Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #68

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Chapter 68

In the eyes of many celebrity groups in the industry –

Shi Zhi’s team must have planned it long ago, right?

Maybe it’s just a matter of making a movie or something. Still, the original intention is to make a vlog to create a paradise.

What a big game of chess. No wonder Shi Zhi was able to clear her name successfully and is now so popular. This plan is perfect.

Then what kind of fairy-like little girl is she? How could she think of going to the mountains to shoot a vlog?

Vlogging is still very popular now, but everyone’s thinking is similar to Brother Quan’s previous initiative. Generally speaking, it revolves around work, shooting magazines, filming TV series, and recording songs.

Shi Zhi is the first celebrity to fully integrate into nature.

They don’t know if it’s too late to learn now.

There are already active agency companies that have started planning. Finding people who can grow vegetables, cook, and drive tractors is hard.

When Brother Quan learned that people outside thought of them so much, his expression was “…” like this.

Brother Quan told Shi Zhi and asked if it was true. They also said they came to the mountain just to shoot the vlog.

Shi Zhi thought briefly, then slapped the table, “They discovered this!”

Brother Quan agreed, “I think it’s ridiculous too…” Then he felt something was wrong.

Shi Zhi, did you admit it?

Brother Quan: If I hadn’t known the truth, you might have deceived me.


Shi Zhi’s mountain vlog has great scenery.

It can be seen that it was taken with a mobile phone, but even using a mobile phone cannot block the beauty of the scenery.

There are flowers all over the mountains and fields, and crops beside the path are full of vitality; the streams are crystal clear, the trees are green, and the background music is the sounds of birds and insects…

Shi Zhi was growing vegetables, cooking, and doing farm work inside, which was very leisurely.

Shi Zhi’s WeChat account was about to explode. They were all artists or program directors who had worked with Shi Zhi, asking about the situation in the mountains.

Can I go now? Do I have a place to stay? Can I accept group tours?

The netizens are similar. Everyone is clamoring to go play and eat Shi Zhi’s cooking in person, even if they can’t taste it…

Just smell it!

Netizens have great powers and have found the location where Shi Zhi is currently filming. Even if they did not go there specifically, Shi Zhi wanted to promote this place and increase some income for local residents.

After Shi Zhi’s observation, it turned out that this place is very suitable for development. It has everything, not to mention the first-class environment and many types of agricultural and sideline products.

Shi Zhi did not promote it wishfully. She also specifically asked the surrounding villagers and contacted the village chief.

The village chief lived not far away. After Shi Zhi expressed her thoughts, he could no longer hold his excitement.

“Actually, everyone wants to make more money.”

The environment is good, but the money has never been exchanged.

Making money is everyone’s simplest wish.

Originally, the crew’s entry into the mountains has already boosted the economy. If this can really bring in so many netizens, that would be great.

The village chief was very excited, but Shi Zhi was calm, “We still need to plan carefully.”

She put forward some ideas of her own.

“Plan the route well and have dedicated people to manage it. Don’t let some tourists damage the ecology…”

Of course, it would be nice for tourists to come here, but Shi Zhi also didn’t forget to check in at some viral internet spots she had seen before.

After tourists leave the flower field, the flower field is in a mess, all of which are overwhelming flowers; littering will also occur.

This requires management by people here.

The more the village chief listened, the more he felt that this was what Shi Zhi was talking about, so he took a small notebook to record it down.

Shi Zhi, “But the most important thing now is to build infrastructure and build roads.”

It was so difficult to walk here. They didn’t even want to go down the mountain to the town to pick up the express delivery. At that time, they relied on motion sickness medicine to survive. Shi Zhi also saw everyone’s feedback that the road might be the biggest problem that hindered them.

Some warriors had already embarked on the journey but were halfway through and persuaded to retreat. They also told other netizens, “I feel that before I get there, there will be almost no people left.”

Infrastructure is road signs, public toilets…

The village chief is also worried. After all, this is not something he can control alone, and the road is not in their village. Moreover, how can they have so much money for infrastructure and development?

Of course, this is a problem that the village chief himself has to solve. He reflects on it further. Shi Zhi is a star who came to film a movie. She can promote and plan for them. It is already very good to reach this point.

In fact, Shi Zhi was also deep in thought.

