Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #71

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Chapter 71

Shi Zhi didn’t believe it and objected, “I suspect this is a shady plot.” She said seriously.

The program director told her to give up the struggle: “There is no inside story; it’s fair and just.”

If you don’t believe it, you can see the video. 

Admit it, you are unlucky!

The director also wanted to wow the audience with the project. Of the six characters, only Shi Zhi was the poorest. When they were planning, they never imagined that Shi Zhi would be the one chosen.

Geng Can was okay, taking Shi Zhi’s face into consideration, but Lu Dajun already laughed unceremoniously, “Hahaha, the poor in the slums are getting poorer and poorer!”

“This is probably because people are so poor.” Even the characters can be drawn the worst.

Shi Zhi: “…” God is so poor in people’s hearts.

Now, she suddenly has the enthusiasm to buy the company. Is it to force her to develop her money-making ability?

Shi Zhi actually just thought about it, the poor will be the poor.

Let go in a second.

The barrage was also full of laughter.

[I’m sorry I have been holding back, but I can’t hold it back. I hope Sister Shi won’t hit me.]

[Shi Zhi can’t get rid of the hat of being poor.]

Gardenia was actually stunned for a moment. They didn’t expect Shi Zhi’s hands to be so dark.

But it doesn’t matter. They can spend money on Princess Shi Zhi, and soon, the slum poor girl will become the most beautiful girl in the entire dynasty!

The butler and Cheng Yu, on the other hand, also pay attention to this variety show.

Butler, Cheng Yu: Can you buy this?

Because he was watching a live broadcast, almost in real-time, Shi Zhi’s poverty title, which had just fallen off the trending search some time ago, was pushed up again.

Shi Zhi, poor stone hammer! Even the card draw was taunting her.


Shi Zhi also paid attention to the cards drawn by the others, and they were all better than hers anyway.

Geng Can: “Sister Shi Zhi, I am a commoner.”

Lu Dajun is a wizard, Xia Zhi is a noble, Zhao Qian is a knight, these are all within the normal range, and the actor Zhou Changxing is a vampire count.

This is a bit beyond comprehension, but it’s just a game, so you can do whatever you want.

The director came out to explain the rules to everyone. Everyone must accumulate money in the early stages. The ultimate test later is the prince’s coming-of-age ceremony dance, where the final achievement will be obtained.

Any achievement is possible.

However, there is one thing the director can reveal: “It has a lot to do with wealth.”

The more money you have, the higher your status, and the better-looking you are, the more likely you will be favored by princes or foreign countries.

The guests all expressed their understanding, and the program team also began to assign initial attributes.

Shi Zhi, a poor man in the slums, received [a dilapidated house] [a very old-looking mat X1] [a very old-looking quilt X1].

Shi Zhi: “…” There is no need to explain it so clearly.

The characters presented to the audience also began to be processed and turned into Q (cartoon character) versions.

From the beginning, this variety show had the banner of raising cubs, saying that it would become a Q version. Many viewers in the live broadcast room came for this, and now their wish has come true.

Zhou Changxing’s processed Q version image, the skin began to become pale, the lips were red, and there were two pointed teeth on the outside; Xia Zhi, as a supermodel, put on cumbersome palace clothes, but it can still be seen that her legs are very long. The others also got mini versions of themselves, with matching clothes and makeup.

The makeup artist put on makeup.

Their expressions and actions will also be captured and displayed to the audience through cartoon characters.

It’s like real cub raising.

Shi Zhi——

She also has a smaller version.

The mini cartoon character Shi Zhi appeared on the screen, wearing coarse clothes and her hair tied into two rough buns, one on each side. The modeled face, which was originally more mature and beautiful, became childish, with round and fleshy cheeks. There are still a few gray marks on it, which should be the dust left by work, but it makes the skin more moisturized.

Her eyes are big and round, like black grapes. She is standing in the broken house, as if worried.

Gardenia: !!!

Netizen: !!!

Wow, so damn cute!

What kind of sweetheart is this?

Although Gardenia is often called Shi Zhi, the princess, her most widely spread image is that of an uncle.

