[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 15. (1/2)

Super Power Special

“What the hell?!” The tall, thin young man’s face was full of horror, and there was a constant chill in his heart. Gouzi didn’t tear off the name strip at all, so why was No. 8 gone?!

No. 7 was trembling with fear and wanted to retreat. Unexpectedly, Guozi’s face was like a tiger attacking a sheep, and he rushed towards him.

No one was paying attention, and No. 7 was thrown to the ground.

Seeing that Gouzi’s hand with a half-glove was about to reach behind his back, No. 7 hurriedly shouted, “Replacement Technique! Replace it with No. 3!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the name strip behind No. 7 changed to “Player No. 3.”

Gouzi hurriedly moved his hand away and took a few steps back.

But it was too late.

No. 7 got up quickly, reached behind his back, and tore off the name strip on his body.

Guozi’s face was dull, and he watched his figure fade away. The next second, the broadcast of “Player No. 3 OUT” sounded in due time.

The onlookers were shocked. Is this okay??

Xu Jia covered her mouth in surprise. She said to herself, no wonder these people dared to rebel and kill No. 3 and No. 5. It turned out to be because of their superpowers.

For example, No. 4, after tearing off the name strip behind her, who would think about guarding her?

For example, No. 7 does not need to confront Guozi at all. Simply replace the name strip with the target and then tear it off yourself to eliminate your opponent remotely!

She just doesn’t know what capabilities No. 6 and No. 8 have.

After eliminating No. 3, No. 7 turned his head and became wary of young girls and tall and thin young men. “My superpower can be used twice in total. Whoever attacks me, I will replace the name strip of that person!”

As he spoke, he slowly backed away as if planning to run away.

The replacement technique was so powerful that the tall, thin young man felt a little weak. He looked at No. 4 as if asking for help, hoping that No. 4’s cooldown would end and she would show off her power and eliminate No. 7.

Player no. 4 knows her own affairs. The fact that superpowers require time to cool down is purely made up by her. In fact, she is a puppet, so the name tag of “Player 4” behind her is not afraid to be torn off. But the “Player 4” name strip on the back of the teddy bear cannot be torn off!

Who knows what exactly No. 7’s superpower is? If the name tag was replaced by a teddy bear, where would she cry?

Therefore, the young girl said nothing and quietly watched No. 7 leave.

When No. 7 walked to a deserted corner, he took a long breath and said with lingering fear, “Fortunately, I deceived them. Otherwise, if I use up my super power, won’t I be bullied to death?”

Yes, the replacement technique can only be used once, and he no longer has superpowers.

On the other side, a tall and thin young man spoke to No. 4, “Are you going to let No. 7 leave just like that?”

The girl was very calm, “What else?”

“The replacement technique is too dangerous. We have to tear him apart,” the tall and thin young man urged.

“You can go, but I won’t go anyway.” The young girl said firmly.

A tall and thin young man, “…”

To lighten the atmosphere, he deliberately changed the subject: “My name is Lin Dongyang. What’s your name?”

“Si Hai.” The girl’s voice was incredibly soft, with no expression on her face.

“Didn’t I say No. 1 is very powerful? How about we join forces and deal with No. 1 together?” Lin Dongyang said enthusiastically.

Si Hai said thoughtfully, “There are two possibilities for saying No. 1 is powerful. First, he is indeed very powerful. Second, No. 3 and No. 5 are too dishonest.”

Xu Jia almost laughed out loud. What this means is that the strength of No. 1 is all due to the rookie.

Sure enough, Lin Dongyang nodded in agreement, “It should be the second possibility. Although those two are lv3 players, their strength is only that much.”

Si Hai raised his head and took a deep look at Lin Dongyang, “Why join forces with me?”

Lin Dongyang looked innocent, spread his hands, and said, “The game must end!”

“Are you really taking someone else as a fool?” Si Hai said very rudely, “You know that I won’t be eliminated even if my name is torn off, but you still deliberately approach me and talk about joining forces. It’s clear that you have a plan.”

As she said that, she tilted her head and guessed, “Could it be that my superpower just defeats me?”

Lin Dongyang chuckled, “You are too thoughtful.”

“You can worry as much as you want. Anyway, I won’t hang out with you.” Si Hai hugged her teddy bear and left.

The name strip was clearly displayed in front of Lin Dongyang. It took him a lot of effort to restrain himself from running over and tearing off No. 4.

“Tsk, I’ve been seen through, what should I do now?” Lin Dongyang was worried.

Xu Jia, who was watching the whole process, retired and left quietly.

There are currently five people left on the field.

Player No. 1, Qi Yuan, has the superpower of “time stands still” and is missing.

Player No. 2, Xu Jia, has the superpower “reflection” and two more reminder cards.

Player No. 4, Si Hai, has the superpower “Immortality.”

Player No. 6, Lin Dongyang, has unknown superpowers.

Player No. 7’s name is unknown; he has the superpower “replacement technique” and claims that he can still use it once.

Among the surviving players, who should she find to cooperate with?

Xu Jia fell into deep thought.


Qi Yuan is looking into the distance on the second floor.

He had already seen several players gathering together and walking towards where they were. However, what happened next was beyond his expectations.

No. 5 is eliminated, No. 8 is eliminated, and No. 3 is eliminated.

In the blink of an eye, the alliance army fell apart, and there were only five players left.

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