[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 9. (1/2)

Zombie Special

Item No. 11 points to the Singapore room.

Xu Jia had seen the Singapore Room before and remembered the location. She arrived at her destination soon and successfully found the water gun in the room.

“Destroy.” Xu Jia softly spat out two words.

The next second, the water gun cracked like a puzzle, faded, and disappeared.

Then, the instruction card is also destroyed.

Pulling out the new special solution from her bag, Xu Jia originally wanted to destroy it together. But after thinking about it, she stuffed it back into her bag. The special solution is equivalent to gun ammunition. It is uncertain whether it will be left behind or have other uses.

After taking one last look at the room, Xu Jia left calmly.


When the OUT broadcast sounded, Qi Yuan sought the next target. Unexpectedly, the target approached him first before he could get close.

“Hey brother, do you understand the rules of the game?” Target No. 10 spoke to Qi Yuan.

Qi Yuan’s eyes moved slightly, and he instantly had an idea. But he shook his head and said, “Not very clear.”

“I also feel that there is a layer of window paper between it, and I can’t understand it no matter how hard I try.” No. 10 sighed, seeming very melancholy. Suddenly, his eyes lit up, and he suggested, “How about we exchange the items in the bag? Maybe we can find something by studying each other’s things.”

A faint smile appeared on Qi Yuan’s lips.

A few minutes ago, he coaxed No. 3 to take out the item on the pretext of exchanging information. A few minutes later, someone coaxed him to take out the item on the pretext of the same reason… It was all a routine.

“Have you been to the corresponding room?” Qi Yuan simply pointed out.

No. 10’s expression suddenly changed. He looked at Qi Yuan strangely and said nothing.

Qi Yuan continued, “Actually, I just figured it out and didn’t have time to verify it.”

No. 10 was startled, and his heart immediately started beating wildly. In other words, is the treasure box still in the house and has not been opened?

Qi Yuan stepped forward, held the name strip No. 10 in his hand, and said calmly, “Maybe you can tell me the answer directly? Did you find the treasure box in the room corresponding to the place where the item was produced?”

No. 10 rolled his eyes and said nonchalantly, “Give up! I’m telling you, this time the game won’t involve tearing up the name tag. You can tear them apart as you like, it’s not like I’ll lose if you frown.”

He has exchanged information with others, so he knows very well that the player is alive and well after the name tag is torn off, and nothing happens.

Hearing this, Qi Yuan wanted to tear it open and give him a surprise.

No. 10 didn’t know that he was about to die and was still bargaining, “Show me the items in your bag first, and I’ll tell you the answer.”

Anyway, there is nothing in the corresponding room. Just look at it.

Qi Yuan held onto No. 10’s name tag with his right hand, took out a jar of ointment from his bag with his left hand, and handed it to No. 10.

No. 10 quickly checked and found that the ointment bottle said “Origin: Thailand.”

Thailand! He knows where the room is! No. 10 was so excited that he didn’t think much about why No. 1 would obey and hand over the items. He can obviously come to a conclusion by going there in person. There is no need to ask anyone else.

He put the ointment into his pocket and said quickly, “You are right, there is a treasure box in the corresponding room. I found a bottle of blue solution there.”

After saying that, No. 10 kicked off and ran away, planning to rush to the Thai room one step ahead to occupy the treasure box.

Qi Yuan’s right hand firmly held the name strip of No. 10. During this run, No. 10’s name strip fell off directly.

No. 10 was running and realized something was wrong. When he looked again, his body was almost gone. He was suddenly shocked and stunned, “Fuck! What’s going on?”

Qi Yuan reminded me, “Frown and you lose.”

No. 10, “…”

If he loses, just lose. Not only did he want to frown, he also wanted to curse.

Not long after, No. 10 disappeared together with Qi Yuan’s ointment.

Soon, the news of “Human No. 10 OUT” spread throughout the hotel.

Qi Yuan wandered around and continued to look for the next target.

In fact, although the system says, “Successfully eliminate all humans except No. 2, the zombie couple wins, ” once you find the treasure box, you will find that there is actually another hidden way to win – a weapon that destroys humans.

The treasure box card clearly states, “The only way to eliminate zombies is to put a special solution in a water gun to wet the zombie’s name tag, and then tear off the zombie’s name tag.”

What if the special solution is completely destroyed? Were all the water guns destroyed? There is no way to wet the zombie name tag, and of course, there is no way to proceed to the next step of tearing off the name tag.

In this way, zombies are invincible against humans who have no ability to attack.

Before eliminating the human players, Qi Yuan tried his best to ask for information about the items in his opponent’s bag, because after the players were eliminated, the prompts would disappear. The treasure box might be accidentally discovered by other humans.

After learning the information about the items’ origin, he found the room and destroyed the weapons in the treasure box with his own hands so that no one could find them again.

Qi Yuan did not tear up No. 10 immediately but stayed with him to talk for a while. This is the reason.

He seemed to be verifying the game’s rules, “Did you find the treasure box in the room corresponding to the place where the item was produced?”

But what he really wants to ask is, after discovering the prompt, did you go to the corresponding room, open the treasure box, and take the contents with you?

Number 10 replied, “I found a bottle of blue solution there.”

He has been there, and the blue solution is in his bag.

So, after finishing speaking, Qi Yuan did not hesitate to tear him apart.

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