Uncle moves like doing Tai Chi and also likes to watch people play chess. Anyway, no matter how you look at it, she has the soul of an uncle or she is the safe and reliable Sister Shi.

Gardenia never expected that the Q version of Shi Zhi could be so adorable.

They are so cute that they want to give milk.

In the past, Brother Quan worked hard to make Shi Zhi into Xiao Shi Zhi but failed repeatedly. But this time, all he needs is a Q-version image with a gray face, and he can painlessly let netizens become mothers. There are also many male mothers among them.

[Ah ah ah, hold me in your arms and give me a fierce kiss.]

[Don’t worry, Shi Zhi, mommy will spend money on you right now!]

[It’s crazy. My roommate is a grown man. While watching the live broadcast, he shouted Mommy loves you.]

Some people couldn’t wait to reach out and touch the screen, wanting to wipe the dust from Shi Zhi’s face when she was shrinking into a cartoon. However, they couldn’t, so this function was not turned on for the time being; other functions are now locked.

Not yet open.

Guests need to be familiar with the scene before players can join.

Gardenia: Don’t we have to watch Shi Zhi continue to live a miserable life?

It will take some time.


The other guests had already gone to the places where they should stay due to their status. Shi Zhi stayed in her shabby house. In fact, it was not very shabby. It was just a bare house.

In order to appear more realistic, Shi Zhi felt that the house seemed to be leaking.

When Shi Zhi opened the door, she saw several blowers blowing air inside.

“…You are quite attentive.”

The cameraman smiled and said, “Isn’t this to make the show better? Moreover, the wind can be adjusted, big or small, as the day and night come.”

Shi Zhi doesn’t want to know this at all. Do you think she can be happy? “What should I do now?”

The director told her, “Maybe we can get some food first.”

The four walls of the house meant that Shi Zhi could not find anything to eat in this room. She felt that she was not hungry at all, having just finished eating not long ago.

The staff has learned that the others are already busy calculating their financial resources and thinking about how to make money. Shi Zhi has no financial resources.

Shi Zhi: “I’m not hungry.”

“There is no mandatory task, so can I take a rest?” She had to think about what to do next.

The director hesitated a little: It’s not impossible…

Shi Zhi had already interpreted it by herself, which was yes. Then she climbed into her little bed, put the quilt on her legs, swayed her feet, and was in a daze.

Nearly all the guests were reminded whether they wanted to eat something. Geng Can and Zhao Qian just ate obediently, but Xia Zhi didn’t want to. As a supermodel, she needs to keep in shape.

Zhou Changxing suspected that the program team might be up to something, “Are they going to harm me?” Could it be some kind of setup?

Lu Dajun is just skinny. As a wizard, obtaining food is not difficult for him. “What will happen if you don’t eat it?”

Then, the other guests heard something ringing in their ears——

[Shi Zhi died.]

Guests: ???

Netizens also said: ???

What will happen if you don’t eat? You will starve to death.

Shi Zhi used her own personal experience to set an example for other guests.


Those who starve to death are miniature cartoon characters. After reaching a certain hunger value, the cartoon villain will become exhausted. If it is serious, she will starve to death directly.

Logically speaking, this was just a short time ago, and she would not have died so early, but Shi Zhi’s character was placed here. Shi Zhi thought deeply: The poor people in the slums themselves had not eaten for several days and were in a weak state.

The cartoon character died.

Shi Zhi: “…”

Netizens who had been turning their attention to Shi Zhi saw this scene directly. Shi Zhi thought about it for a while, and then the director informed Shi Zhi that she was dead.

Starved to death.

The death was too simple and too sudden. Even Shi Zhi was confused.

She didn’t know it at all. In fact, not all the guests or even the players knew it either.

This show is all about exploring on your own, and only by exploring on your own can you have fun. Then, the first famous scene came out.

The director expressed that he was also very sad and told Shi Zhi, “You need to act like you die on the spot.”

This can be captured by cartoon characters.

She cried; she needed to pretend.

