Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 13. (2/2)

Lu Ya tried to stand on the ground. Six small wounds were present, and walking a short distance was no problem.

Having successfully saved the face of a strong man, Gu Fan smiled and said, “Then I’m going out?”

Lu Ya nodded.

From the time Gu Fan came in until she left, he didn’t say a word.

Gu Fan got out of the car, put away the low-grade spirit stones around her, and still leaned against the car door to concentrate on her practice. Now, she only needed to absorb a single piece of wood spirit energy, which was faster. By the time dawn came, the wood spirit energy in her body would have been fully replenished.

After performing another healing spell on Lu Ya, Lu Ya’s wounds disappeared completely, which was consistent with her ability to heal Meng Lianying.

Of course, Gu Fan did not forget his face.

Just as Gu Fan was observing the recovery of the left side of his face, Lu Ya suddenly raised his eyelids, looked at her closely, and said, “Your healing ability seems to be far superior to that of C-level superpowers, and even better than some B-level superpowers.”

Gu Fan blinked and responded calmly: “Really? It’s probably because I have practiced alchemy and am proficient in the use of wood and fire powers. My grandfather has encouraged me since I was a child, saying that a person’s mental power level may be natural, but practice and application are more important. For people with the same mental strength, the skills will lead to a huge difference in strength.”

Lu Ya noticed a word: “‘Maybe’ is innate. Does your grandfather think that mental power can also be improved?”

Gu Fan: “Well, quantitative changes lead to qualitative changes, it’s similar to that.”

Lu Ya was thoughtful.

Gu Fan is just paving the way for her own strength to improve. Maybe one day, she can really break through to the eighth level.

Since Lu Ya’s mental strength “has not yet fully recovered,” he proposed staying one more day and returning tomorrow morning.

Gu Fan fully agreed, but since she had nothing to do, she wanted to walk around and maybe find valuable herbs.

Lu Ya: “It’s dangerous outside, I’ll accompany you.”

Gu Fan couldn’t help but take out her tablet and open high-definition photos of several herbs suitable for growing in this environment so that she could remember them.

With Lu Ya’s mental strength, photographic memory is easy for him.

After getting to know the medicinal herbs, the two of them kept a certain distance and started looking for them separately.

The trees were lush, and the water vapor was abundant. Gu Fan quickly discovered a piece of Aconitum grass needed to refine the Hair Growth Pill. She squatted down happily and was about to release the medicinal hoe from the jade bracelet when she suddenly remembered that this was not a continent of cultivation. So she turned around and asked Lu Ya, “Do you have a hoe in your space?”

Seeing that she had discovered something, Lu Ya came over.

Gu Fan pointed to the dark green piece of Aconitum. It said, “I want to bring the soil back to the base and cultivate it myself in the future, so I don’t have to go out and take risks to find medicine.”

Lu Ya: “If you don’t like taking risks, you can issue mercenary missions.”

Gu Fan: “Xinghe and the others said that identifying herbs is a waste of time, and no mercenaries would take on such a task.”

Lu Ya acquiesced, injected his mental power into the space, and released a hoe.

Gu Fan: “You also have a collection of agricultural hoe tools like this?”

Lu Ya: “The number of monsters far exceeds that of humans, and their reproductive capabilities are strong. Once a high-level monster organization attacks the base, the base may not survive, so I have stored various tools in the space that humans may use to build a new base.”

Gu Fan: “Well, can I ask how big your space is? Don’t worry, I promise not to leak it.”

What’s more, with Lu Ya’s strength, no one would dare to snatch the treasure from him if it was revealed.

Lu Ya: “This is a secret. I only tell my own people.”

Gu Fan understood, picked up the hoe, and lowered her head to work.

A few minutes later, she put the piece of soil together with the aconite grass into the storage jade bracelet. Anyway, even if Lu Ya was standing next to her, he couldn’t see which space she put the things into.

After searching all morning, Gu Fan gained a lot.

During the lunch break, Lu Ya handed her a box of lunch.

Gu Fan ate absentmindedly, occasionally looking at the top of Fairy Peak, which was covered with a layer of white snow.

After looking at the white snow, she secretly glanced at Lu Ya.

Lu Ya put down his chopsticks: “You want to go up?”

Gu Fan: “The main ingredient for refining the scar removal pill is called snow lotus. Snow lotus only grows in cold places, maybe on top of the mountain.”

Lu Ya looked at her: “Do you really want to open a pharmacy at the base?”

Gu Fan said in a matter-of-fact tone: “I am not strong enough and it is too dangerous to go out. I can only make money by selling medicine.”

Lu Ya: “I admire your healing ability very much. If you are willing, I hope you will be my accompanying physician. The salary will be determined by you.”

Gu Fan:……

It’s just small talk; why are you saying such a thing suddenly?

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