Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 9. (1/2)

It can be seen from Lu Ya’s bed that he is a very particular person. Therefore, after dinner, when he released two buckets from the space for Xinghe to fill and then lifted them up to take a shower on the second floor, Gu Fan was not at all interested- not surprised.

“When the young marshal comes down, let’s go up there and wash up.”

Xinghe suggested that it would be disrespectful to squeeze into a car during the day when Lu Ya is so clean, and the smell of sweat from their bodies would smell Lu Ya.

Taishan nodded.

Meng Lianying and Fenghuo had already moved to Lu Ya’s bedside, touching here and there.

They are all mercenaries. They usually don’t pay much attention to bedding, and Fenghuo’s style also focuses on the clothes. Now that they see Lu Ya’s bed, they can’t help but want to experience it.

However, Lu Ya’s aura prevented them from further testing.

Gu Fan was not interested in the luxurious bed, so she took out the tablet in her backpack and watched the TV series Fenghuo had downloaded in advance for her.

Fifteen minutes later, Lu Ya came down from upstairs and changed into black silk pajamas. His short hair was half wet, but it did not affect his cold and solemn aura at all.

Meng Lianying asked sincerely: “Cousin, you used to lead the army out, and you were so particular?”

Lu Ya: “It depends on the time and occasion. It’s safe tonight. You can relax a little.”

Meng Lianying: “You still call this a little? It just needs two more masseurs to give you a massage.”

Lu Ya glanced at him.

Meng Lianying closed his mouth and asked Qingteng and Gu Fan, “After Xinghe go, let you take a bath first.”

Qingteng nodded.

Gu Fan told the tablet screen: “I don’t sweat much, so I won’t wash.”

She must have sweated a little, but it had been cleaned quietly by Gu Fan using the dust removal technique. She just knew that she was very clean. As for what others thought, she didn’t care much about it, and she didn’t even look up to observe other people’s expressions.

Fenghuo smelled himself and looked at each other with Meng Lianying, who had done the same thing, unable to say the same thing.

Finally, Xinghe took his four teammates to the second floor and divided them into two rooms to bathe.

The familiar companions were not around for the time being. Gu Fan glanced outside the small building warily and finally turned his eyes to Lu Ya, who was standing by the window.

There was no electricity, and it was dark inside and outside the windows, with only a little starlight illuminating various outlines.

The window glass had long been broken, and the evening breeze blew in gently, causing the hair beside his ears to move.

It seems that his hair has been blown dry by the wind.

The deepening darkness made the light from the screen particularly dazzling. Gu Fan put away her tablet, lay flat on the bed, and closed her eyes.

Lu Ya tilted his head and glanced in her direction.

The night was uneventful, and the next day, the seven of them boarded an off-road car again with the same seating arrangement as yesterday.

Meng Lianying and Fenghuo took naps from time to time. Gu Fan was worried and kept paying attention to the environment outside the car.

The monsters have certain wisdom and know that humans build and use the roads. They use brute force to cause varying degrees of damage to the roads. The off-road car sometimes drives along the smooth road and sometimes drives around several deep pits and fault zones. In the grassy field, Gu Fan simply held the two chairs in front of her with both hands to maintain her balance.

Monsters appeared several times, including C-level and B-level monsters, but they were all killed by Fenghuo, Meng Lianying, Qingteng, and Taishan.

None of the four got out of the car, they just used their minds to perform supernatural powers from a distance.

Gu Fan observed silently and suddenly realized the difference between cultivators and superpowers.

Evolution has made the physical quality of superpowers far superior to ordinary people. Still, superpowers have no spiritual power in their bodies. They can only control the five elements of the outside world with their thoughts. The difference in level of superpowers is actually the difference in mental strength. The same is true for metal. For those with superpowers, the metal weapons condensed by C-level superpowers can only penetrate tree trunks. Those with S-level superpowers can make their weapons break through rocks and mountains.

Cultivators, on the other hand, introduce the Five Elements into the body, and through tempering and nourishing them repeatedly, they can achieve the effects of strengthening the body and increasing life span. When attacking, the cultivator also releases the spiritual power in the body through magic arts. Therefore, the higher the cultivator’s cultivation level, the more spiritual power accumulated in the body, and the greater the power of the attack.

If the superpowers are given enough time to develop, their strength may be comparable to that of cultivators, but for now, cultivators are probably stronger at the same level.

It was almost noon, and the temperature was rising. Fortunately, the air conditioner was turned on in the off-road car.

However, the sunlight still makes people drowsy.

The road ahead seemed relatively flat. Gu Fan had been awake most of last night, and now she couldn’t help but lean on the back of the chair on Qingteng’s side and take a nap.

“Fan Fan, be careful!”

With the frightening reminder of Fenghuo, the off-road car suddenly stopped!

At that moment, Gu Fan’s mind went blank as she woke up from a light sleep. She felt as if she was flying forward suddenly. Only when her body left the seat did an arm suddenly wrap around her waist and pull her over. After several strong shocks, she bounced up and down on the opponent’s legs. In addition to the arms around her waist, there was also a big hand on the back of her neck, holding her tightly in his arms.

The car stopped.

With a few bang bangs, Fenghuo, Qingteng, Taishan, and Meng Lianying jumped out of the car at the same time, and the sounds of beast roars and fighting soon came from outside.

Gu Fan instinctively raised her head.

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