If you don’t eat, your cartoon character will die. After learning that Shi Zhi had tried the rules, the guests did not dare to continue. Even Xia Zhi quietly picked up the food.


The game crashed at the beginning. The cartoon character representing Shi Zhi threw herself onto the crib with a soul, and then a smaller soul with eyes closed floated out from it.

Gardenia: Ah! My child!

They couldn’t help but fiddle with it twice with my fingers.

Shi Zhi asked the director, “Am I going to die like this? Is it over?”

If it’s over, will she leave?

Anyway, the notification fee was paid, so Shi Zhi didn’t have much to lose, but she felt that the Gardenia who followed might be disappointed.

Program team: That’s impossible.

Shi Zhi’s slum-poor cartoon characters are archived and put online again.

Shi Zhi is no longer idle this time. This show is too real. The character design at the beginning cannot tolerate Shi Zhi’s difficult operations. The economic foundation determines the superstructure. She still has to solve the problem of food and clothing first.

Shi Zhi looked at all the belongings, finally rolled up the tattered mat, and walked towards the market.

When the little gray girl with braids on the screen looked dim, she went to the market.

[The mat looks very old] Shi Zhi plans to sell it. At least she won’t starve to death first.

There are NPCs in the market, and conclusions have been drawn.

“Your mat is too shabby, I won’t buy it.”

Even selling mats was rejected.

Lu Dajun happened to appear nearby and found Shi Zhi already selling mats. He smiled with half of his teeth on his face.

“Queen Shi Zhi… no, yes, a poor person from the slums.”

Shi Zhi actually has what he is today. Previously, in “Super Challenge,” Shi Zhi completely dominated the audience. Now, it seems that a dime can really stump a hero!

Lu Dajun did not dare to laugh at Shi Zhi for too long. After all, no one knew whether Shi Zhi would turn over.

Shi Zhi did have a smile on her face and thought carefully before speaking.

Lu Dajun asked Shi Zhi, “Are you starving to death?”

As a friendly gift, he took out two red apples from his big cloak.

Shi Zhi looked at Apple, “You want to poison me to death?”

She won’t starve to death, but she will be poisoned to death. She thinks the poison may come on faster.

Lu Dajun didn’t believe it at first, why did she treat him like this? After all, the two of them also had a revolutionary friendship. Then he looked down and saw words printed on the apple.


It’s definitely a poisoned apple.

Lu Dajun actually didn’t have this idea. He himself had forgotten that he was a wizard, and the things he carried with him were strange.

But Shi Zhi still accepted the two poisoned apples.

People watching the live broadcast can clearly see that Shi Zhi’s equipment includes not only a shabby house, a shabby mat, and a shabby quilt but also more [Wizard’s Special Apple X2 will be known after one bite].

However, there are still benefits to going out more often, and Shi Zhi got a piece of news.

There is a piece of land in the west that has no owner and is rich in potatoes. However, you have to get the potatoes within the specified time period. Otherwise, the mythical beast will chase you.

One hundred potatoes can be exchanged for one silver coin.

The program team also needs to provide a variety of opportunities for the guests. Needless to say, nobles like Xia Zhi have their status there from the beginning and have wealth in themselves. Zhao Qian, as a knight, also has territorial income.

Shi Zhi is going to dig potatoes.

[One hundred potatoes can only be exchanged for one silver coin. When will this happen?]

[Moreover, when Shi Zhi asked about the prices just now, it seemed that there were not many finished products that could be exchanged for eating.]

[Quick, let me spend the money; I have told you so many times, let me spend the money; I am determined to raise the Gardenia cub!]

When Shi Zhi arrived, the mythical beast was not there. In fact, Shi Zhi was still quite curious about what the so-called mythical beast was.

The program director was observing Shi Zhi. Was he going to witness Shi Zhi peeling a hundred potatoes?

One hundred potatoes is not easy.

Shi Zhi didn’t.

She peeled a few potatoes and left. After making sure that the food she made could fill the stomach of the cartoon mini version of herself, reduce hunger, and increase physical strength, Shi Zhi just peeled a few potatoes at a time.

Made into French fries, potato pancakes, and mashed potatoes, it just keeps changing.

