[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 14. (2/2)

Super Power Special

Xu Jia lowered her eyes to hide the calculation in her eyes. The contestants each have different superpowers. Not to mention, 7vs1 and even 3vs1 are challenging to deal with, but the Seven-Man Alliance was put together temporarily. As long as she suddenly attacks Qi Yuan but tears off a member’s name strip, the others will naturally panic and flee quickly.

The players she currently knows about are as follows——

Player No. 1, Qi Yuan, has the superpower of “time stands still” and is missing.

Player No. 2, Xu Jia, has the superpower “reflection” and two more reminder cards.

Player No. 3 has a Chinese character face and the superpower “Hand of Death.”

Player No. 4 is a young girl with the superpower “immortality.”

Player No. 5 is a middle-aged man whose superpower seems to be related to detecting information.

Players No. 6, 7, and 8 have unknown abilities.

Analysis shows that the name tags of players No. 3, 4, and 5 can be torn off.

With calculations in mind, Xu Jia calmly followed the alliance forces.

However, just as late as that, a figure sprang out and resolutely attacked the name tag behind No. 5.

There seemed to be a strong wind coming from behind.

No. 5’s secret passage was not good, and he turned around sharply just in time to block the attack. Then, he tore off the attacker’s name tag and threw it away.

The name strips fell like dead leaves.

No. 5 glanced at everyone coldly, “Who wants to be the second one? I’ll give him a ride.”

On the other hand, they don’t know when the man with a Chinese character’s face had already put on a half-finger glove and was getting ready to go—he planned to eliminate one more person to scare the monkeys.

However, instead of disappearing without the name tag, No. 4 stepped forward and tore off No. 5’s name tag with a “stab.”

“It’s a good idea to get rid of lv3 players first. But for us, it doesn’t matter which one we get rid of.” The young girl held the teddy bear and spoke softly.

Everyone: “!!!”

She doesn’t die even if her name is torn off; what is this guy’s superpower?

Everyone dispersed unconsciously and took several steps back.

At this moment, No. 5 seemed to be in a bad mood. He never expected to be eliminated by an Lv2 player before he could face the scourge of Qi Yuan!

He couldn’t help but feel annoyed. If he had known this, why would he gather everyone to deal with No. 1? Why don’t you just find a place to hide?

Number 5’s superpower is called the “sixth sense.” Within a certain range, he can know everything happening around him. If he can survive to the mid-to-late stage, everyone’s cards and plans may be in his hands!

However, it’s too late to say anything now.

No. 5 glared at No. 4 unwillingly and then disappeared into the air.

The radio sounded at the right time, “No. 5 OUT, No. 5 OUT.”

“It’s too lonely on the road to Huangquan (realm of the dead). Why don’t you go and keep him company?” The girl smiled, but her eyes were fixed on Guozi’s face.

Guozi’s expression changed drastically. He turned around and wanted to run away.

No. 6, 7, and 8 looked at each other and spontaneously attacked from both sides to complete the outflank.

The girl slowly picked up the name tag and put it behind her, resurrecting it with full health. She glanced to the side but was surprised to find that at some point, the only Lv1 player had disappeared.

Xu Jia had been hiding far away, watching the internal strife in the alliance army.

Joke! Of course, the farther away the unruly melee is, the better. Who knows when the target will become her!

Xu Jia aside, the group activities to round up the lv3 player are in full swing.

When Gouzi blocked and had no way out, he couldn’t help but get frustrated and said, “Idiot! Do you want to give victory to No. 1?!”

No. 6, the tall and thin young man, chuckled and said, “Don’t bother, we will take care of it.”

No. 7 is a young man wearing black-rimmed glasses who looks like a nerd. He looks impatient. “Stop talking nonsense to No. 3, just tear it up.”

The tall and thin young man nodded, “Tear it apart.” But his body remained motionless.

Number 5’s superpower is information gathering, so you can safely tear off the name strip. However, No. 3’s superpower has not been revealed yet, so the tall and thin young man does not dare act rashly.

The three people surrounded Guozi, but no one dared to make a move. When the stalemate reached a deadlock, the tall and thin young man simply turned around and asked for help, “The one holding the bear, come here and help.”

The girl remained motionless and kept her face straight as she lied, “My super power has a long cooldown time and cannot be used temporarily.”

If you eliminate the players, you will get a bonus. Of course, she is excited. But the girl knows in her heart that it is not a good thing to reveal her trump card too early. So she pretended that her superpower had a long cooldown and a huge flaw.

If Xu Jia hadn’t seen the reminder card, she would have almost believed it.

But the tall and thin young man had never seen it before, so he accepted this argument. Just when he was wondering whether he should make a strategic retreat, Guozi took the lead in attacking.

The man who blocked suddenly accelerated his sprint, rushed towards No. 8, and then pressed his half-gloved hand on No. 8’s name strip.

Player No. 8 looked surprised and then slowly disappeared. He was eliminated without even having time to use his superpower.

At the same time, the radio sounded again, “No. 8 OUT, No. 8 OUT.”

Player No. 3 broke out, and it was so terrifying.

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