You have to find a developer, but this project is not small, and you can’t just find it by saying you can.

There is a solution; her family can do it themselves or, at worst, find the butler.

The butler will definitely be happy.

The filming was tight in the next few days, so Shi Zhi didn’t bother to contact the butler. The village chief often hung around Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi also discovered something unusual about the village chief.

“Don’t you have anything else to do?”

After finishing a period of filming, Shi Zhi found the other party.

The village chief was a little embarrassed, but this matter had bothered him for some time, so he still asked.

“That’s it…are you planning to run for the next village chief?”

Shi Zhi: ??


Then she really doesn’t have this plan.

Shi Zhi was misunderstood by the village chief because she was too active.

The problem that troubled Shi Zhi and the village chief was quickly resolved.

Some companies plan to develop this area and cooperate directly with relevant local departments. The infrastructure and roads will be repaired. When it is developed, Shi Zhi will have finished filming the movie. Even if tourists come in, it will not affect their filming.

The workload of this project is still quite large. Shi Zhi mainly feels that the current road is not easy to walk, but there is no need for Shi Zhi to find the butler now. She burns incense for the group of people silently.

Shi Zhi also didn’t expect that there were acquaintances among the people she burned the incense for.


It was Shi Zhi PR staff who first saw Cheng Yu. After all, Cheng Yu was tall and handsome and stood out even among the crowd.

After Cheng Yu worked as a technical director on the previous crew, the people in Shi Zhi’s team were relatively familiar with Cheng Yu. The handsome guy who often fed everyone drinks milk tea instead of black tea, green tea, and jasmine tea. Which is very good.

Of course, they couldn’t say this. It would be nice if they could drink some. It seemed that Cheng Yu, like Sister Shi.

Promote and say hello to Cheng Yu.

“Mr. Cheng, why are you here?”

Cheng Yu told the staff, “Work.”

After going back and forth, the conversation came to Shi Zhi. The PR staff thought, let’s take Cheng Yu to see Sister Shi. This could be regarded as meeting an old friend in a foreign land, which was particularly cordial.

The PR staff felt that Cheng Yu might not recognize Shi Zhi at first. In order to protect Shi Zhi’s image, the staff went out of their way to explain.

“Sister Shi is filming here, and she sacrificed a little bit of her appearance for the role…”

The PR staff still remembers that they were a little stunned when they first saw Sister Shi, especially when Shi Zhi was fully immersed in the acting atmosphere. It was even more unrecognizable.

That’s not the real Sister Shi; don’t take it seriously; she will point out which one is Shi Zhi when necessary.

Cheng Yu, however, went straight up to her without any discernment or even a pause.

PR staff:?

Sister Shi didn’t seem to even turn her face. She just showed the back of her head. How could he recognize her?

When Cheng Yu met Shi Zhi, she was not filming. It happened to be a break, and she was sharing snacks with the children.

With a handful of puffed food for each person, Shi Zhi became the king of children.

Cheng Yu did not disturb Shi Zhi and watched quietly from the side. The PR staff reminded Shi Zhi, “Sister Shi, Cheng Yu.”

Shi Zhi was actually surprised when she saw Cheng Yu. She asked the same question as the PR staff, how did he get here? Finally, I found out that the company being developed belonged to Cheng Yu’s family.

Cheng Yu smiled and said, “I saw the vlog you took. The company directors discussed it together and agreed that this place is of great development value.”

Shi Zhi agreed. She also thought it was okay here.

“But why did you come here in person? Are you feeling well?”

Shi Zhi actually just mentioned it casually. Although Cheng Yu seemed to be recovering well when she saw Cheng Yu moving bricks, there were still big mountains here, and the road was far away. Did Cheng Yu still come to supervise the work?

Will it be quite a hassle?

“I am in good health.”

As soon as Cheng Yu finished speaking, he turned his head and started coughing violently.

His originally fair skin was stained with a slight blush due to his cough. His black and white eyes gradually filled with water, and even his eye sockets were red from coughing.

Shi Zhi: It doesn’t look good. What’s so good about it?

She quickly poured water for Cheng Yu. After Cheng Yu recovered a little, he still told Shi Zhi firmly, “Party members should be at the front.” It was the right thing to do in person.

Shi Zhi was almost in awe; looking at this ideological consciousness, changing Cheng Yu’s characters would make no sense.