There is a big pot in the hut, which can be used to cook food.

Director: Fall!

Shi Zhi, why don’t you follow the script.


However, everyone did the math, and it was more cost-effective for Shi Zhi to do it this way. It can be seen from the other guests that the cost is not small, but the food bonus is not as high as Shi Zhi’s homemade one.

Shi Zhi was peeling and roasting potatoes, which also attracted the attention of other guests.

The actor Zhou Changxing, now the vampire count, wanted to buy some from Shi Zhi.

She had the opportunity to make a fortune. Shi Zhi calculated and offered a high price—much more expensive than the potatoes themselves.

Although it was still cheaper than buying other foods, the main reason was that Zhou Changxing really drank enough tomato juice.

Shi Zhi had already blocked everyone’s mouth at the beginning, “Potatoes cost one hundred silver coins. Do you know why they are so expensive?”

Question, it’s a profiteer.

There is no business without treachery.

People like Shi Zhi are not good, but they have the same purpose.

She has already shown her cards anyway.

What appeared in front of everyone was a cute little girl with double braids and a gray face, saying seriously that she was a profiteer.

Where are the profiteers! This is called reasonable trading. If one is willing to fight and the other is willing to suffer, can that be called a profiteer? (dog head)

Zhou Changxing still has a lot of initial wealth. Spending money on a baked potato or something is nothing to him. It’s cheaper than what the show crew provides anyway.

Shi Zhi still hasn’t dug out many potatoes. When the cameraman quietly asked why she didn’t dig out more potatoes.

Shi Zhi said quietly, “Hunger marketing.”

The slum mini version also has a carefree look on its head, “hunger marketing.”

Then Shi Zhi ate all the potatoes.

The barrage is clear.

[Hungry marketing, she is hungry herself.] Is it okay to be hungry?

Her guess was indeed correct. Shi Zhi found that the mini version’s hunger level had increased again. If she didn’t eat something, she would die again.

Hunger affected her, and she was so hungry that she ate it by herself.

But this time, Shi Zhi went to the ground and finally saw the legendary beast——


A man and a dog squatted at the head of the field, Shi Zhi asked the staff.

“You call this a mythical beast?”

In what way does it look like a mythical beast?

“Even if the King of Heaven comes today, I will still call it Husky.”

Although what is shown to netizens has been processed, they can hear Shi Zhi’s voice, so the majestic cartoon version of the mythical beast turns out to be Husky?

The staff originally wanted to watch the “mythical beast” drive away Shi Zhi. Still, then the Husky happily played with Shi Zhi, who “stole” its potatoes.

Shi Zhi not only dug potatoes this time but also dug other things.

She felt a little hard under the ground and said, “Huh?”

The audience in the barrage saw a question mark slowly popping up above Shi Zhi’s cartoon head during the dug.

[I heard there is a treasure.]

[Yes, I also remember that there should be a treasure map or a box with gold coins in it.]

Shi Zhi seemed to have unearthed some treasure. As soon as the news spread, netizens who originally had their eyes on the other guests also came to hear the news.

Shi Zhi, this poor girl from the slum, is going to stand up!

They held their breath, as moved as if they had dug up a treasure.

Then Shi Zhi’s cartoon dug something out.

[An iron block that looks very strong and looks good as a chair X1].



Shi Zhi’s movements didn’t stop.

Because there are still.

Everyone continues to hold their breath.

What was dug up this time was——

[Sunflower Collection X1.]

Shi Zhi weighed the book in her hand, “To practice this skill, you need… the “Sunflower Collection”?”

Good guy, it’s all out.

Should she praise the program team?

The director made it clear that he was not lying to everyone. There is indeed a treasure. As for why Shi Zhi dug this up, everything is not explained.

It’s good if everyone understands.

Anyway, netizens’ hearts went through it in one minute, up and down.

Tsk, can you be nicer to Xiao Shi Zhi!

And they really want to say something, Shi Zhi seems to be a bit unlucky.

The noble Xia Zhi had a special carriage, and knights could also ride horses. Shi Zhi walked on her own two legs, followed by a mythical beast…a husky.

