Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 11. (1/2)

Lu Ya kept his word. During the next more than seven hours of flight, no matter what monster level appeared, Lu Ya would kill it alone.

And his attack method is just a golden line like an afterimage.

Gu Fan also hid behind Lu Ya when the monster first appeared. Even if several A-level beasts blocked her path at the same time, she could maintain her flight calmly and watch Lu Ya launch his attack without changing her expression.

After this journey, Gu Fan has finally seen Lu Ya’s strength. Only comparing the speed of killing high-level monsters, Lu Ya’s image in her mind is not much worse than that of the Nascent Soul stage master who destroyed their sect, as the reason why he is not as better as the masters at the Nascent Soul stage is entirely due to the limitations of the two cultivation systems.

The strong were awe-inspiring, and Gu Fan did not dare to care about Lu Ya’s initial rudeness and just wanted to accompany him through this journey honestly.

The two set out from the east of An city, passed through the deserted city ruins, and flew over scattered counties and villages. A stretch of continuous mountain forest appeared in front of them. One of the steep peaks reached straight into the clouds, like the king of the surrounding mountains.

Lu Ya slowed down, walked side by side with her, and said, “That’s Fairy Peak. You and I fly to the river at the foot of the mountain and take a rest.”

Gu Fan listened to his arrangements.

After flying for about half an hour, the two landed on the bank of a large river under Fairy Peak.

With high mountains and flowing water, green trees, and white clouds, Gu Fan looked up and suddenly felt that this place was somewhat similar to the sect she once lived in. The surrounding five elements were full of spiritual energy, far better than the Jiangnan base. It’s a pity that people on earth like prosperous cities, so they insist on establishing their base in urban areas but instead give these good places to monsters.

“The medicine is only effective for ten hours, how can We find a Wind Bear?” Gu Fan asked after looking at the environment.

Lu Ya looked at the top of the mountain: “If the Wind Bear is really at Fairy Peak, it should have sensed your breath.”

Gu Fan frowned, always feeling that there was something in Lu Ya’s words.

Lu Ya took a few steps away and suddenly released the corpses of the A-level monsters he had taken into space. There were twelve of them in total. Because they died too quickly and the wounds were too small, not much blood even flowed out.

Gu Fan didn’t quite understand the meaning of his move.

Lu Ya took out a sharp knife and opened the brain of a monster while explaining to Gu Fan: “Both superpowers and monsters have evolved crystal nuclei in their brains. The crystal nuclei basically correspond to the superpower attributes of the body, and there is also extremely low probability of mutation, and my space crystal is a companion crystal found in the brain of an S-class beast.”

“The crystal cores of each system are high-tech materials. You can exchange them for merit points when you bring them back to the base. I am in a hurry today. I will confiscate the monsters below A level. You are responsible for taking care of these. No matter what crystal core you get, it will be yours.”

With that said, Lu Ya walked to the river, washed a green crystal core he had just taken out, and threw it to Gu Fan: “The five elements crystal cores are easy to distinguish by color. If you find a black crystal core, congratulations, that’s the rarest space crystal.”

Gu Fan subconsciously caught the green crystal core.

She probed her consciousness inside and found that the abundant wood elements inside had condensed into a solid state.

Suppose her spiritual power is exhausted with such a wood-type crystal core. In that case, she can immediately replenish the wood-type spiritual power, and the effect is comparable to a high-level spiritual replenishing pill.

Gu Fan was reluctant to exchange such an excellent life-saving thing for merit points.

“How many merit points can be exchanged for one crystal core?” Out of another kind of doubt, Gu Fan still asked.

Lu Ya: “A five-element A-grade crystal core costs 10,000 points. The space crystal can be exchanged for 10,000 points based on its capacity. One cubic meter can be exchanged for 10,000 points.”

Gu Fan looked at the corpses of the other eleven A-level monsters at her feet and then at Lu Ya, who was squatting by the river washing his hands. She frowned deeply: “Not to mention the materials on the A-level monsters, he just killed twelve. The battle achievements of the first A-level monsters and their crystal cores can be exchanged for 240,000 merit points. Are you going to give them to me?”

Lu Ya nodded.

Gu Fan needed a reason to receive, no reward for no merit.

Lu Ya’s benefits were naturally not given to her in vain. He looked at her and said: “In the eyes of Wind Bear, you are equivalent to a C-level monster. When the strong smell of blood here dissipates, Wind Bear will definitely look for you when it is hungry.” come over.”

Gu Fan felt cold: “So, you want me to be your bait for hunting wind bears?”

Lu Ya: “I will ensure your safety. Those A-level beasts are your reward. Of course, if you refuse, I won’t force you.”

Lu Ya is already so powerful, but that wind bear still requires him to work hard, so one can imagine its strength.

Gu Fan looked solemn and was calculating quickly in her mind.

If she refuses to be bait, Lu Ya will definitely go over the mountains and ridges to look for the wind bear. At that time, will Lu Ya take her as a burden with him? Definitely not, and once she is alone and the wind bear finds her again, she will have no choice but to wait for death.

In this case, she must not be separated from Lu Ya.

Those who understand current affairs are distinguished, so Gu Fan accepted Lu Ya’s conditions.

“I heard from Fenghuo that the soldiers of China have the mission to protect their homeland and love their people. Since you are a young marshal in the army, I believe you will protect me.”

Putting the green crystal core into her backpack, Gu Fan pulled the backpack’s zipper and whispered a high hat to him.

(high hat : probably a moral prise, correct me guys)

Lu Ya: “Really? When I asked you to kill the crow, you didn’t seem to have much confidence in me.”

Gu Fan:……

She glanced at him faintly, then turned to deal with the monster’s body.

This job is not unfamiliar to her.

The alchemist’s raw materials are not only spiritual herbs. The inner elixir, blood, and even fur of monsters may enhance the efficacy of the medicine and are indispensable. When Gu Fan first learned to make alchemy, she did menial tasks such as taking care of the medical field and collecting the corpses of monsters every day. Only when she was proficient in the basic skills could she be qualified to formally learn alchemy.

Picking up Lu Ya’s sharp dagger, Gu Fan quickly got busy.

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