Cheng Yu is good-looking, knows how to get things done, is popular with others, and has a high level of ideological consciousness.

Cheng Yu is accompanied by an assistant, and the assistant mood is more complicated now.

Mr. Cheng has been in a vegetative state for more than a year, but is there any connection between being in a vegetative state and coughing? It seems that Mr. Cheng has never had this symptom before?

He didn’t dare to ask or tell for fear of having his wages deducted.


Cheng Yu did not stay with Shi Zhi for too long, but he was engaged in development in the village, so he would meet Shi Zhi from time to time. He brought many things to Shi Zhi that could not be bought in the village and gave Shi Zhi the fishing rod she wanted most.

Cheng Yu explained, “Originally, I wanted to come here to fish, but after I got here, I ran out of time and didn’t really want to fish… It would be a waste to leave it alone, so I might as well lend it to you first.”

Later, it became that you borrowed everything; no need to pay it back; I gave it to you.

After coming to the mountain, Shi Zhi’s biggest regret was that she didn’t bring her fishing rod. Later, she found that using Cheng Yu’s new fishing rod was very easy. She even wanted to ask Cheng Yu where he bought the fishing rod.

Shi Zhi also stopped Cheng Yu and gave him something.


After Cheng Yu was stunned, Shi Zhi explained.

Bodhisattva bracelet.

“Bless you and wish you peace.”

Shi Zhi looked magnanimous. The old lady told her this when she bought it, and she is giving it to Cheng Yu now.

Cheng Yu’s cough that day was indeed a bit shocking.

Cheng Yu was startled for a moment, then took it, “Thank you.”

Shi Zhi: It’s easy to talk about.

“Would you like to try it on?”

When Shi Zhi saw Cheng Yu holding the Bodhisattva bracelet tightly, she raised her eyebrows. She mainly thought that Cheng Yu’s hands were beautiful, long, and well-defined and could be used as hand models.

She doesn’t know what the effect will be if he wears it.

Cheng Yu said, “Okay.”

He didn’t refuse and put it on in front of Shi Zhi.

Just as Shi Zhi thought, the plastic Bodhisattva bracelet looked different on good-looking hands (wrists), as if it was very expensive.

Shi Zhi wanted to continue filming, so she didn’t stay here for long and waved to Cheng Yu, “I am going.”

However, Cheng Yu could still remain calm in front of Shi Zhi. After Shi Zhi’s figure completely disappeared, his whole body started to turn red from his neck.

The assistant was startled when he saw Cheng Yu, “Mr. Cheng, do you have a fever?”

So the cough before was a sign of a cold?

Now Cheng Yuh looked like a cooked crab.

Cheng Yu ignored the assistant and returned to his room.

Although it is his own room, it is still a local private house, not a five-star hotel. Even when he lies down on the bed, he can feel the creaking of the wooden boards.

Cheng Yu lay on the bed, raised his hand and kept staring at the Bodhisattva bracelet on his wrist. He couldn’t get enough of it.

This progress is faster than he imagined.

Cheng Yu was completely insomniac, tossing and turning, looking at the bracelet with the corner of his mouth raised, and finally just stopped sleeping and got up to make fishing rods in the yard.

Shi Zhi also wanted to ask Cheng Yu where he bought the fishing rod.

You can’t buy it because it was made by Cheng Yu himself.

A plastic Bodhisattva bracelet energized Cheng Yu and he made a fishing rod all night long.


Shi Zhi was enjoying herself filming movies in the mountains, and would share a one-person “variety show” from time to time. The guests of “Our Village” really wanted to mail themselves there.

This is much more interesting than when filming a variety show.

Someone has already started a petition. It’s not easy to get there now and they can’t go there to play. But is there any TV station planning a personal variety show for Shi Zhi?

Or maybe “Our Village” will have a second season?

“Our Village” Official V: Preparing, getting ready.

But the first one was “Yin Yang Snack Bar”.

“Yin Yang Snack Bar” has attracted much attention since it first started filming. At that time, Shi Zhi appeared in a lot of variety shows, and was dubbed a variety show star by interested people. As soon as she got this hat, director Wang Mingchun announced the new drama Cooperating with Shi Zhi and it became the most powerful response.

