and exposed his back, signaling Xu Jia to take off the name tag.

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