[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 7. (2/2)

Zombie Special

These two items are hidden in treasure boxes in different rooms. Since they were jointly researched and developed by 10 countries, they can only be found in these 10 countries.

Note 1: Shooting a nameplate with a water gun filled with a special solution will also drive humans out.

Note 2: Zombies will not be eliminated immediately after being shot by the water gun. They will be completely eliminated after removing the name tag.

Xu Jia stared at the card for a long time, puzzled, “There are 12 players in total, why did 10 countries develop weapons?”

No. 1 is a zombie. The items in his backpack may be a disguise. There is no water gun or solution in the corresponding room. But there’s still one person left?

If she is a spy and enjoys the same treatment as a zombie, then it makes sense that there are no weapons in the Malaysian room. But she had already found the special solution in the room…

Xu Jia looked slightly cold and thought of another possibility, “There is also a reminder card in the room corresponding to one person’s items, telling others that there is a spy.”

Thinking of this, her expression suddenly changed, “I have to find my companions quickly, there is not much time left.” It would be better if she could find a water gun and put the special solution to use.

Xu Jia hurriedly left the Malaysian room and searched everywhere. But this time, it’s not looking for a room but a player.

Suddenly, her eyes froze, and she narrowed slightly. If she read it correctly, two men had entered the room together. The name tag on the back of one had the word “No. 1” on it. Did he look very familiar?


After Qi Yuan led people into the house, he locked the door specially.

No. 3 was very defensive. He held his bag against the wall and pursed his lips. “You said you wanted to exchange information. How do you do it?”

Qi Yuan shook the large water gun in his hand and said seriously, “I already understand all the rules of the game. Take out the items in your bag and show me a look, and I will tell you the rules of the game without reservation.”

“Why should I trust you?” No. 3 said in an aggressive tone.

Qi Yuan thought for a while, “How about this? I’ll give you part of it as a deposit first, you show me the items in the bag, and then I’ll tell you the rest?”

The other party seemed very sincere.

No. 3 nodded, “Deal.”

“The only way to eliminate zombies is to put a special solution in a water gun to wet the zombies’ name tag.” Qi Yuan confessed frankly.

No. 3 quickly captured two keywords, “water gun” and “special solution.”

As a veteran, he immediately reacted, “Is there a weapon that can deal with zombies hidden in the treasure box? Does the item indicate where the treasure box is?”

Qi Yuan did not answer. He stretched out his hand and asked, “Give me the contents of the bag first.”

No. 3 held the bag, not wanting to hand over the items. It’s a pity that he didn’t pay attention when he entered the house and let Qi Yuan block the only door, making it impossible to escape.

“After the zombies are eliminated, all surviving players can win. You and I are not in a competitive relationship.” Qi Yuan’s tone slowed down and sounded very convincing.

“If what you find is a water gun, you will keep it and use it, and I will return it to you naturally. If what you find is a special solution, then we can attack the zombies.”

“You should have heard that, right? A human player has been eliminated, and the opponent’s actions are faster than expected.”

No. 3’s heart tightened. After silence, he handed over the items in his bag. That’s a razor made in America.

Qi Yuan took the razor, glanced at the place of production, and then smiled with satisfaction. He put the water gun on the table next to him, slowly approached with the razor, handed it to No. 3, and returned it.

“The remaining information.” No. 3 took the razor and remembered.

You know, most of the reasons he made up his mind to cooperate were that he wanted to understand the rules of the game.

And a small part of the reason is that, as an Lv2 player, he can’t detect the opponent’s level. In other words, the opponent’s level is Lv2 or above.

Being able to find the clues before him showed that the other party was quite capable. When you are confused, supporting high-level players is also a good choice. As the other person said, this is not a one-person competition, and there can be many winners.

When No. 3 lowered his head to put the razor back into his bag, Qi Yuan took a step forward, grabbed No. 3 with his left hand, and tore off No. 3’s name tag with his right hand. The movements are done in one go and very quickly.

At the same time, he said easily, “Zombies can eliminate players by tearing off their name strips. In addition, zombies cannot use water guns to attack.”

Number 3: “!!!”

He looked in disbelief. How could this guy be a zombie? Aren’t you holding a water gun?

But his figure is indeed slowly fading.

No. 3 had countless things to say, but in the end, the thousands of words converged into one sentence, “Fuck!”

The next second, the broadcast prompts, “Human No. 3 OUT, Human No. 3 OUT.”

Zombie No. 1 Qi Yuan, who could not use the water gun and was just pretending, muttered to himself, “The American room…”

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