Many actors were greedy for such a large piece of cake, but Shi Zhi took it away without a word.

Shi Zhi originally thought that the TV series would not be broadcast until at least the movie was shot, but director Wang Mingchun adopted a mode of editing while filming. It was originally a series of short stories, which did not hinder it, so it was actually broadcast pretty fast.

After Director Wang Mingchun notified Shi Zhi, Shi Zhi posted on Weibo and forwarded the relevant information.

Before the broadcast, director Wang Mingchun played a clip of a fan who mistakenly entered the snack bar. The fan really thought they were a barbecue restaurant and ordered a lot of food from Shi Zhi, but Shi Zhi gave it to her in a decent manner. The Highlights of the scene.

At that time, the director thought this episode was very interesting, so he recorded it, and even communicated with the fans, who were very happy to appear.

Netizens also remembered that Gardenia broke the news when she accidentally entered the snack bar.

It’s one thing to break the news in text, but it’s another feeling to watch the video.

It can be clearly seen that when Gardenia broke in, everyone was stunned, but Shi Zhi responded quickly and said a very tasteful “Hello, welcome.”

Netizen: The act, it’s become her skin.

Shi Zhi’s tone of voice really means she had worked in a milk tea shop specifically for a certain role?

So similar!

After Gardenia found out that the lady boss who was barbecuing her was Shi Zhi, she immediately abandoned her teammates and happily circled around Shi Zhi, which made people call it true.

Isn’t this how they looked when they saw their idol?

“Sorry, teammates are important, but idols are more important.”

“Wow, wow, I envy this girl, please, let me meet Uncle Shi Zhi too.” I want to eat the barbecue cooked by Shi Zhi herself, and I want to sign an autograph.


Director Wang Mingchun actually doesn’t do much marketing and promotion, and it’s not as heavily forwarded by friends in the Gardenia circle. This may be because the famous director is confident in his work.

Of course, after the show was aired, it was worthy of his confidence.

The reputation exploded.

Directly embarked on the word-of-mouth route.

When it first aired, the ratings were not low. Most of them came for Shi Zhi, including Gardenia fandom and sometimes Gardenia Friends.

As usual, the butler gives paid holidays to employees of the companies to watch TV series and support the eldest lady. This is his eternal mission!

Cheng Yu also squatted in front of the computer for the first time.

In fact, looking at the title of the play, the audience can guess that it may have something to do with “ghosts”. Some people are even timid and have to be persuaded to not quit because of this, but it has just become like what others commented later.

“I came in with the intention of watching a horror movie, but ended up crying like a dog.”

The snack bar is clean and tidy, with a beautiful owner and customers from both worlds.

Guests from another world are not scary. If not for their appearance, they are no different from guests in the real world.

Will complain to the boss about the weather, and will carefully avoid human guests, even if they are incorporeal and there is no situation that will collide with them.

“But it could be a cold wind. If anyone is not in good health, they will catch a cold.”

A guest from another world explained this after avoiding a child. This “Mr. Ghost” looked a bit fierce and was not in a good state due to special reasons. However, after avoiding the child, he spoke this very softly. There was a kind of A strong contrast.

There are also ghost customers who can’t pay. They don’t eat the Overlord meal and will blow air on the undried floors to make them dry faster.

This setting has aroused the interest of many viewers. Although it is rare, it is not unseen.

The most heart-wrenching thing is the short stories inside.

The first short story is about Mr. Qu, a man in a suit who is a workaholic.

Mr. Qu is very ordinary, so ordinary that people can’t even remember his appearance. He lives an ordinary life and does ordinary work. Finally, on this day, because he lost his wallet, such a fuse made Mr. Qu explode.

He began to search for relevant information. He wanted to give up and leave this world.

The “ghost customers” in the store noticed this anomaly and came up with ideas one after another. Some informed the lady boss, some looked for their wallets, and finally gave Mr. Qu a hand.

Mr. Qu made an appointment with the lady boss to try her new products next time…

It’s not that Mr. Qu was not remembered by others. His boss remembered him and his colleagues also remembered him. The ghost guests all lay in front of the window and breathed a sigh of relief when they saw Mr. Qu wiping away his tears and giving up on committing suicide.

