[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 10. (1/2)

Zombie Special

Xu Jia shuttled back and forth in the corridor, looking for the lone player. Suddenly, her eyes lit up.

“Do not come!”

When Xu Jia discovered the target, the target also discovered her. He immediately roared and changed his posture to stand with his back against the wall.

Xu Jia stopped and put on a cold expression, “Human?”

“Yes.” No. 9 cursed, thinking that what fool would say no in this situation.

“Prove it to me.” Xu Jia said coldly.

No. 9 didn’t say anything and was complaining wildly in his heart. How can he prove it? After he’s out, will he let the broadcast prove his innocence?

“Haven’t you figured out the information hidden in the bag items?” Xu Jia continued to ask.

“Yes.” No. 9 was not very happy. He is a level 2 player, and he was very embarrassed when being questioned forcefully by a level 1 player, especially since the other party was a girl and quite good-looking.

“There are spies hidden among humans.” Xu Jia explained while raising a water gun and pointing it at No. 9. “There is a treasure box in the room corresponding to the human player’s items. There are weapons in the treasure box. There is nothing in the zombie and spy rooms. Now take out your. Go to the corresponding room with the items. If you have a treasure box, I will be your companion. If there is no treasure chest, you will be eliminated.”

She was very tough and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Number 9 knows it is difficult to find someone he can trust in this game round. No matter who he looks at, he looks like an opponent, so it is no wonder the opponent is very wary. Until they are proven to be companions, they are potential enemies.

He raised his hand knowingly, “I’m a human, I’ll prove it to you.” After saying that, No. 9 checked the origin of the bag items and then led the way.

Xu Jia aimed the water gun at the name strip No. 9 and followed step by step, waiting until she reached the room to kill people, steal treasures, and destroy weapons.

She rambles about zombies and nothing in the spy room. Of course, if the listener believed it, they would subconsciously think she was a righteous human being fully armed and worthy of trust.

Suddenly, No. 9 asked, “I am a human being, not a spy. But what should I do if the treasure box in the corresponding room is taken away in advance?” Apparently, he was not suspicious of Xu Jia at all.

Of course, she knew he was a human, and the one she wanted to eliminate was a human!

Xu Jia looked neither sad nor happy and said calmly, “It’s your fault for being unlucky.”

No.9, “……”

It sounds reasonable. But he was the person involved, and no matter what she said made sense, he was still in a very bad mood.

“There are a total of 224 rooms, 10 of which contain treasures. The chance of a player accidentally walking into the treasure room is 4.46% (10/224), and the chance of walking into your room is 0.446% (1/224). Death is not an injustice.” Xu Jia continued.

No. 9 was silent.

He wiped his face and comforted himself firmly. He was a professional African chief, so he shouldn’t be that bad.

The closer he got to the target room, the faster No. 9’s heartbeat and heart almost jumped out of his throat.

Arriving at the China Room, he pushed open the door and walked in resolutely.

Xu Jia followed him in and locked the door.

Look around.

Soon, No. 9 found the treasure box under the table. When he opened it, he saw a water gun inside.

The racing heart finally calmed down. No. 9 happily announced the good news to Xu Jia, “Look, I didn’t lie to you, did I? I am a human being.”

Xu Jia’s expression softened slightly, and she responded, “Yes.”

There was an instruction card in the treasure box, and No. 9 read it carefully, completely defenseless.

Xu Jia walked behind No. 9, raised his water gun, and fired cleanly.

“biu~” The special solution wetted the nametag.

No. 9 turned around blankly and looked at his friend blankly.

Xu Jia was extremely calm, “Didn’t I tell you that there are spies among humans? That person is me.”

No.9, “……”

He was completely stunned. He could hear what his friends were saying, but he couldn’t understand what she meant for a while, like a stuck machine that could not operate normally.

Xu Jia waved her hands and said with a bright smile, “Goodbye.”

No. 9 remained confused throughout the process and disappeared with the water gun.

“Human No. 9 OUT.” The broadcast spread to every corner of the hotel.

Xu Jia left the room and found Qi Yuan to exchange the latest information. He found that the status of the weapons was as follows——

Xu Jia got a bottle of special solution A in the “Malaysia” room.

No. 12 won the water gun A. After being eliminated by Qi Yuan, Water Gun A was transferred to Xu Jia.

Special solution B was found in the American room and is currently in Xu Jia’s bag.

Water gun B, which has been destroyed, is in the Singapore room.

No. 10 carries special solution C. No. 10 was eliminated, and Special Solution C was destroyed.

No. 9 got water gun C. No. 9 was eliminated, and water gun C was destroyed.

Xu Jia sorted all the information and analyzed it: “The ten treasure boxes should be equipped with five water guns and five bottles of special solution. In other words, there are still two water guns and two bottles of special solution that are not under control.”

“There are currently five human players left on the field: 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.”

“Now is the time; no matter how slow you are, you should be aware of the rules of the game and find the treasure box.”

“It’s useless to notice. There are only two sets of usable weapons left.” Qi Yuan said nonchalantly, “Let’s go and continue hunting.”

Xu Jia clenched the water gun and went out happily. It looked like going out for a picnic.

Although it was a 2vs5 situation, just looking at the momentum of the two people, it seemed like a 20 vs 5 20-crushing game.


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