[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 15. (2/2)

“The current level 1 and level 2 are really amazing.” Qi Yuan sighed.

The crisis was over, and he went down to the second floor, intending to have a good chat with his childhood sweetheart. Unexpectedly, he was stopped halfway.

Lin Dongyang smiled and extended the invitation, “Cooperate with me!”

Qi Yuan raised his eyebrows and pointedly said, “Cooperation requires sincerity.”

“How can we be considered sincere?” Lin Dongyang humbly asked for advice.

“For example, explain clearly what kind of superpower you have.” Qi Yuan casually gave an example.

“Okay!” Lin Dongyang patted his chest and explained happily, “My superpower is to strengthen my physical fitness. Speed is 20%, strength is 20%.”

Physical fitness enhancement? Qi Yuan was slightly stunned.

It sounds like an ordinary ability, but it doesn’t mean it’s completely useless.

“What about you?” Lin Dongyang asked enthusiastically.

Qi Yuan raised the corner of his mouth and said, “I won’t tell you.”

A bolt comes out of the blue! Lin Dongyang was stunned.

“I already said it,” he emphasized.

“You are very sincere.” Then, Qi Yuan changed the subject, “But I am not.”

Lin Dongyang: “…”

He finally understood why No. 3 and No. 5 were gnashing their teeth when they mentioned No. 1. Someone does look like he deserves a beating.

“Let’s go.” Qi Yuan waved his hand.

Lin Dongyang gritted his teeth and cursed in a low voice as if he was unhappy after being tricked.

When he reached a corner where no one was paying attention, he took off his disguise, showed a helpless look, and whispered softly, “Why is it so hard to deceive? How can we play this?”


Just when Xu Jia was thinking hard about who she should find to cooperate with, someone came to her door, and there was more than one.

Si Hai stood on the left side of Xu Jia and extended an invitation, “Cooperate with me.”

No. 7 stood on Xu Jia’s right and shouted, “Come here quickly! She is a danger!”

Si Hai said slowly, “How can you not be a danger? Even level 3 players are no match.”

“What about you?” No. 7 retorted, “A person who won’t die even if the name tag is trip off, who wins you!”

Xu Jia was caught in the middle, “…”

These two people think that they are currently in a weak position and desperately need a partner, but they don’t want to find someone too strong, so they fall in love with her.

No. 4 and No. 7 are still arguing.

Xu Jia’s face was expressionless, and she pointed at Si Hai with her right hand, “Immortal, only by tearing off the teddy bear’s name strip can we eliminate her.”

Si Hai’s expression suddenly changed. It was the first time since entering the game that her face showed such an obvious change of emotion.

Xu Jia ignored it and pointed to No. 7, “Replacement Technique allows you to replace the name tag on the back with another player’s. The restriction is that it can only be used once.”

No. 7’s eyelids were twitching, and he could hardly control his facial expression.

Xu Jia took a few steps back and said calmly, “You two should fight each other. The one who wins will cooperate with me.”

Si Hai took a deep look at Xu Jia and asked, “Super power ‘omniscience and omnipotence’?”

Xu Jia responded vaguely, “Absolutely.” She would never say anything about the fact that there were only two cue cards.

As for No. 7… God knows she is actually trying to trick someone.

The “Replacement technique” was too powerful, so she felt it was not logical to give it two chances to be used, so she deliberately said that it could only be used once.

If the guess is correct, then No. 7 becomes an ordinary person and is likely to be ripped off by No. 4.

If the guess is wrong, in order to prevent No. 4 from knocking him out, then No. 7 must use his second superpower.

No matter whether she guessed right or wrong, she would not suffer.

“Tear off the name tag on the teddy bear… ha…” No. 7 laughed angrily, “I mean, why are you hugging the doll and not letting go? It’s not like a child playing house.”

It turns out you can’t let go!

Si Hai looked serious, “So, what she said is true? The replacement technique can only be used once?”

“Now that things have come to this, is there any point in pretending to be confused?” No. 7 said coldly, “If what she told is a lie, why should you be anxious?”

Only when it touches your mind will you become anxious.

Si Hai pursed her lips, chose to give in, and suggested, “The three of us can work together.”

“No need to go to so much trouble. Just one cooperative person is enough.” No. 7 smiled, “What are you afraid of? I am an ordinary person without superpowers now.”

Si Hai remained silent. She was able to eliminate No. 5 mainly because No. 5 relaxed her vigilance after tearing off the name tag. But if someone seriously tried to snatch a teddy bear from her, she didn’t have the confidence to protect the doll.

Some things seem to be unfathomable on the surface, but after being exposed, they are actually just that. Such is her superpower.

She doesn’t understand what’s going on. It’s just her attacking others, but once people figure it out, she becomes helpless when thinking about protecting the teddy bear.

Si Hai turned to look at Xu Jia, moved her lips, and mouthed two words, “Help me.”

Xu Jia looked up at the sky and was not soft-hearted. After all, she is just a weak, helpless lv1, and she is also terrified.

There is only one winner in the end. Who can count on whom? Si Hai once again realized this cruel fact.

While thinking about it, No. 7 strode over with a sneer.

Si Hai gritted her teeth and simply threw the teddy bear to Xu Jia, “Go on! Protect it!” Then she stepped forward to confront No. 7.

Xu Jia subconsciously caught the bear. When she came back to her senses, a hint of understanding appeared in her eyes.

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