Shi Zhi starred in the direction of Xia Zhi and Zhao Qian and looked up at the setting sun.

[Damn, I suddenly burst into tears. Shi Zhi is also envious of Xia Zhi and the others. They got a good status at the beginning. But She is still running for life. It’s so hard…]

[Everyone came together to participate in the show. Her cartoon character died once at the beginning. The slum girls were completely different from them in terms of status. She seemed to have little hope in life and lost directly at the starting point.]

[If it was me, I can’t hold myself any longer. I’m so tortured and tortured.]

[Stop talking. Isn’t it just Krypton gold? Because Shi Zhi is so cute. Say it again 10,000 times: When will you let us spend money?]

In the minds of netizens, Shi Zhi was envious of the other guests who had received good status and did not need to be as busy as she was.

Cheng Yu frowned, and the butler even wanted to buy it.

The cartoon character Shi Zhi yawned.

A little tired, a little sleepy, and just lazy after eating and drinking.

Go back to your hut and lie down on the small bed to rest.

Netizens whose eyes were filled with tears as they were tortured by the imaginary plot said: Huh?

Guys, tell me, are these tears going to be shed or not?

When talking about her feelings, Shi Zhi raised her face and had no other emotions. Was she just tired?

They think too much.


Shi Zhi finally used the fruits of her labor to earn a gold coin, which was not even a fraction of what others paid. She sat on the iron block that was said to be suitable for use as a chair, and it was covered with a sunflower book to stop the cold.

They don’t know why everyone suddenly has a new understanding.

Sure enough, don’t expect a windfall from heaven. The money earned personally is the most delicious, right?

Brother Quan saw this summary.

He thought about Shi Zhi’s real life lottery winnings, and felt that Shi Zhi was the least qualified person to endorse this statement.

In just over a day, netizens have begun to adapt to this kind of cub-raising activity. The other guests also have a lot of interesting things. Shi Zhi’s side is where the slum girls are running for life, and a lot of people have gathered.

They are all looking forward to the next players joining.

Watching Shi Zhi walking around with her legs stretched out and her two braids hanging down felt particularly interesting.

Then, most of the roof on Shi Zhi’s side was damaged.

Shi Zhi stood in front of her small, shabby house and asked, “What’s going on?” While digging potatoes, her house collapsed.

“Misfortunes from heaven often come faster than fortunes from heaven.”

The director said it was windy.

The man-made strong wind was really not aimed at Shi Zhi.

Since the characters all live in a small city, there will definitely be some emergencies. This was originally written in the process.

Then, a random computer lottery came to Shi Zhi’s small, shabby house.

It’s such a coincidence.

Shi Zhi thought of a poem by Du Fu, “The high autumn wind howls in August and rolls up the triple thatch on my house.”

Shi Zhi: “If I want to make up for it, how much will it cost?”

The director held out two fingers and said, “Two gold coins.”

One second, everyone was immersed in the surprise that Shi Zhi had earned a gold coin, but the next second, they knew that two gold coins were needed to repair the roof.

Now, the former netizens can beep quietly; Shi Zhi is truly an unlucky person!

They were afraid this variety show would be at odds with Shi Zhi. They cast a poor character, and she died of hunger within a short time. She dug out items thinking they would be useful, but then she found out they looked like garbage. Then she made some money, and the roof was damaged.

An accident worsened the situation for this already poor family.

Shi Zhi didn’t have two gold coins, so she went inside the house to feel it out. This time, the blower suited the situation better, and it blew more powerfully.

Director: “You can take it on credit first.”

He felt that Shi Zhi couldn’t move even an inch, which was a bit pitiful.

Then Shi Zhi shook her head, borrowed a ladder, climbed up, and repaired the roof herself, making the repairs tighter.

And said, “I will no longer sell baked potatoes and repair the roof.”

“If I had known that repairing roofs was so profitable, why would I be selling baked potatoes?”

There are two gold coins.

The Potato Vendor has gone offline, opening a new chapter for the Rooftop King! (no)

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