Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 10. (1/2)

After showering, Gu Fan and Qingteng left the RV and went to their small tent.

The surroundings were dark, and Gu Fan remained lying on her back, practicing silently.

After watching the battle between Fenghuo and others today, Gu Fan no longer worries about safety at night. Even if a high-level monster attacks, the reaction speed of the mercenary team is enough to wake her up before the danger approaches.

The five elements quietly pour into her body from all directions, nourishing the blood vessels and dantian. This is a very comfortable process. No matter how lazy people are, they will not give up this simplest way of cultivation as long as they have found the secret of cultivation.

Outside the tent, Meng Lianying discussed with Lu Ya how he could move into the RV, but it was ineffective, so he reluctantly squeezed into the big tent.

The last idler also fell asleep. Lu Ya jumped onto the long roof of the RV and lay down.

Above is a vast starry sky with a Milky Way across it.

No matter what happened on the land, there seemed to be no change in the starry sky, indifferently watching the fight between humans and monsters.

Lu Ya closed his eyes.

Don’t know how long it took, but he felt a slight flow of gold elements. It was as slight as a baby’s little fist accidentally falling on the river bank, causing a slight vibration on the water’s surface that was difficult to detect with the naked eye. If it weren’t for the dead of night, even an S-class person like him would notice. The metal sensing ability cannot be detected.

Is someone controlling the gold element?

Lu Ya sat up and looked at the tent where Meng Lianying and the other men stayed. Meng Lianying was the only one with the same gold-type superpower as him.

But it couldn’t be Meng Lianying. He stayed on guard for half the night last night and He was on the road killing monsters during the day. He would definitely take the time to rest at night.

Lu Ya concentrated his attention and tried to capture the seemingly invisible golden element again.

After a few seconds, Lu Ya looked at Gu Fan and Qingteng’s tent.

Among the two women, one can control the element of gold.

Meng Lianying is Lu Ya’s cousin. After his uncle and aunt died on the battlefield, Lu Ya attached great importance to his cousin’s safety. Lu Ya sent people to conduct strict investigations on all mercenaries who appeared next to his cousin, so he is certain that Qingteng is a single wood element user and can never control the gold element.

Gu Fan?

Is she from the three elements of wood, fire, and metal?

But why should she hide it? Dual-, three-, four-, and even five-series superpowers are very common on Earth. However, usually, the more superpower attributes a superpower acquires, the worse his mental strength will be. Only a small number of multi-type superpowers will have B-level or above strength.

What Lu Ya couldn’t understand the most was that if Gu Fan couldn’t sleep well, why would she do it with gold elements?

Lu Ya kept watch all night and found that Gu Fan also played with gold elements all night. She didn’t stop until Meng Lianying sneezed loudly in the early morning.

“My cousin stayed up all night. How did he look like he didn’t? Isn’t he feeling sleepy”

Gu Fan was still pretending to be asleep when she heard Meng Lianying’s inappropriate tone.

Qingteng had already sat up, and Gu Fan pretended to wake up.

When she walked out of the tent, because of Meng Lianying’s words, Gu Fan looked at the black figure curiously. Lu Ya was talking to Xinghe. As expected, there was no trace of sleepiness on his stern profile.

But when he got to the car, Lu Ya fastened his seat belt and leaned back on the chair to fall asleep.

After a cultivator reaches the fifth level of the Qi Refining Stage, both spiritual power and spiritual consciousness can be released. However, the range of spiritual consciousness is limited. Gu Fan can only use her spiritual consciousness to observe places within one meter of her.

She seemed to be looking straight ahead, but she let out a ray of consciousness to peer at Lu Ya.

Lu Ya closed his eyes. His eyelashes were long, and the lines of his entire face seemed to have softened a bit, no longer so intimidating.

Only twenty-seven years old, not much older than Meng Lianying and the others.

Satisfied with her curiosity about an S-class strongman who could stay up all night and still maintain a handsome face, Gu Fan put away her consciousness and focused on paying attention to the road conditions.

In the next two nights, Xinghe, Qingteng, Meng Lianying, and Taishan each stayed half the night.

Before the four people kept vigil, Lu Ya told them individually to pay attention to whether there was any flow of Five Elements near the camp.

However, the answers from the four A-level superpowers were all negative.

On the fifth night, everyone settled down for the night twenty kilometers away from An city.

Having a house to stay in tonight, after dinner, Xinghe asked Lu Ya: “The mine we are going to is in the mining area east of An City. Where is the wind bear?”

Lu Ya took out a map and put it on the table.

As far as it concerned herself, Gu Fan also came over to take a look.

The area under An city’s jurisdiction is surrounded by mountains. Lu Ya glanced at Gu Fan, pointed at a mountainous area just west of An city, and said: “I have been here three times, and the wind bears have always been active in the Fairy Peak area. The territorial awareness of high-level monsters It’s very strong, so I deduce that Wind Bear should still be at Fairy Peak.”

Gu Fan had a question: “You have been here three times, how many times have you fought against Wind Bear?”

Lu Ya: “One time, I was injured and it escaped. When I came back later, it sensed my breath and escaped early, avoiding confrontation with me.”

Meng Lianying said with a smile: “No wonder my cousin wants to buy Fanfan’s beast-avoiding pill. The beast-avoiding pill is simply the nemesis of the wind bear. It makes the sharpness of the nose not work. Let’s see how it escapes this time.”

Lu Ya looked at the map and said: “The urban area of An city is about 100 kilometers away from Fairy Peak. Let’s set off separately tomorrow morning. Gu Fan and I will go to Fairy Peak, and you will go mining. After the mission is completed, we will return to the base in two ways. I will send Gu Fan back to the villa directly, so you don’t have to worry.”

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