[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 10. (2/2)

Zombie Special

After more than half of the human players were eliminated, Xiao Yin and Xiao Yang finally realized what was happening. The two quickly rushed to the target room to find the treasure box.

A moment later, Le Lin and No. 5 met a man and a woman in the corridor. It was Xiao Yin and Xiao Yang.

Le Lin narrowed his eyes as if he remembered something, “If I remember correctly, you two were together when the game started?”

No. 5 was suddenly shocked. The duo in this game are zombies and spies!

“Haha, the thief shouts to catch the thief.” Xiao Yin smiled coldly, took out a card, and placed it in front of the two of them.

Cue card——

Tip 1: One of the humans is a spy in the same camp as the zombies.

Tip 2: The spy player level is lv1.

Tip 3: Zombies are the only level 3 players in this game.

“I found it in the treasure chest.” Xiao Yin stared at Le Lin, the meaning self-evident.

Player No. 5 silently moved away from Le Lin.

Le Lin laughed angrily, “It’s not me! I just took No. 5 to find the treasure chest.”

“It’s hard to say.” No. 5 looked at the sky and refused to look at No. 4. “Perhaps it is to disguise and establish an identity to infiltrate the enemy.”

Fuck your identity! Le Lin wanted to beat someone up.

Xiao Yin introduced himself, “Level 2 player, I found the reminder card. No one will suspect that I am a spy?” Level 2, so not a spy. And if it is a zombie, the prompt card will definitely be destroyed. She won’t show it to others like her.

Xiao Yang continued, “Level 2 players, find the special solution. From the beginning of the game, Xiao Yin and I have always acted together.” Xiao Yin is innocent, so he is innocent.

Obviously, there is no problem with the identities of these two people.

No. 5 took the initiative, “Level 2 player found the water gun in the Swiss room with the help of No. 4.”

A lv2 player, not a lv1 player, so he is not a spy.

There’sThe room has a water gun, so it’s not zombies.

To sum up, he is a righteous human companion.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Yin glanced at him, “You said lv2 means lv2? If you were lv3, we wouldn’t be able to detect it.”

When the zombie level is the highest, it is impossible to tell who is at level 3. They can only hope that the zombie players will spill the beans themselves.

No. 5 hurriedly raised the water gun to prove his innocence, “There is a treasure chest in my room! I am not a zombie!”

Xiao Yin said coolly, “Except Le Lin, no one knows where you found your water gun. It’s not impossible to get it by chance and lie about finding it in the corresponding room.”

No. 5 was about to say that No. 4 could prove that he had seen it with his own eyes but was blocked before he could say anything – indeed, No. 4 couldn’t clear himself, so how could he testify for him?

After thinking for a while, he said, “According to experience, there may be a zombie identification card in one of the 224 rooms, but it is too difficult to find it, and you have to rely on ethereal luck. It is better to eliminate the spies, and the zombies should be announced on the radio. The key information.” He does not meet the zombie characteristics, so he is naturally innocent.

The three turned their attention to Le Lin as soon as these words came out.

Le Lin, “…”

Is he unjust? Don’t lv1 players have human rights?

“If I were a spy, why would I help No. 5 find weapons?” Le Lin tried to reason. “It’s because we are in the same camp and wanted to find reliable companions and arm them.”

Xiao Yang sneered, “Maybe what you are really looking for is a special solution. Although you are with the zombies, you are still a human being, and you need a water gun and a solution to eliminate players.”

Who is with the zombies!! Le Lin’s eyelids were twitching, and he was in a very irritable mood.

“Wasn’t the game tested at the beginning?” Xiao Yin looked at Le Lin more and more suspiciously. “Even if you tear off the player’s name tag with your own hands, you can’t eliminate them.”

“At that time, I felt strange. There were no clues. Why did you suddenly say that you wanted to tear off No. 2? My name tag was torn off, and you tore up Xiao Yang for some fucking experiment.”

“Now I realize that you are not in the human camp at all! So it’s not a big deal to just watch the excitement. you wish you could eliminate the others too!”

Le Lin felt covered in words and couldn’t explain clearly, so he stopped talking, turned around, and ran away.

“Chase!” The three of them started running.

The four began a pursuit.

Le Lin ran all the way. After running around a corner, he opened the door and hid in the room. The three didn’t know it and continued chasing along the corridor.

Hearing footsteps fading behind the door, Le Lin opened the door again and quickly left in the opposite direction.

The three of them chased for a while but still could not see Le Lin. Then they realized that they had lost track of him. They returned and opened room after room to search, but it was too late.

Le Lin panted and went to the fifth floor.

“Hey, so embarrassed?” Xu Jia happened to be nearby. Seeing Le Lin, she walked over to say hello.

Le Lin wiped the sweat with his hand and stepped back without leaving a trace. The opponent had a water gun in her hand, filling the barrel with a special solution. He would definitely lose if she faced him head-on.

At first, he thought the opponent was only a zombie, so Xu Jia, who stayed with him during OUT on the 12th, could be trusted. But in fact, there are two opponents. What’s more, Xu Jia has just been promoted from a novice, and her level is also lv1. No matter how you look at it, this person is very suspicious.

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