The second story is about lovers separated by yin and yang, waiting for companionship for many, many years. After finally seeing each other come out and having a new lover to rely on, the male student breathed a sigh of relief and gave a rose to the lady boss through his hands, asking to give it to his girlfriend.

He was relieved and could leave.

There is also the old lady who lost her pet. She talked about her pet. The pet was shining brightly in her memory. In fact, the pet was always by her side and never left…


Wait for a few episodes to catch up.


“I didn’t want to cry, but these tears were too disappointing.”

“Who said this was a horror movie before? Come on, I wish it was a horror movie. Can you imagine me, a 1.9 meter strong man, on the bus, looking for something that a tough guy should watch, and then crying all the way? Have you been watching all the way?”

The macho man shed tears.

“I cried and laughed while watching it. My roommate kept asking me if I was really okay?”

Mr. Qu seems to be far away from everyone, but very close, right among you and me.

The adult world has too many difficulties and faces too much pressure, such as study, family, life, work…

Who has never collapsed in an instant? It was not pretentious, but a real straw that broke the camel’s back. On the side of the road late at night, a business man was crying because he missed the last train. He had actually been working overtime for half a month and his girlfriend I also broke up with him.

It’s not just crying for the last train.

There are more barrages –

“I miss her (him, it)…”

I miss my relatives, friends, and pets from another world, not only because I watched the show, but I miss them all the time.

“Everyone must cheer up, they are watching us.”

We must live well, because there are still people in our lives who have been caring and loving us; we must live well, because no one knows if there is a snack bar like this, and whether those (they) who have been missing us will also be there. Watching them.

If they are sad all the time, they will also be sad, right?

To live well, only those who leave (pets) will always exist.

Existing in memory, it will always be so fresh in memory.

Cherish life, discover the beauty in life, and live more happily and actively.

This is also the main theme that director Wang Mingchun wants to express.

Netizen: How does “Yin Yang Snack Bar” manage to be beautiful, funny, and make you want to cry!

Gardenia: Ah ah, Princess Shi Zhi is the best!


After a few episodes, “Yin Yang Snack Bar” has carved a niche simply by relying on its excellent quality. Those who have watched it have become tap water, and it is beneficial everywhere.

“It’s not scary at all. The ghosts in it are quite funny… It’s a healing gourmet movie.”

People who have seen it: ???

They agreed in the beginning, but in the end, they were a bit too deceitful!

Shi Zhi previously delivered outstanding results with “After Inheriting the Legacy of the Richest Man”, and the new drama has directly become a word-of-mouth drama.

Even in the mountains, she is still thriving. The popularity of vlogging has not yet subsided. As soon as “Yin Yang Snack Bar” came out, Shi Zhi was once again on the top of the trend list.

The rest of the celebrity staff has run out of energy.

They can’t find the point of attack at all.

The new drama is still airing, and it is going to explode with this momentum. Many people began to mention Shi Zhi who was still on the mountain. Some of them took the initiative, and some of them were brought up by reporters to start a conversation.

Bai Wu spared no effort to promote Shi Zhi’s new drama, even more so than her own drama, and showed off the gifts Shi Zhi sent her from the mountains.

Bodhisattva bracelet.

“Shi Zhi sent it to me specially.” There are three hearts attached at the end.

Ning Jiachi also has an extra item on her wrist, which has frequently appeared in airport photos and event photos recently.

Zhong Jiaxin specifically exposed her wrists during the interview. The reporter didn’t ask, so she wasn’t very happy.

“Aren’t you curious where this bracelet came from?”

Reporter: Not curious.

But since Zhong Jiaxin said it, they also asked, where did it come from?

Zhong Jiaxin, “This is a gift from my favorite female artist.” Everyone knows that Zhong Jiaxin is a gardenia, and her favorite female artist is Shi Zhi.

Showing off the Bodhisattva bracelets were also artists from Shi Zhi Studio, Lu Zeming… and a group of newcomers.

With so many people waiting to show off, everyone began to notice something was wrong.


Everyone’s bracelets look similar, don’t they?

And they were all sent by Shi Zhi from the mountain.

Got a gift.

Cheng Yu:……

Artists: …

Netizens: …

Ha ha ha ha!

What kind of large-scale car rollover scene is this? Everyone in the entertainment industry has it. Shi Zhi is engaged in bracelet wholesale.

Shi Zhi: Liar! Scumbag!

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