[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 7. (1/2)

Zombie Special

Xu Jia helped Xiao Yin put the name strips on, then let go of the hostages, saying righteously, “We can’t eliminate each other anyway, so let’s communicate through words. I never like to use violence.”

In fact, other humans can be torn apart at will, but she cannot. The system has said that she has the word “spy” on her back, and being discovered is always a problem.

Xiao Yin was so angry that she really wanted to kick this girl. Who just used force to tear her apart? Where does it look like you hate violence?

Xu Jia blinked innocently and said confidently, “You want to eliminate me for no reason, why don’t I fight back? I have to pull a few backers before I die, right?”

Xiao Yin was speechless.

“Did you find out?” Unable to eliminate Xu Jia, Le Lin had to change the topic.

“Yes.” Xu Jia nodded seriously.

“Oh?” Le Lin became interested, “Tell me about it.”

“What the hell is this place? I can’t even see anyone. I almost thought I was playing a single-player game.” Xu Jia complained loudly.

Le Lin sighed secretly, knowing this person was difficult to deal with. He said casually, “The hotel is too big. There are six floors including the lobby on the first floor, so it is not easy to meet players. Of course, it may also be because the game has just started and the players are unfamiliar with the environment and terrain. “

“How did you meet?” Xu Jia was curious.

Le Lin smiled calmly and said, “It just happened.”

“Oh, by coincidence-” Xu Jia deliberately lengthened her words.

The two of them were going back and forth, chatting as if no one else was around, and they seemed very familiar with each other.

“Xiao Yin, let’s go.” Xiao Yang couldn’t stand listening anymore and called his companions to leave.

The punk girl stared at Le Lin closely with an expression as if she wanted to eat someone. Hearing this, she snorted coldly, raised her chin, and left arrogantly as if she disdained being associated with Le Lin.

“Hey, your teammate ran away.” Xu Jia reminded him.

“It’s okay.” Le Lin didn’t care at all. “I saw that they knew each other, so I wanted to cooperate. Who knew that such a bad person would have his name strip ripped off casually. It’s okay to separate.”

He doesn’t need this idiot teammate to hold him back.

“Then do you have anything to say?” Xu Jia glanced sideways at him, hoping that it was obvious that they wanted to separate.

Le Lin glanced at her and said solemnly, “Don’t die before I eliminate you.”

Xu Jia raised her eyebrows, “Want to take revenge?”

Le Lin thought about his failure in the last round of the game and couldn’t help his eyes twitching. “Of course. I almost cleared all the obstacles, but in the end I was tricked by you. I have to find my way back no matter what.”

It’s like working hard to conquer a large country area, but in the end, it was stolen. Frustration and anger are not enough to describe his mood.

Xu Jia smiled provocatively as if she understood what he was thinking, “Those who steal the hook will be punished, and those who steal the country will be martyred. Revenge? Hehe, if you can do it, just try it.”

After saying the cruel words, she left calmly – just running away after pretending to be cool was very exciting.

Lelin didn’t stop her and let her go.

Unexpectedly, the next second, the broadcast sounded, “Human No. 12 OUT, Human No. 12 OUT.”

Xu Jia stopped and looked back at Le Lin.

“The zombies are starting to take action.” Le Lin looked extremely serious. At the same time, he secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

It’s useless for humans to tear each other’s name strips apart. Players who can be eliminated are either caused by zombies or human players who have found a way to eliminate each other. Since the game has just started and even he has no clue, the possibility of humans eliminating No. 12 is very low, and it is basically certain that zombies did it.

He was staying with Xu Jia when the radio sounded, which shows that Xu Jia is not a zombie. It’s good news that the tough person is no match.

“It seems we have to cooperate.” Xu Jia sighed helplessly, “It’s not easy to find a trustworthy partner.”

Le Lin also said, “Forget it this time; I will take revenge next time we meet.” After all, earning the winning bonus is the most important thing for him.

Then he waved his hand and said, “Split up and remember to share the information you find later.”

“Yes.” Xu Jia responded seriously.

The two of them separated.

Walking to a corner where no one noticed, Xu Jia smiled cunningly. Human No. 12 was eliminated at the right time. Thanks to No. 12, she successfully disguised herself as a good person in front of Le Lin.

But soon, she suppressed her joy and warned herself, “There are too many opponents, so we have to speed up.”

Once you understand the game’s rules, finding a room will be much more efficient. Glancing at the country name next to the room, Xu Jia knew whether to enter or skip it.

A few minutes later, she found the “Malaysia” room at the corner of the third floor.

After entering and locking the door, Xu Jia began to search. Opening the cabinets one by one, they were empty. I checked under the table and under the bed but found nothing.

“Didn’t find it? Or was it taken away in advance? Or maybe my analysis was wrong?” Xu Jia sat on the bed while thinking.

Suddenly, she thought of something, got up, and lifted the quilt off the bed. A golden treasure box stood quietly where the pillow should have been placed.

“Found it.” Xu Jia raised her lips. She was happy not only because she had found the treasure box but also because her guess had been verified.

Xu Jia took the treasure box and opened it to check. Inside was a bottle of blue solution, and a card was next to it.

The card says——

The only way to kill zombies is to wet the zombies’ name tags with a special solution in a water gun.

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