Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 10. (2/2)

Xinghe: “Are you driving, or not?”

Lu Ya: “The road conditions inside are very poor. Driving is too slow. The medicine has a limited time to take effect. We fly directly there and arrive at Fairy Peak in about seven hours. We will find the wind bear and kill it in the remaining time.”

Xinghe: “If everything goes well, you will be able to complete the mission tomorrow evening.”

Qingteng stood next to Gu Fan and said: “Our mining mission does not need to be done today. Why don’t we go to Fairy Peak with you? When the young marshal successfully kills the wind bear, Gu Fan will continue to mine with us.”

Gu Fan was a little touched. Qingteng looked cold, but unexpectedly, she cared about her, fearing that she would be in danger if she acted alone with Lu Ya.

Meng Lianying and Fenghuo came to their senses and responded one after another.

Taishan is taciturn, but he has always been a cooperative one.

Lu Ya said indifferently: “The strength of your team is enough to arouse wind bear alert. This is why I proposed to split up. If the wind bear cannot be found within the validity period of the beast-avoiding pill, I have reason to suspect that your team deliberately assisted Gu Fan. Delay time and obscure the effectiveness of the medicine.”

Xinghe frowned.

Gu Fan suddenly smiled and said to Xinghe: “Then let’s split up. My medicine will definitely be effective, and the young marshal’s trip will be successful. There is no reason to harm me, so you can rest assured. To say the least, if the young marshal can not find the wind bear in time and kill me out of anger, it will only be considered bad luck for me and has nothing to do with you.”

Meng Lianying heard this and smiled so much that he patted Lu Ya: “Cousin, please tell Fan Fan that you are not that kind of person.”

Lu Ya: “Does she believe it? It’s just empty talk.”

After saying that, he put away the map and went to rest on his big bed.

The team members comforted Gu Fan one after another, letting her have confidence in the marshal of the army at the base.

Gu Fan just smiled.

When she went upstairs to take a shower, Qingteng quietly handed Gu Fan a small pistol.

“There are three venoms inside, which can instantly anesthetize the human body if ingested. You should keep them for self-defense.”

Gu Fan said: “You don’t believe him?”

Qingteng: “I believe him, but you don’t believe it. I hope you feel more secure.”

Gu Fan fell silent.

When the two of them took a bath together and got dressed, Gu Fan asked Qingteng for the first time: “Is your mining mission dangerous?”

Qingteng gave a rare smile: “As the young marshal said, S-class monsters have a strong sense of territory. Usually, there will not be two near a city. Since there is a wind bear on Fairy Peak in An city, there should be no other places. But if there will be S-class monsters and A-class monsters; as long as they are not in large numbers, the five of us can handle them more than enough.”

Gu Fan nodded.

The next morning, Gu Fan woke up earlier than usual and opened her backpack.

The backpack was full, including compressed biscuits, energy drinks, emergency medical kits given to her by Xinghe and others, and several highly lethal thermal weapons.

They met by chance and had been trying their best to protect her safety in their own way.

Before parting, Gu Fan called Meng Lianying aside and gave him a bottle of muscle-stimulating and blood-tonifying pills.

Meng Lianying opened the porcelain bottle and saw that it was full of that magical red healing medicine. There were about a dozen of them.

Gu Fan said sternly: “The quantity Grandpa gave me to save my life is limited. If you treat me well, I will treat you the same. Keep this bottle. Don’t waste it or spread it to others until you have to use it.”

Meng Lianying put away the medicine bottle, patted his chest, and said concisely: “Don’t worry.”

Five minutes later, the off-road vehicle driven by Xinghe disappeared into the mountains and forests.

Lu Ya swallowed the beast-avoiding pill and looked at Gu Fan’s boots: “Are you familiar with the flight function?”

Gu Fan: “Qingteng taught me how to fly. I’m not very familiar with it at first, but I think I don’t have a problem flying.”

Lu Ya suddenly jumped into the air and looked at her condescendingly: “Let’s go.”

Gu Fan stood up from the ground and followed him closely.

The two of them kept a height of about three meters above the ground. The sound of the engine from the combat boots was abrupt in the quiet no-man’s land. Gu Fan looked around and asked Lu Ya worriedly: “Will it attract the attention of the monster?”

Just as she finished speaking, a group of crow-mutated Class B monsters suddenly flew out of a forest in the distance and headed straight in their direction.

Amid the chaos, Gu Fan quickly hid on Lu Ya’s side.

Lu Ya kept flying at the same speed.

The crow was getting closer and closer, and Gu Fan’s face turned pale: “Aren’t you going to take action?”

Lu Ya suddenly stood up and said to her: “I want to see your strength first.”

Gu Fan raised her head in disbelief, but all she saw was a cold and heartless face. Compared with the enthusiasm of Xinghe and others, Lu Ya was simply inhumane.

However, Lu Ya stood by and watched, and Gu Fan’s scolding was useless. The spiritual fire in her body was running, and she used the “Fireball Technique” on the crowd of crows.

If Lu Ya was a fire element user, he would have sensed a majestic fire element being released from Gu Fan’s body, instantly erupting in the form of a fireball among the crows.

The huge fiery red color covered the crows, but unfortunately, it was only a blink of an eye. The crows broke out of the fire and continued to fly.

Gu Fan was about to cry but had no tears. She was only at the sixth level of the Qi Refining Stage. The fireball she fired was okay against C-level monsters but could not hurt B-level monsters.

If she only relies on her cultivation to attack, you will definitely die.

With Lu Ya here, it would be too wasteful and frustrating if she took out her treasured collection of life-saving talismans to deal with these crows!

There was no grievance, but Gu Fan didn’t believe that Lu Ya wanted to harm her, so she fired the fireball spell twice more, but it didn’t work. Gu Fan flew towards the road as fast as she could, accusing Lu Ya: “You bring me here. But you don’t believe me. I came with you out of kindness, but you refuse to save me, so why should I go to Fairy Peak with you?”

Lu Ya was unmoved.

The B-level crow monsters obviously judged that Lu Ya was not easy to mess with, so they changed their direction to pursue Gu Fan.

The flying speed of the crow monster was much faster, and the distance was shortened rapidly. Gu Fan took out two thermal weapons from her backpack and started shooting at the crow.

The alchemist’s accuracy was good, and the weapons given to her by Xinghe and others were all high-end goods. With the sound of gunshots, several crows lost their balance and fell to the ground.

However, Gu Fan couldn’t be happy either. Seeing that the remaining crow monsters were approaching, the black figure in the distance remained motionless. Gu Fan gritted her teeth and raised her arms as if resigned to her fate, covering her head and face.

The moment she surrendered, a golden thread appeared out of thin air, accurately passing through the vital points of each crow monster like the afterimage of a swimming dragon.

The crow monster closest to Gu Fan almost touched her arm with its sharp, long beak. However, due to sudden death, it lost control of its body and hit Gu Fan heavily with its inertia.

Gu Fan instinctively drove her combat boots to retreat. When she opened his eyes, she saw the crow monsters falling one after another.

A golden rope suddenly hooked her waist and took her flying towards Lu Ya.

When she stopped in front of Lu Ya, the golden rope disappeared.

Facing Gu Fan’s angry gaze, Lu Ya said calmly: “I have learned your strength. As compensation for this fright, if we encounter monsters next time, I will deal with them all.”

Gu Fan:……

The author’s side story:

Fan Fan: If you want to force me to use all my strength, you are still too young!

Lu Ya: I thought that was all your strength just now.

Fan fan: ……

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