Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 9. (2/2)

The hand that was always protecting the back of her neck sensed her movement and released it in time. Gu Fan successfully completed raising her head. In the wilderness to the side, Fenghuo and his four people were working together to deal with two three-meter-long monsters: Black Scorpion.

Gu Fan has seen the introduction of black scorpions in “The Latest Edition of Monster Encyclopedia.” Ordinary scorpions are very small. After large-scale radiation, scorpions mutate. The one-meter-long black scorpion is a C-level monster, and the two-meter-long black scorpion is upgraded to B-level with strength. Three meters is already an A-level monster, and the most powerful S-level black scorpion is even five meters long!

The black scorpion uses earth-based supernatural powers to attack. However, scorpions are poisonous, and the mutated black scorpions are more poisonous, so you must be careful when dealing with them.

The two black scorpions had strange speeds and almost perfectly evaded the supernatural attacks of Fenghuo and Meng Lianying. The poison Qingteng spawned by the green vines was ineffective against the black scorpions and could only restrain them slightly. Taishan’s earth-type supernatural powers were even more powerful. Having the same origin as the Black Scorpion, no one can hurt anyone. They can only restrain each other.

The four of them cooperated tacitly. After the initial test, Qingteng and Taishan each restrained a black scorpion, and Fenghuo and Meng Lianying concentrated their firepower to attack.

The fight is still ongoing, but the human side can already see the chance of victory, and it will be over in a few minutes.

Gu Fan’s nervousness finally relaxed, and then she realized that she was still sitting on Lu Ya’s lap, and Lu Ya’s right arm was still around her waist.

Gu Fan looked into his eyes.

Their eyes met. Lu Ya understood and let go of his hand.

“Thank you.” Gu Fan sat back down.

Lu Ya: “You’re welcome. If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t have an accident if you were wearing a seat belt.”

Gu Fan thought so, too.

Xinghe was still sitting in the driver’s seat. After they had finished communicating, Xinghe explained to Gu Fan: “Just now, those two black scorpions suddenly put up a wall of earth on the road. I…”

Gu Fan had already seen the road conditions and smiled: “I don’t blame you, you are driving steadily enough.”

Xinghe nodded.

Gu Fan continued to watch the fighting outside. Suddenly, she turned to Lu Ya and said, “Why don’t you go down and help?”

She wanted to see Lu Ya’s ability.

Lu Ya looked at the two black scorpions, who were becoming increasingly powerless, and said, “With them here, I don’t need to take action against the A-level monsters.”

Gu Fan: “Then if you take action, how long will it take to kill two A-level black scorpions?”

Xinghe also looked at Lu Ya through the rearview mirror. He had never seen Lu Ya’s strength with his own eyes.

Lu Ya looked indifferent as if he was talking about a trivial matter: “One second.”

Xinghe expressed his admiration with his eyes.

Gu Fan had a little doubt. For a second, it was just a thought. Lu Ya was so strong. Why didn’t he take action before Meng Lianying and others got out of the car to save everyone time?

At this time, the battle outside was over.

The four of them cut off all the usable parts of the Black Scorpion and put them into Taishan’s space. The Galaxy Condensation Water Gun removed the dirt on their armor, and Fenghuo was responsible for drying it.

But this kind of rough cleaning still couldn’t wash away the smell of blood and sweat from the four people after the fierce battle.

As soon as the four of them got in the car, the mixed smell filled the space inside.

Gu Fan resisted and did not apply the dust removal technique to them; there was no flaw in her expression.

Lu Ya leaned back on his chair expressionlessly, turning his stern face toward the car window. The off-road car returned to the main road, and the distant mountains and wilderness swept past his eyes.

Lu Ya had no idea about the close contact with Gu Fan before. He only took action to prevent her from flying out of the window. However, when the smell of the four people in Meng Lianying came over, Lu Ya suddenly remembered that brief moment with Gu Fan. The smell on Gu Fan’s body was clean and fresh and even had a vague floral fragrance.

A woman who hadn’t taken a shower after running around for a day and a half still smelled good.

Is this the reason why she said she didn’t take a shower last night?

Today, the speed of the off-road car has obviously slowed down. In the evening, the group of people drove to an area with rolling hills.

“Young Marshal, should we set up a tent for one night, or should we continue driving forward and see if there are any villages or towns nearby?”

Lu Yidao: “Most of the villages and towns here are close to water, and there are many monsters near the water. Just camp on the roadside.”

Xinghe thought so, too, and he asked just out of politeness.

While it was still dark, Meng Lianying’s team set up two tents on the roadside. The men crowded into the big one, and Gu Fan and Qingteng lived in the smaller one.

“Cousin, have you brought the tent?” Meng Lianying wanted to continue to broaden his horizons and looked at Lu Ya expectantly.

Lu Ya walked to the other side of Gu Fan and Qingteng’s small tent and released an RV.

At this time, even Gu Fan was stunned.

She was used to seeing various scooters and off-road cars on the base, and this was the first time she saw such a car.

Lu Ya introduced them: “I found this in a car shop in an abandoned city. The name of the car is an RV. In the free era, it could be used as a house for traveling during the day and staying at night. I brought it back to the base and renovated it. Except for the original function, which has not been improved, it can be regarded as a flashy collection.”

Fenghuo: “I also want this kind of flashiness.”

Meng Lianying: “Cousin, I want to know more about how big your crystal space is.”

Lu Ya didn’t answer. He opened the car door and motioned for everyone to come in and visit.

Fenghuo and Meng Lianying were not polite to him and rushed up.

Gu Fan and Qingteng followed closely behind.

Xinghe and Taishan did not move. They were both from retail backgrounds. They had seen various old objects and had long lost their curiosity.

Meng Lianying: “There is actually a bathroom in here, ah, and water! Cousin, let me take a shower first!”

Fenghuo: “I just want to lay on the floor inside.”

At the end of the visit, the four of them came out with unfinished business.

“I’ll keep vigil tonight, you all go to bed.” Standing by the car door, Lu Ya arranged.

Meng Lianying’s heart was moved, and he said naively, “Since my cousin won’t sleep, why don’t you let me sleep in your RV for one night?”

Lu Ya taught him a lesson: “Since you choose to be a mercenary, you should get used to hardship.”

Meng Lianying:…

No matter how hard it is, you must continue your chosen path!

After dinner, Xinghe took the men to an open-air bath in the dark while Lu Ya lent the RV to Qingteng and Gu Fan.

Gu Fan couldn’t use the dust removal technique every day. She came out of the bathroom with her long hair and watched Qingteng walk in. Out of curiosity, Gu Fan opened the bedroom door.

The bedroom is clean and bright, as new as ever, with a similar luxurious bed.

Gu Fan walked to the bed and pressed it. The mattress material was comfortable and elastic. It was not suitable for meditation. It should be very comfortable for lying down and watching TV.

People on earth just know how to enjoy themselves. When she returns to the base, she will also buy a bed like this.

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