[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 9. (2/2)

Zombie Special

No. 10 disappears, and the special solution in the bag disappears with it, equivalent to destruction.

In reality, both winning options have their pros and cons.

It’s easy to eliminate human players directly, and sneak attacks in the early stage don’t require much effort. But in the later stages, when the number of players drops sharply, it will become very inconvenient. Because there are so few survivors, no matter who they are, they will be stared at with suspicion. In addition, players are equipped with weapons, making elimination more difficult.

Destroying weapons is the opposite. When he came up and asked to borrow some items from their bag to take a look, anyone would sternly refuse. Qi Yuan could not rob or steal. He could only cheat and kidnap. But once we get through the initial difficult period, humans will gradually fall into a dilemma where they are unable to fight back.

Therefore, Qi Yuan decided early on to use a two-pronged approach to weaken the human camp from all aspects.

So far, Xu Jia has a water gun and two bottles of special solution. He destroyed a water gun, and Qi Yuan tore off No. 10 and destroyed a bottle of special solution at the same time.

Victory tilts towards the zombie camp and few weapons are left for humans.


In the corridor on the second floor, No. 5 sat down against the wall with a towel on his lap. His expression was extremely depressing, “What is the use of this piece of shit? I can’t even figure it out. It’s annoying!”

“How about making a deal?” A gentle male voice suddenly sounded next to him.

No. 5 was startled and quickly raised his head, following the sound and looking over, “Who the hell? You scared me!”

Le Lin was standing opposite No. 5, holding a water gun in his hand and looking very anxious. “The zombies are too strong. Four people have been eliminated. We must unite.”

He originally didn’t want to find teammates who were not smart. Still, the situation was unfavorable, and time waited for no one, so he had to change his original intention.

“What kind of trading method?” No. 5 was doubtful and couldn’t help but glance at the water gun.

“I will take you to find weapons and tell you the rules of the game. The condition is that if you are looking for a special solution, give me half of it.” Le Lin shook the water gun in his hand. “This thing needs to be added with a special solution to attack zombies. If what we found is a water gun, I won’t snatch it from you.”

“Okay.” No. 5 stood up decisively. He no longer wanted to wander aimlessly like a wandering ghost. You must figure out what’s happening in today’s game before you die.

“Bag items.” Le Lin stretched out his hand.

No. 5 simply threw the towel over.

Le Lin caught it, glanced at it, and immediately said, “Go to the Swiss room.” As he said that, he took the lead and strode away.

No. 5 was slightly startled and slapped his thigh to react: “The place of origin of the item! The country room!”

He looked annoyed, as if blaming himself for not thinking of it. Looking up, he saw No. 4 walking very fast. He quickly followed him to the Swiss room.

After arriving at the destination, there was indeed a treasure box in the room.

Le Lin opened it, his eyes darkened, and he was slightly disappointed – a water gun was inside.

“Hey, wait for me.” No. 5 arrived belatedly. When he saw the treasure box in the room, he suddenly looked surprised, “Is it really here?!”

Le Lin didn’t bother to explain, so he simply threw the card and water gun to No. 5.

No. 5 caught it and started browsing quickly. After reading it, he suddenly realized, “So that’s it.”

But he couldn’t help but be curious, “Why did you help me find the treasure box and give me the water gun?”

Le Lin’s expression was particularly solemn, “Listen, the situation is not good now. Four humans have been eliminated, but we don’t know who the zombies are. In addition, I suspect that there may be spies hidden among the humans.”

“What?” No. 5 was stunned. Spy? Are they playing a game?

Le Lin pointed at the card and analyzed it with a cold face, “12 players, 1 zombie, 10 countries, what does one person do? It’s too suspicious.”

No. 5’s face became solemn, and he reasoned along the lines of thought, “So, there are only ten real human camp players, with weapons made by ten countries. There is also one person who is from the zombie camp, and nothing can be found in the room corresponding to the items. there’s no treasure box?”

Although the reasoning process is somewhat problematic, the conclusion is correct – there are indeed spies among humans.

Number 5 continued, “In other words, if there is a treasure box in the room corresponding to the item, it is the companion, and if there is not, it may be the spy.”

Le Lin nodded, “I think so too. So I think humans should unite and find weapons together to prove their identity.”

After saying that, he looked annoyed, “Unfortunately, by the time I figured it out, it was already too late.”

After the water gun or special solution is removed, the treasure box disappears automatically. Suppose many people have opened the treasure box and taken away the weapons. In that case, it will be difficult to distinguish between friend and foe.

He failed to clearly understand the rules of the game at the beginning, so he missed the best opportunity to identify ourselves and the enemy.

No. 5 comforted, “Speed and slow are all relative. The zombies move too fast and strike too hard, so it’s normal to be a step slower. But it doesn’t matter, excluding the spies, there are still six humans. Stay steady, we can win.”

Le Lin took a deep breath and barely controlled his emotions, “Let’s go, let’s go find the others together.”

Number 5 followed behind, complaining as he walked, “This hotel is too big. Not only does it have 224 rooms, but it also has six floors. I have been in the game for a long time, and I have not met more than five players.”

“Probably to provide favorable terrain conditions for zombies.” Le Lin guessed. There are many rooms and a large place. Human players will naturally search separately, and zombies can attack them one by one.

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