[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 6. (2/2)

Zombie Special

Xu Jia quickly scanned the house number and did not stop in non-target rooms. But she couldn’t find either Zombie Friend No. 1 or the “Malaysian” room. It was because the hotel was too big, with nearly forty rooms on the first floor.

There were faint sounds of footsteps in the distance.

Xu Jia looked around and was secretly on guard.

“What a coincidence, we met again.” A slightly familiar male voice sounded.

Xu Jia was a little surprised, “Le Lin? I didn’t expect you to be here.”

Three people were coming, two men and one woman. One of them is Le Lin; she has never seen the other two.

“Do you know each other?” The question was from a young girl. She has wavy pink hair, wears a black leather jacket, black cropped pants, and a pair of rivet shoes, giving her a punk style. While speaking, her eyebrows were slightly raised.

Le Lin smiled and explained, “We met in the last game and were opponents.”

Although he was smiling, no matter how she listened, she felt someone was gnashing his teeth at his words. But she didn’t care. Le Lin could appear in front of her again, which means that failure in the game would not kill anyone, which made her feel relieved.

“Oh——” the punk girl protracted, looking wary. Although the three of them had agreed to join forces, now Le Lin suddenly meets an acquaintance; who knows if he will change his mind before the battle and take advantage of her?

Xu Jia couldn’t help but chat, “Tell me, what was the punishment for failing in the last game?”

Le Lin was helpless, “Have I said this several times? There is no punishment for failure.”

Xu Jia looked up at the sky. She had never failed, so how could she know whether it was true or not? She asked a few more times, just thinking that if it was a lie or there might be inconsistencies, it would be exposed.

“Now is not the time to talk about family matters.” The punk girl reminded her expressionlessly.

“Yes,” Le Lin responded softly. A glimmer of light flashed in his eyes, and he said casually, “If you are worried, just tear her apart.”

Xu Jia: “!!!”

What a grudge? Although she is actually a spy, she is a human teammate on the surface. How can she be torn apart at will? Unfortunately, there was no Zombie No. 1 disguised as a human among the three of them, so no one would speak for her.

The punk girl tilted her head and carefully looked at Le Lin’s expression, trying to discern whether he was joking or serious. After a moment, the girl smiled and said in a relaxed and contented voice, “It turns out there is a grudge, so let’s tear it up.”

Xu Jia was furious. She used the only jujitsu technique she had learned in the past three days to suppress the girl’s arms, then pulled the girl in front of her as a shield and finally quickly tore off her name tag.

Get your skin on!!

Punk girl, “…”

Everything happened too fast. Before she could react, the name strip was gone.

“Xiao Yin!” The young man next to Le Lin was anxious. He has strangely shaped brown hair, has multiple piercings in his ears, and wears cross-shaped earrings. Wearing a motorcycle leather jacket on the upper body, black tights on the lower body, and rivet shoes on the feet, the same punk style. Standing next to the punk girl, they look a bit like a couple.

Le Lin narrowed his eyes slightly. After not seeing each other for a few days, someone seems to have adapted to the game’s rhythm.

Let you tear people apart at will! Xu Jia looked like “I’m not easy to mess with” and waited for the punk girl to disappear.

But after waiting a long time, the girl Xiao Yin was still safe and sound and never disappeared. Xu Jia once suspected that there was something wrong with the system.

Le Lin sighed softly, “It seems that tearing off the name strip will not eliminate human beings.”

As he spoke, he tore off the name tag of the brown-haired young man with a stab.

The incident happened suddenly, and the brown-haired young man was unprepared. After noticing it, he took three steps back, became quite angry, and asked, “What are you doing!”

Le lin threw the name strip back to the brown-haired young man, shrugged, and said calmly, “Just doing an experiment. Maybe Xiao Yin is a zombie and has a special elimination method, so it will be fine if the name strip is torn off. But looking at it now. Come on, that’s not the case.”

“There is only one zombie, but both of them were fine even if their name strips were torn off. This shows that tearing off their name strips is useless if you want to eliminate players.”

Le Lin paused, his volume voice dropping sharply and almost inaudible. “It may be that humans have torn it apart to no avail…”

Brown-haired young man: “…”

So, he was just used as a test subject?

Xiao Yin gritted her teeth and glared at Le Lin several times. Did you agree to cooperate? Both her and Xiao Yang’s name tags were torn off, but these two guys, who looked like enemies, were getting along well with each other. How can there be such truth in the world? Who is joining forces with whom?

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